Ethical Sourcing

Here at Indique, we are fanatical about ethical raw hair sourcing. We must know where the hair originates, the source, how it is manufactured and who manufactures it. We are the only virgin hair brand that has their own QA team on the ground in South and Southeast Asia that consistently keeps our hair sourcing agents and vendors in line with Indique’s requirements.

Indique Raw Indian Hair

Indique has sourced hair from Indique since 2003—that’s two decades of experience in sourcing and purchasing hair from India. We’ve sold more than 50,000 bundles of raw hair over 15 years. About seventy five percent (75%) of Indique’s virgin hair comes from the temples of India—this is our Pure and Bounce virgin hair collections. With our local partners we participate in the quarterly auctions held by the largest temple offering virgin hair.

After receiving the hair from the temples we select only pure raw hair (remy hair) to use in our manufacturing and the rest we reject as non-remy hair.

Learn more about our manufacturing process here.

Through a visual selection process by our production managers and hair experts we segregate the hair by texture: natural straight, natural wavy and natural curly. This is then wefted and made into our Pure collection. The hair has not been processed and is completely natural.

For Bounce—our steam permed collection—we take the same straight and wavy raw hair used in our Pure Collection and simply attached specific sized perm rods onto the wefted hair to get the Bounce Collection textures: Natural Roots, Beach Wave, Deep Wave, Relaxed Straight, Coil Curl and Organic Curl. The base hair is the same for both collections.

Indian Hair Indique Does Not Sell

When purchasing hair from the temples, about 35% of the hair received from the temple is grey, dirty, oily, colored, dyed, bleached, or has other contaminants. At Indique we remove this hair and thus lose 35% of the hair we purchase from the temple—this is a cost that we bare in order to provide only the highest quality virgin hair. Most other brands, if they even purchase virgin hair, will not segregate out the contaminated hair, but rather mix it all together and then lightly dye the hair off black to achieve the highest yield possible in their production.  
We’ve been purchasing hair since 2003 and have seen the industry grow and have seen all the corner cutting that most brands and manufactures take to reduce their costs and increase their profits. Indique, on the other hand, has stayed true to our brand promise of, “only premium.” We will not cut corners and we will not reduce the quality of our product to increase our profits at the expense of our clients. Yes, that makes us more expensive, but we believe that our commitment to premium quality hair and consistency will be appreciated and valued by our clients.

"We are the only virgin hair brand that has their own QA team on the ground in South and Southeast Asia"

Indique’s Virgin Vietnamese Hair

Indique has sourced Vietnamese raw hair since 2011. We were the first company to buy hair from Vietnam and offer it in the United States. We’ve been working with our sourcing partners in Vietnam for more than a decade and they are part of our family, brand and ethos. We’ve worked together to bring their hair sourcing and manufacturing upto Indique premium hair standards. Hair in Vietnam is not collected or sold by temples, but rather collectors go out into the villages and ask women if they want to sell their hair; the longer the hair with no bleaching or dying the more money the women receive. Hair is cut to shoulder length so the donors get a new shoulder cut look, rather than long 24-26” hair that has no cut. This gives them a new or different style and they then begin the process of growing their hair again for future earnings. The income women donors receive allows them to generate income in a society where men primarily are the income earners and command where and how the funds are spent. With the monies earned from selling hair, women choose how and where to spend their own funds and become more independent.  

Chinese Hair Manufacturing

Indique does not purchase any human hair products from China. This is a strategic decision because Chinese hair manufacturers do not disclose where their hair originates and we at Indique cannot use vendors that do not disclose their hair sourcing.

How Does this benefit you?

We know hair, we know how to source it, we understand how suppliers, sourcing agents and manufacturers cut corners, we’ve created incredibly strong partnerships and we are present with boots on the ground in the countries we source hair from. You, as an Indique client will only get the most ethically sourced product, the highest quality product and also hair that’s gone through the most quality assurance steps of any brand. You can be confident in our product quality, our sourcing ability and long term consistency—you don’t need to continue your hair journey to find a consistent and long lasting hair brand, you’ve already found it.