Beginner’s Guide To Style Human Hair Wigs

Beginner’s Guide To Style Human Hair Wigs

You will experience a subtle transition when you wear wigs for the first time. When you wear a wig, the possibilities are endless! Always braid your hair before you put on the wig. The trick will help you feel confident and you can experiment with different styles.

There are many ways to install and style human hair wigs. Use this guide when you wear your wigs to ensure they look beautiful. First and foremost, it's best to purchase human hair wigs to style your hair.





Hair Color For Human Hair Wigs

How to Color Your Hair Wigs

Layered hair is a hairstyle that gives the illusion of length and volume using long hair for the illusion of length and short hair for volume, as an easy style to manage. Hair is arranged into layers, with the top layers (those that grow nearer the crown) cut shorter than the layers beneath.

  1. Test the dye on a few strands of hair and check which one is right for you.
  2. Soak the wig in the dye and wait for a few minutes.
  3. Set the wig onto a wig stand and let it dry naturally.
  4. Brush through the hair for soft and smoothness.
  5. Leave the wig to let the color set for a minute.
  6. Your hair color for the wig will be set and you can wear it any time. It will look great as you desired.

Hair Color Ideas for Human Hair Wigs

Hair Color Idea #1: Red & Brown Hue

Red & Brown hair color ideas
Red & Brown Hue

The right hair colour on your human hair wigs can make you look beautiful and youthful. One of the most popular hair colours are brown and red hair colour. Around 90 percent of women choose red and brown hair colour because it looks gorgeous and goes well with every outfit. A red hair wig will help every woman look more stunning and give a perfect look.

Hair Color Idea #2: Rich Auburn Hair Color

Rich Auburn Hair Color
Rich Auburn Hair Color

Rich auburn shades carry a great styling look to you in every season. These vibrant hair colors make your human hair wigs look incredible and will make you look. You will look great and give a gorgeous makeover that will inspire other women. Auburn hair color provides a dark shade and it is the perfect choice if you want to achieve a natural and simple hair color. I bet you that simple hair color will give an amazing auburn color as you can style to your liking.

Hair Color Idea #3: Burgundy Hair Color

Burgundy Hair Color
Burgundy Hair Color

Burgundy hair colour is a mixture of brown and purple that constructs a deep burgundy colour. These hair colours offer a framing outlook to your hair and contrast your hair colour to the burgundy hair colour. It will not only give an eye-catching hair colour to your hair wig but also provide a beautiful features attitude to you with the help of hair colour.

Hair Color Idea #4: Grey Hair Color

Grey Hair Color
Grey Hair Color

Grey hair colour is the best colour that is preferred by every woman. They choose grey hair colour for their human hair wigs Hair colour wax will keep your hair safe and prevent damage because they are temporary. If you want to try a new hair colour you can use a water based hair coloring solution for easy wash and strong hold to keep your hair last long.

Hair Color Idea #5: Ombre Hair

Ombre Hair
Ombre Hair

Ombre hair colors are one of the most popular and trendy forms of dying your wigs as it gradually blends into a bright color at the end. Many women get confused with balayage and Ombre as both are similar. Semi permanent hair color doesn’t contain ammonia or peroxide as it is gentle and. Natural hair color can be brown, blonde, red, black, and white.


So, choose an Ombre hair color in different shades like drastic brown Ombre hair for any season and ashy mushroom brown for more style.

Hair Color Idea #6: Copper Hair Color

Copper Hair Color

Copper Hair Color

Copper hair color wigs are one of the perfect hairstyles for those who love to wear copper color hair to show beauty and elegance in any event. You can wear copper hair color in office, special occasions, party, Cosplay and achieve an attention of people around you.

Women love to style their human hair wigs in different ways but they left behind due to serious guidelines to style human hair wigs. We have mentioned a simple guide to help you learn how to style human hair wigs with different colors. One can only hope for the best guide to style human hair wig and stay at a high point to grow more style.


So, I bet you that if you follow the given hair color on your human hair wig, you will look more stunning and gorgeous on every occasion.


Complement your look by knowing exactly how to style your wig by figuring out different methods. Customize your wig and suit your style. To create a natural look, you need to manipulate wigs from cutting, coloring, plucking, and styling.

How To Maintain healthy Hair Color?

Keep things simple by preserving your hair color. Presenting you some hair color ideas to maintain the hues like you just got one done from the Salon at home during this Pandemic.

Tip #1: Avoid bleaching and highlights on your hair as far as possible at home. Stick to simple treatments like single process color, gray coverage, and glosses to enhance color. By following these techniques, it stretches your color out and makes your hair look better.


Tip #2: Be wise when it comes to choosing hair care products.


Tip #3: Always use a color depositing shampoo and conditioners to preserve your hair color's tone to your hair-washing routine. This product helps neutralize brassiness and adds a bit of pigment to your existing hair color.


Tip #4: Always use a color depositing shampoo and conditioners to preserve your hair color's tone to your hair-washing routine. This product helps neutralize brassiness and adds a bit of pigment to your existing hair color.


Tip #5: Make the fall season fun with fall hair color ranging from red, brown, and blonde. Know your hair texture well and treat them with organic-rich essential products to keep the colors fresh. John Frieda Color Infuse Red Shampoo works wonder on redheads with its red-tone formula on red hair color.


Tip #6: You can even use a color-depositing mask to refresh your color as an alternative solution. Consider two options of Garnier Nutrisse Color Reviver 5 Minute Nourishing Color Hair Mask and Leonoryl Greyl Color-Enhancing Conditioner that come in a wide range of colors undertones for a brilliant color enhancer.


Tip #7: Don’t shampoo too often to maintain the color-treated locks. When washing your hair, rinse it off with cold water. Prevent your hair color from further fading and adding brassiness by rinsing it with cold water. Coldwater helps seal the cuticle and locks the hair color.


Tip #8: The same rule applies to heat styling. Choose to style hair by turning the temperature of your flat iron or curling machine down to 100 degrees. Less heat causes less hair breakage, and in turn, helps extend the color.


Tip #9: Strengthen hair and boost shine by focusing on treatments. Treating hair is a perfect way to preserve color, and repairs damaged your hair. Use a gloss treatment to add freshness to your hues and make hair look shinier. These products enhances the color and helps seal the cuticle to lock in moisture for a healthy looking hair.


Tip #10: Focus religiously on weekly treatments if your hair is dry and damaged from coloring and using hot tools. It is essential to use a moisturizing mask made from Aveeno Hydrating Oat Milk Blend Overnight Oats Hair for deep conditioning to revive hair.

How To Style Human Hair Wigs?

Styling Your Human Hair Wigs Using Heat Tools

Ladies get the most out of your style with professional-grade wig styling tools, turn up the heat by choosing your favorite brands of heat tools, and be fabulous. Here’s how to properly style your human hair wig. These following items will help you:

  • Using a wide-toothed comb or paddle brush and a round brush will do fine, to remove any tangles from the wig.
  • Make use of a blow dryer with optional air concentrator attachment to dry and style the wigs.
  • For styling, make use of a foam or canvas wig head
  • Secure wigs and the hairstyles that you create with t-pins
  • Styling products, consisting of heat-protecting spray and hairspray, is a must to make your style last longer.
  • Styling tools, hair straightener or curling wand, comes in handy when it comes to curling or straightening your hair.

Make sure to detangle your human hair wig using a wide-toothed comb or a paddle brush once you wash your wig with lukewarm water and use wig shampoo. Rub in a downward direction starting from roots to ends. It is important to cleanse the inside of the cap. Apply conditioner after washing, and let the wig sit for a few minutes. Then rinse the wig thoroughly, and dry with a towel. Avoid rubbing your wig to avoid tangling. Part the hair with the help of a wide-toothed comb. Finally, apply styling products and protecting spray.

How to Straighten Your Wigs?

How to Straighten Your Wigs?
How to Straighten Your Wigs?

Wigs are a great choice to change your hair and look. Style your wig to customize your look even more by straightening them. You can straighten it by using a flat iron on wigs made of human hair wigs or heat-resistant synthetic wigs. Make straight hair wigs stand out by following these techniques mentioned below:

Do a heat test before ironing a Heat-Resistant Wig

Have a strand test on your wig to know whether it can handle direct heat. Clip a tiny strand of hair using scissors, from the wig. You can choose an area just above the back of the neck. Turn your flat iron and set it to low or medium heat and hold the piece of hair at one end. Then run the flat iron down the hair right from about the middle to the ends. It is of utmost importance to check if the hair frizzes or melts at this point. If you find out that it’s not heat-safe, then you should not use a flat iron on the wig to straighten it.


Note that if you have a wig made from human hair, it's OK to straighten it. Avoid straightening if the wig is made from synthetic or human hair. Also, avoid using straightening tools on wigs that have been treated with a lot of products because they can permanently ruin the wig.

Spray it with heat protectants

Even if the wig is safe to straighten, you still need to protect it from heat damage. Protect hair by using heat protectants product right onto the wig from the roots to the ends. You can even use oil or cream for a thick styling wig.


Lock in moisture and create a barrier to protect hair from heat damage. Heat protectant also forms a layer that will help the wig hold its shape as you style. Achieve damage-free straight hair wigs for a more extended period.

How to Add Waves to Your Wigs?

How to Add Waves to Your Wigs?
How to Add Waves to Your Wigs?

Hair Texture plays a vital role in how wavy your hair is. You can still add in waves with styling tools to achieve the wavy hair that you always wanted. You can style wavy human wigs into gorgeous wavy wigs for a more defined look.

Step #1: Section the hair into two equal half; heat the styling tool to the right temperature.


Step #2: Start curling the lower sections taking each strand of hair.


Step #3: Repeat the same process on the upper half of the hair.


Step #4: Use your fingers and shape out the curls even more for a tousled wavy hair look.


Step #5: Finish the process by using a styling gel or hair spray.

How to Curl Your Wigs?

How to Curl Your Wigs?

How to Curl Your Wigs?

Bored of your straight wig and want to try out something new. Then curling a straight wig can completely alter your look. With curly wigs, achieve a sophisticated yet classic appearance. Here are steps on how to curl wigs:

Step #1: Comb your straight wig thoroughly and place it on a mannequin head.


Step #2: Add-in heat protectants to avoid heat damage.


Step #3: Divide hair into sections and clip them up.


Step #4: Start curling hair by taking each strand.


Step #5: Scrunch the curls with your fingers.


Step #6: Add in hair styling spray.

How to Avoid Heat Damage To the Hair Wigs?

Prevent tangling, frizzy hair, and drying human hair wigs using the right hair care products on wigs. Lace Fronts needs extra care and a hair care routine to maintain them. Keep the wigs healthy and make them durable.

  • Use a paddle brush throughout the day.
  • Wear smooth non –textured clothing because wearing clothes made out of wool catches hair and causes tangling.
  • Know your cap size and customize the wig size that perfectly fits your head. If the capsize is oversized, it will fold and rub with your natural hair and break the hair.
  • Prevent wigs from looking frizzy and dry by always blow-drying and using heat styling tools.
  • Deep condition human hair wigs to prevent from drying up
  • Use thermal hair spray while styling wigs.
  • To avoid excessive shedding, be mindful when combing.
  • Use leave-in conditioners to keep the strands moisturized.

Hairstyle Ideas For Wigs

Most hair stylists and hair care professionals advise women to choose a wig made from real human hair. They experimented and tried everything to know how human hair wigs perform, and they found amazing results. Made with real human hair, you can style and color them like your own hair. They are natural and pure, with their virgin quality preserved.

Hairstyles For Full Lace Wigs

Hairstyle #1 - Top Knot Bun Hairstyle

Top Knot Bun Hairstyle
Top Knot Bun Hairstyle

Topknot bun is a simple hairstyle that ranges from a simple basic to a messy chic look. It is created by winding hair into a bun in the crown area. You can make the top knot bun with your full lace wig to achieve natural hairstyles’ look.

Follow these steps to create this easy hairstyle.

Step 1: Pull your hair into a high ponytail and secure it with a hair tie.

Step 2: Divide your ponytail into two equal sections.

Step 3: Twist and wrap those two sections together and make them into one piece.

Step 4: Wrap your twisted ponytail around the hair tie; hide and wrap any flyaways with your ponytail.

Step 5: Use bobby pins to secure the top knot in place; use bobby pins with the same color as your hair for a clean natural look.

Hairstyle #2 - Space Buns

Space Buns Hairstyle Ideas
Space Buns

Space bun is an under five minutes, easy hairstyle to wear for any taste and occasion. You can create space buns on your long hair, but it is a difficult hairstyle for short hair. A space bun is a stylish, trendy hairstyle for black hair. This hairstyle is achievable both on your natural hair and full lace wigs.

Follow these steps to achieve super-stylish space buns:

Step 1: Brush your hair with a paddle brush and use a fishtail comb to section your hair into two parts.

Step 2: Tie both sections into a high ponytail on two sides where they look best.

Step 3: Twist and wrap one ponytail around the base to create a bun. Do the same for the other ponytail. Then, use a hairspray to remove flyaways.

Hairstyle #3 - High Pony

High Pony

High Ponytail Hairstyles

A high ponytail is a hairstyle, cute for petite women. I picture Ariana Grande whenever I style my hair into a high ponytail. It is Ariana’s signature style, and you will always see her wearing back-skimming high ponytail in TV shows. Use long full lace wigs made from virgin human hair to achieve stunning ponytails and other chic hairstyles.

Follow these steps to create an elegant-looking simple hairstyle.

Step 1: Clean your hairlines with an alcohol-based cleanser and wear your full lace wig.

Step 2: Detangle your wig with a wide-tooth comb.

Step 3: Collect your hair and secure it with a hair tie at the crown of your head. You can wrap a small section of your hair around the hair tie for a natural look.

Hairstyle #4 - Ballerina Bun

Ballerina Bun
Ballerina Bun

The ballerina bun is not only a formal hairstyle for dancers; it is an ideal hairstyle for occasions and gatherings. It seems a complicated hairstyle for spiral curly hair, but it is not. It looks much textured on curly hair. It is the perfect short natural kinky curly hairstyle; gather your short kinky curls on the top and secure it with a hair tie.

Hairstyle #5 - High Puff

High Puff

High Puff Hairstyles

High puff is an afro-hairstyle trending in women of color. It is straightforward and quick to create an afro-look for women with short hair. High puff is unsophisticated, and you can wear it under five minutes with a few hair care products. It is one of the wet and weaves curly hairstyles that you can achieve with human hair weaves. Lace frontal closure hairstyles are also preferred by many women using hairpieces. Follow these steps to wear high puff.

Step 1: Dampen your hair with water.

Step 2: Moisturize your hair with a leave-in conditioner to make it sleek and smooth.

Step 3: Apply a dime-sized hair gel on the front and pull your hair on the top. You can use your finger a rat-tail comb to do it.

Step 4: Wrap your hair at the crown of your head with an elastic band. Wrap all of your hair without leaving any flyaways. Secure your hair tighter to achieve a small puff.

Hairstyles For Lace Front Wigs

Hairstyle #1 - Low Bun Hairstyle

Low Bun Hairstyle
Low Bun Hairstyle

Low bun hairstyles are cute and fabulous for occasions and events. Many bridesmaids wear this style to achieve a decent look at weddings. The low bun is achievable for women wearing hair weaves, wigs, and hair extensions. It is a perfect straight Remy hairstyle to cover your natural hair underneath. You can wear lace wigs and create this style; it will protect your hair against pollution, chemicals, and heat damage.

Step 1: Create a low ponytail near the nape of the neck.

Step 2: Tie a hairband at the base of the ponytail.

Step 3: Wrap your ponytail in loops and secure them with bobby pins.

Step 4: Apply hairspray to remove flyaways.

Hairstyle #2 - Braided Hair

Braided Hair
Braided Hair

Lace front wigs made from Remy human hair comes in different sizes and lengths. They are versatile and can be used to create different Remy hair hairstyles. Many hair companies offer different long bundles hairstyles to suit you. You can choose one that blends well with your natural hair color. If you want to achieve an elegant fishtail, headband, and side braids, long hair bundles will fulfill your desire. Here are four simple steps to create basic braids.

Step 1: Remove knots by gently detangling with a wide-tooth comb brush.

Step 2: divide your hair into three equal sections with a rat-tail comb.

Step 3: Use your hand to cross the right section over the middle.

Step 4: Cross the left section over the middle. Follow steps three and four down to the ends.

Hairstyle #3 - Side Swept Bangs

Side Swept Bangs
Side Swept Bangs

Side-swept bangs with wavy texture glam up your short natural curly hairstyles’ look. Many women with short hair love this deep wave hairstyle with bangs swept towards the right. Grab a curling tool and achieve this style to flaunt your wavy bangs.

Step 1: make a deep side parting with a brush. It gives a natural look if your side parting falls along the natural parting.

Step 2: Brush your bangs to remove tangles.

Step 3: Dampen your bangs and apply a heat protectant.

Step 4: Create large loose waves to your bangs with a curler.

Step 5: Swoop your bangs toward the right side and apply holding spray.

Step 6: Make the rest of your hair wavy to blend in perfectly with your bangs.

Hairstyle #4 - Hair Piercing

Hair Piercing

Hair Piercing

Hair piercing is an excellent way to step up your braided hairstyles. Braided hair is cliché; most women wear braids like a fishtail, headband, cornrows every day. Adding a hair piercing gives you a new fantastic look. Hair piercing pair up well with curly sew in hairstyles; invest in curly human hair wigs to create an elegant long braid. Then, fit metal hoops and rings all along the braid, keeping an equal gap between them. Use light-weighted metal rings to prevent pain and hair-pulling.

Hairstyle #5 - Low Ponytail

Low Ponytail
Low Ponytail

Ponytails are the best clean hairstyle to show your face. A low ponytail is a popular hairstyle for students and office workers. It’s a go-to hairstyle for many Indian women, so I call it the Indian ponytail hairstyle. This hairstyle achieves a soft kinky look with enough length flowing down at your back. This soft kinky hairstyle is as simple and stylish as any other ponytails. You can use essential ponytail tips to create this style, but remember to tie the ponytail at the nape of the neck to achieve a sleek low pony.