Raw Hair vs. Virgin Hair

Indique Lays out the truth: Raw Hair vs. Virgin Hair vs. Remy Hair vs. Human Hair.


The human hair industry is unregulated and, therefore, manufacturers and brands can name their products however they wish. The purpose of this article is to clarify any confusion around the definitions of hair types and for Indique clients to understand with confidence and trust what Indique sources. Dive deep into the evolution of hair quality, from 100% human to raw, and make informed choices with Indique's hair quality assurance.

100% Human Hair

Before the launch of “bundles”, the highest quality hair available was dubbed “100% human hair”, predominantly at beauty supply stores. Brands like Bobbi Boss, Sensationel, and others marketed the quality of their products by claiming their hair lasted for 4 washes or 8 washes. In comparison to what Indique sells, this was/is low-tier hair. However, it's still available in beauty supply stores across America and online platforms like Aliexpress.

Remy Hair

This term was coined by the temples in India, identifying the hair they auctioned as Remy Single Drawn or RSD. It's hair cut directly from donors' heads at temples, with cuticles intact and aligned from root to tip. Remy hair was/is hair versatile enough to wash, bleach, curl, and use daily. Indique's commitment to authentic hair sourcing brought this quality to the market, establishing a new industry standard.

Virgin Hair

With Indique's rising fame for high-quality remy hair, other brands began renaming their products as Remy hair. Recognizing this, Indique introduced "Virgin Hair" to the market, a term that described hair of unmatched versatility, durability, and authenticity. The premium virgin hair that Indique offers originates from the temples of India, setting the gold standard in the hair extension world.

Raw Hair

The hair naming progression has now reached raw hair. These name changes stem from the lack of regulation, pushing companies to continuously seek distinct brand identities.
Yet, it's crucial to understand that a name doesn't determine the hair's quality. What's pivotal is the source. Many brands remain unaware of their hair's origin. However, Indique stands apart, consistently ensuring transparency and quality.

How Does This Benefit You?

Indique doesn’t mask its products behind catchy names; our product encompasses all: it’s 100% human hair, Remy, Virgin, and Raw. Our distinction lies in our sourcing transparency and commitment to superior quality.
Not sure which hair type suits your needs? Connect with our experts for personalized advice. Discover more about Indique's ethical sourcing and our dedication to quality. Read our story here. Want to dive into the world of unmatched hair quality? Explore our collection now!
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Indique’s Commitment to Authenticity and Quality

As the hair industry undergoes constant change, with numerous brands emerging and claiming unparalleled quality, Indique remains steadfast in its promise to clients. While the terminology around hair may evolve, Indique’s commitment to sourcing and delivering only the best has never wavered.

Transparency In Sourcing

When buying hair extensions, the primary concern for most is authenticity and longevity. Many brands claim to offer 'the best', but without proper verification, you're left in uncertainty. Indique takes pride in its transparent approach. From the temples of South India to the packaging you receive, every step is accounted for. We have rigorous quality checks, regular visits to our factories, and maintain a direct line of sourcing, ensuring that our patrons receive nothing but genuine products.

Educating Our Patrons

The vast array of terms in the hair industry can indeed be baffling. Indique believes in educating its patrons. Not just about our products, but about the entire landscape of hair extensions. Whether you're a first-time buyer or a seasoned stylist, understanding the nuances of Raw Hair, Virgin Hair, and Remy Hair can empower you to make informed choices.

A Brand You Can Trust

As the saying goes, "Trust is earned, not given." Over the years, Indique has built trust through consistency, transparency, and unparalleled quality. By choosing Indique, you're not just buying a product; you're investing in a legacy of excellence and authenticity. Our numerous testimonials and loyal client base speak volumes of the trust they place in us.

The Indique Experience

It's not just about selling hair extensions; it's about providing a holistic experience. From the moment you decide to explore Indique's offerings, to the moment you flaunt your new look, we are with you every step of the way.

Why Choose Indique?

While many companies sell hair extensions, only a few prioritize customer satisfaction and product authenticity as Indique does. Our loyal clientele isn’t just a testament to the quality of our products but also to the consistent customer experience we offer.

Authenticity Backed by Assurance

Every Indique product undergoes meticulous quality checks. Unlike many brands that rely solely on suppliers’ claims, we go the extra mile. Our regular factory visits, quality assurance teams stationed in Asia, and the unyielding passion of our CEO for quality control ensures that every strand you receive has the Indique seal of authenticity.

Pioneers In The Industry

Innovation is at the core of Indique. We weren’t just content with selling high-quality hair extensions; we wanted to shape the industry. By branding and introducing products that were previously unknown to the market, Indique has always been at the forefront of hair extension innovation.

The Power Of Knowledge

Our endeavors don't stop at selling you a product. We believe in empowering our customers with knowledge. Through our extensive range of informative content, including articles, how-to guides, and tutorials, we aim to ensure that you not only buy the best but also know how to make the most of it.

Choosing the right hair extension is more than just a purchase; it's a commitment to yourself. At Indique, we understand the importance of this decision. With our unwavering commitment to quality, authenticity, and customer satisfaction, we ensure that every purchase you make is not just a transaction but a lifelong bond of trust and quality. Dive into the world of unparalleled quality and experience the real essence of beauty with Indique.