Handcrafted Virgin Hair By Indique

Indique takes pride in its meticulous handcrafted process, right from hand-selecting the finest virgin hair to providing individualized advice to clients. This dedication sets us apart in the virgin hair industry. Our process involves hand-selecting, hand-making, individually inspecting, preparing, and packing the virgin hair to be received by our warehouse in Boston.

Why Choose Indique’s Handcrafted True Virgin Indian Hair?

A true virgin hair bundle must be created by hand to ensure all the hair flows in the right direction, which defines remy virgin hair. Indique is committed to producing and offering only handcrafted true virgin Indian hair from root to tip, all flowing in the same direction. This eliminates the chance of the hair becoming non-remy, a lower quality product that we do not offer.
handcrafted true virgin Indian hair

Hand Selecting The Best Raw Indian Hair

Indique’s products are handcrafted with extreme care and commitment to quality. We hand-select the hair for each bundle from hundreds of kilos of raw virgin hair to ensure it meets Indique’s high-quality standards.
best raw Indian human hair

Hand Washing The Selected Virgin Hair

After identifying the best raw hair, we hand wash it to remove all impurities. This process also helps identify any hair that tangles or knots, making it the first quality inspection point in our remy human hair production process. Any rejected hair is removed from production and sold as non-remy hair.
hand selected virgin hair

Hand Preparing The Hair For Production

Post hand-washing, our expert hair selectors choose the hair by length and texture to prepare the raw material for hand sewing. This is crucial as we need to ensure that curly hair is sorted with other curly hair, wavy with wavy, and straight with straight. This attention to detail ensures that you will not receive an 18” bundle of hair from Indique with the majority of hair being 8-10”.
bundle of hair from Indique

Hand Sewing The Raw Hair Onto The Machine Weft Or Tracks

Our experts then begin sewing the hair onto the tracks or creating what is known in the industry as a weft. This process is undertaken on a three-headed sewing machine with three threads to secure the first stitch most securely. At Indique, our goal is to create the strongest track or weft to minimize hair strand release.
Raw Sew-In Hair

Steam Perming Preparation – Hand Rolling The Virgin Hair Onto Perm Rods

For our Bounce Collection virgin hair products, we use natural wavy hair as the base raw material. The hair is rolled on perm rods of varying sizes, depending on the tightness of the curl pattern. This is all done by hand and requires attention to detail to ensure consistency in the permed virgin hair.
two head sewing machine

Steam Perming In Steam Chamber

Once the virgin hair is rolled onto the perm rods, the virgin hair extensions are ready for the steam chamber. We do not use chemicals for perming our textured hair products. Steam perming ensures that there are no chemicals or impurities added to the hair, and our clients can color our permed textures just like our completely raw virgin hair extensions.
Hand Sewing with a single head machine

Trimming The Reverse Hair Produced By The Reinforced Hand Stitching Process

The production of the tracks at the root of the hair creates an overlap that makes the top of the hair flow in the opposite direction. Indique inspects each virgin hair extension and cuts this extra hair off by hand. This labor-intensive task is essential to produce a tangle-free remy virgin hair bundle.
tangle free remy virgin hair bundle

Washing 2nd Time

After trimming the hair at the tracks, we wash all the Indian hair again to ensure there are no loose pieces of hair within the natural hair bundles. This step ensures that any bundles with tangling or matting during after washing are removed.
natural hair bundles

Brushing 2nd Time

After drying, we brush the hair to remove any loose hair. Two people brush simultaneously on both sides of the hair bundles to ensure all loose hair is removed. This exemplifies Indique’s unique commitment to hand-curated premium Indian hair.
raw virgin hair extensions

Hand Checking Each Hair Bundle

At Indique, we inspect every virgin hair bundle individually. We do not do random inspections or test one out of every ten pieces. Our commitment and premium hair quality requirements make us check each hair bundle and inspect almost every hair to ensure there are no impurities.
Hand Checking Each Hair Bundle

Washing With Conditioner For Softness And Luster

Once each bundle of premium Indian hair is inspected, approved, and all loose hair removed, Indique washes our virgin hair in lukewarm water containing a light conditioner. This brings back some of the human hair luster and softness that may have been lost during the hand production process.

Labeling And Packing Our Hair For Shipment To Boston

All our labels, zip ties, and bows are attached by hand. We do not cut corners or prepackage, box, and label by machines that cannot catch mistakes. Every single piece is labeled by an individual person and then reinspected by another quality inspector to ensure the hair is labeled correctly.
bundle of premium Indian hair

Indique’s Commitment To Quality

Indique is dedicated to producing the highest quality hand-inspected and hand-produced virgin Indian hair. Our meticulous process, from hand-selecting the best raw Indian hair to individualized client advisement, ensures you only receive the highest quality hand-inspected and hand-produced virgin Indian hair.