Keratin tip hair extensions for fusion. These extensions are designed for professional use only. These pre-bonded keratin tips are offered in both flat and i-tip soft wave extensions. Available in a variety of colors for the a seamless blend, highlight and lowlights.
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      About the Collection


      Keratique is patented keratin fusion Indian human hair extensions for professional use. Offered in both flat and V-tip soft wave extensions. These extenison are available in a variety of colors for a seamless blend, highlights or lowlights.

      • Textures Available: Soft Wave
      • Length Available: 18"-22"
      • Products Available: Flat Tip, V Tip
      • Quality: Colored Human Hair
      • Source: India

      Hair Care

      Use Indique Sulfate-free Shampoo and Conditioner to prevent breaking down keratin bonds. To remove Keratique bonds from your hair (applied using hot fusion or shrinkable tubing techniques), we suggest using Indique Keratique Bond Remover. Shampoo and deep condition your natural hair immediately after removing Keratique tips to avoid drying out your hair. In order to maintin the softness and manageability of the extensions we suggest using Indique Hair Care Essentials French Argan Oil and Indique Hair Care Essentials Dry Shampoo. For more detailed maintenance visit hair care guide.


      The extensions must be professionally installed and removed. If reinstalled, they must be rebonded.


      Keratin hair extensions require professional installation and removal by a stylist certified in fusion extensions. Prior to installation I recommend a thoro consultation with our stylist to discuss the installation and maintenance requirements for fusion extensions. If not handled properly, they may cause damage to the hair.
      We do not suggest going swimming with the hair extensions as both salt and chlorine will negatively affect your extensions, causing them to knot and tangle whether you're swimming in the ocean or a chlorinated pool.
      Keratique extensions are installed using a heated fusion tool and bonding each strand to your natural hair.
      Keratique Flat-Tip Hair Extensions start from $59 for 18 inches and cost $79 for 22 inches. For Keratique V-Tip Hair Extensions, $79 and $89 for 18 and 22 inches, respectively.
      Keratin Hair extensions can last for up to 1 year. Rest the durability of the extension depends on the care and maintenance.
      We suggest visiting any specialist in order to remove the hair extensions. Removing hair extensions at home can hamper the quality of the extensions.
      In order to care for keratin hair extensions we suggest following the haircare guide provided by Indique Hair