Bounce Collection

Our collection of steam-textured virgin Indian hair offering a variety of patterns for every hair type. These steamed textures were designed to match every kink and curl for the perfect blend. Whether its a wash-and-go with curly hair or a silky press with a textured straight, the Bounce Collection has just what you need for the most natural look.

      About the Collection


      Bounce Collection textures are achieved by an innovative, chemical-free steam-perming process to create a variety of textures. Whether you want to have wash-and-go curly hair or a silky press with texture, Bounce has what you need for the most natural look.

      • Textures Available: Textured Straight, Wavy, Curly, Coily
      • Length Available: 10"-22"
      • Products Available: Machine Wefted Bundles
      • Quality: Steam-Permed Virgin Human Hair
      • Source: India

      Hair Care

      Bounce is our collection of steam permed hair extensions. Because our steam perm process is chemically-free, the curly textures may loosen if straightened. We suggest using sulfate free products in order to maintain the softness and manageability of the extensions. For detailed texture based care and tips check out our hair care guide.


      These extensions are made of high quality virgin remy hair and can last for up to 1 year depending on the care and maintenance.


      You can get a variety of machine-wefted textured hair extensions. The Bounce collection includes Coil Curl, Organic Curl, Relaxed Straight, Blow-Out, Beach Wave, Deep Wave, and Natural Roots.
      The Bounce Collection comprises stream-permed textured virgin Indian hair.
      Yes, You can. Our steam-permed virgin Indian hair collection has great wash-and-go curly and wavy textures. The curl and wave patterns bounce back after every wash.
      A traditional sew-in using wefted hair extensions from the Bounce Collection can last for 4-8 weeks with proper maintenance. The tracks themselves can be reused for up to a year.
      Please be advised that a hot tool may loosen the original steam-permed texture over time. We suggest using sulfate-free products to maintain the softness and manageability of the extensions. For a detailed texture-based guide, visit