Indique Quality Assurance and Commitment

Indique is the original virgin hair company. We’ve been sourcing raw human hair since 2003 and were the first to brand this product in 2007. That means we’ve been sourcing and buying virgin hair for more than twenty years—more than anyone else. Indique has purchased over one million bundles of virgin hair over 17 years.

The market for raw hair bundles and virgin hair wigs is unregulated and that means that any person or brand can promote they sell the highest quality hair, but actually sell the lowest quality product without any government agency oversight - ultimately the only judgment will be by the customer who will easily determine that the price and quality does or does not match.
Our CEO, Krishan Jhalani, lives in Asia to make sure Indique gets the best hair possible. We have our own quality assurance teams on the ground in India and South East Asia, but he goes to visit our factories at least once every quarter and has visited the factories over 200 times - as an example, in 2023 alone he’s been to India 3 times, Cambodia 5 times and Vietnam 3 times; this is more in 6 months than most brands do in their entire company history.
Indique Sources 75% of raw virgin hair from India, 20% from Vietnam and 10% from Cambodia.

How do we manage and maintain our quality?

(1) At the Factory:

We have our own captive manufacturing in India. This means that our factory only produces products for Indique. It abides by our standards and requirements that we’ve built and refined over the past 16 years. The staff in the factory have a five step quality assurance regiment they enforce:
(1) Inspection of hair from the temple: separating out all the inferior, colored, inverted, grey hair, hair with knits, dyed hair.
(2) Washing the hair: removing inverted hair that wasn’t identified in the original selection process. Inverted hair will knot and tangle when it is washed.
(3) Washing after wefting: If any hair is inverted or reversed in the wefting process then it will be caught when we wash the wefted hair after wefting.
(4) After the hair is washed we let air dry and then brush all the wefted hair to remove any loose hair. We do this to make sure there is no shedding. If we find that there are hair bundles with excessive shedding we remove them and put them into the defective hair stock.
(5) After checking the hair for loose hair or shedding we check each bundle for any irregularities again by hand—grey hair, knits, colored hair, bleached hair. We check each bundles by hand and to make sure we only send the best quality products to our warehouse in Boston.
(6) After this inspection process we rewash the hair one more time to make sure that there is no inverted hair.
To give you an idea, if Indique purchases 1 kilogram (1000 grams) of raw hair from the temple we only get 550 grams of finished hair after production and our quality assurance. This means that we lose about 45% of the hair just in our production and quality assurance process.

(2) At the Warehouse in Boston

Indique checks each piece of hair that is received at our warehouse in Boston. This is an additional quality assurance procedure that no other companies have. Most if not all brands receive their products prepackaged and ready for sale. Indique, however, receives the hair without packaging so we can inspect each piece and after inspecting and passing the hair bundles we then package the hair before shipment. This takes time and increases costs for Indique, however, it allows us to make sure that we are only providing the highest quality virgin hair. We inspect the hair for all the same issues as the factory: inverted hair, tangling, matting, shedding, dyed hair, bleached hair, grey hair and knits. However, we then take it one step further, but checking for dry looking hair, underweight hair bundles, scraggly pieces, low ratio hair or anything else that is not up to Indique’s quality standards. We lose about 3-5% of the hair during this inspection step.
After manually inspecting each piece in Boston, we wash all the curly hair and any pieces of hair that need to be refreshed. This is about 50% of the hair that we receive. This washing and inspection process makes us lose about another 2-3% of the hair that we receive. If the hair doesn’t tangle or shed, but looks dry or a product that our team would not wear then we won’t pass it on to our clients - it’s that simple.

(3) At our Retail Boutiques

Indique is one of the few virgin hair brands that has virgin hair retail stores across the country. Our retail stores allow our clients to touch and feel the hair. If possible, we want our clients to come and see the products, because we know that after seeing all our virgin hair bundles and wigs, and meeting with our boutique managers there will be no questions as to the quality and commitment of the brand.
Quality assurance at our Retail locations: Our boutique managers are hair experts, we put them all through 2 weeks of training to make sure they understand our raw hair and know what the difference between our hair and other brands. We also give the store managers the authority to reject any hair that they believe is defective—again, if they won’t wear the hair bundles or virgin hair wigs they have in stock then they will not sell the hair and will send it back to the warehouse in Boston.

(4) Our Commitment to Quality Through our Return and Exchange Policy

We believe that our clients should receive not only the highest quality raw hair or virgin hair, but they should also know that if for whatever reason they are not happy with our products or quality they can return and/or exchange the hair—and yes, this can happen even after they wear the hair. Most virgin or raw hair brands will not replace the human hair they sell and certainly won’t offer refunds. They do not stand behind their products, because they don’t control the quality assurance process like Indique does and so for them the immediate sale is more important than the long term client relationship.

How does this benefit you?

Indique stands behind our products and our quality. We lose a lot of hair through our quality assurance process and this makes our product more expensive, however, our commitment is to provide this highest quality raw hair consistently with the best possible customer service. Our virgin hair will last you years; it’s durable, versatile and beautiful. It’s not just a picture on a website with an influencer, it’s hair that is in a store that you can touch and feel - it’s a product that’s been through an extensive quality assurance process with a lot of love and care and we know that you will love your experience with our premium products and brand.