Welcome to Indique Virgin Hair Extensions!
Indique is an internationally known hair extension brand with retail stores across the United States and distributors throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa and Central America. With a winning combination of hair experts and stylists, and over 30 years of industry experience, we provide 100% virgin human hair that is completely natural and of the highest quality. Our goal is to provide you with consistent access to a variety of unique virgin hair products that are versatile and last for a very long time.
Our Story: Indique of Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
Indique was established in 2007 by co-founders Ericka Dotson and Krishan Jhalani. As a stylist, Ericka was inspired by her clients to fill the void in the hair extension industry with a premier, knowledgeable and customer orientated business. While seeking out a new supplier of high quality hair for her clientele, Ericka met Krishan and everything started to fall into place. Being born and raised in India, Krishan already had a strong connection to the human hair industry—having run an Indian human hair export company for many years. With Krishan's business experience and Ericka's insight into the world of practical hair extension application and styling, Indique was born.

After several years of trials and tribulations, Indique slowly but surely gained a small, but deeply loyal client base. By 2009, Indique was operating two Boutiques where clients could purchase their line of exclusive hair extension products: one in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City and another in Boston, MA. Since this time, Indique has continually expanded to open Boutiques in several major metropolitan areas throughout the United States and South Africa.

Indique was able to accomplish what no one else could—establish hair extensions as a must-have fashion accessory. Through thorough branding and insightful marketing, Indique placed itself in the top-tier of the market and is currently regarded as the go-to company for the highest quality virgin hair extensions. The unique consultation experience in their Boutiques complements their status as a luxury brand. Clients are greeted by friendly, knowledgeable Customer Care Liaisons and welcomed to review, touch and evaluate as many pieces of hair as they would like—placing themselves well above the often restrictive experience in the typical beauty supply store.

Indique has grown exponentially over the past several years into a strong and thriving organization of highly motivated and exceptionally talented individuals. Currently, Indique employs over 30 people between its Boutiques and Boston and New York City offices. With a financially strong revenue base and a triple digit year-on-year growth, Indique is quickly becoming a leader in the human hair industry.

Getting to Know Us: The Many Parts of Indique

Indique Boutiques

A Unique Consultation Experience

Indique Boutiques give our clients the chance to really get to know our products: See them, touch them, experience them. Clients can consult with a friendly, knowledgable Indique expert to find the perfect hair for their desired look.

Corporate Office

Our Central Operations

Our corporate offices are located in Needham, MA, housing Central Operations, Sales, Finance, Customer Care and the Legal and Art Departments.

Marketing Offices

Where the Magic Happens

Our Marketing Office is located in the fabulous Inman Park neighborhood of Atlanta. All of our marketing campaigns, public relations, press & celebrity relationships are managed at this location.


Quality Assurance

Once our hair completes the long journey to our production and fulfillment warehouse in the United States, the quality assurance process continues with each piece undergoing a secondary washing and inspection process to identify any imperfections. Our hair is then packaged in our trademark tube and shipped out in its final form to our loyal clients across the United States and around the world.

Indique Academy

A Focus on Education

In its current form, Indique Academy is a certification program offered at cosmetology schools across the United States. Students are instructed and certified in four different hair extension techniques, helping them further their career as a professional hair extension specialist.


Products of a Wider Audience

Indique offers exclusive partnerships with resellers across the United States and around the world through our Authorized Retailer Program. Candidates must match a specific set of criteria to be considered for the program, ensuring they meet the standards that our loyal clientele has come to expect from the Indique experience.

Partner Stylist Program

Focused on the Trade

Stylists who partner with Indique receive access to a wide variety of incentives and marketing support, allowing their business to grow. Through the Partner Stylist Program, stylists benefit from a unique discount and referral program for recommending Indique to their clients.

Research and Development

The Future of our Products

Indique is always looking for ways to improve our products and services. We fancy ourselves pioneers in the industry, so we stay on par with the latest trends and new human hair technology to meet the styling needs of our clients.