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Pure Collection

Pure is our flagship collection of genuine virgin remy hair from the temples of India—completely natural and untouched. This model is wearing Pure Straight.

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Our Hair

Bounce Collection

Our collection of steam-textured virgin Indian hair offering a variety of patterns for every hair type. These steamed textures were designed to match every kink and curl for the perfect blend. This model is wearing Bounce Organic Curl.

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Our Hair:

SEA collection

Vibrant, lustrous virgin and steam-textured hair from Southeast Asia. This model is wearing SEA Zen Straight.

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With a winning combination of hair experts and stylists, and over 30 years of industry experience, we provide 100% virgin human hair that is completely natural and of the highest quality. Our goal is to provide you with consistent access to a variety of unique virgin hair products that are versatile and last for a very long time.


At Indique, we have a wide variety of hair extensions available to achieve any style. Depending on your preference and desired look, we always recommend working with your stylist to find the length, color, and type that’s best for you. We offer many different lengths of hair from 10 to 36 inches.

Indique offers a wide variety of natural, first-quality, and ethically sourced human hair products at diverse pricing. The price will depend on the length and texture you choose. Prices are as follows: bundles start at $69 in the Remix Collection, $79 in SEA Collection, $159 in Pure Collection, and $179 in Bounce Collection. You'll need around 8 ounces of hair for a typical install, which will amount to 2, 3, or more bundles depending on the length you choose. Check out our Bundle Deals to save!

Indique operates its own facilities in India and South East Asia to ensure we are only offering an authentic, truly virgin, unprocessed final product. Our final products are free from any unwanted chemicals that may be found during the production process.

At Indique, we believe in providing high-quality 100% virgin hair to our valued clients. It is important for you to follow the appropriate Hair Care Guidelines to get the best results. We recommend shampooing and air drying the hair once you've taken it out of its packaging, and if any issues arise before or after the process of installation, please contact our customer service team right away.

Orders placed Monday through Friday with express shipping will go out the same day if the order is placed before 1pm ET. The order will arrive in the timeframe your select. For more information, please see our shipping details here.

Indique accepts cash in-store, all major credit cards, Apple Pay on supported devices, and financing options through our payment partners Affirm and AfterPay.

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