Ethical Raw Hair Sourcing

At Indique, ethical raw hair sourcing is not just a priority, it's an obsession. We ensure full transparency in tracing the hair's origin, its manufacturing process, and the entities involved in its production. We take pride in being the only virgin hair brand with a dedicated Quality Assurance (QA) team in South and Southeast Asia, meticulously overseeing our hair sourcing agents and vendors to align with Indique's stringent standards.

Indique Raw Indian Hair

Since 2003, Indique has been a pioneer in sourcing and purchasing hair from India, accumulating over two decades of expertise. Our commitment to quality has led us to sell more than 50,000 bundles of raw hair over 15 years. Approximately 75% of Indique's virgin hair is ethically sourced from Indian temples—forming the backbone of our Pure and Bounce virgin hair collections. Together with our local partners, we participate in the quarterly auctions conducted by the largest temple offering virgin hair. 
Post-acquisition, only the finest raw hair (remy hair) is selected for our manufacturing process, while the non-remy hair is discarded.
Our meticulous visual selection process, conducted by our production managers and hair experts, segregates the hair by texture: natural straight, natural wavy, and natural curly. This unprocessed, completely natural hair forms our Pure Collection.
For our Bounce collection—our steam permed assortment—we utilize the same straight and wavy raw hair from our Pure Collection. Specific sized perm rods are attached to the wefted hair to create the Bounce Collection textures: Natural Roots, Beach Wave, Deep Wave, Relaxed Straight, Coil Curl, and Organic Curl. The base hair remains consistent across both collections.

Indian Hair Indique Does Not Sell

In our pursuit of excellence, approximately 35% of the hair received from temples is discarded due to being grey, dirty, oily, colored, dyed, bleached, or contaminated. This commitment to quality is a cost we willingly bear to deliver only the highest caliber virgin hair. Contrarily, most other brands, if they even purchase virgin hair, amalgamate the contaminated hair, lightly dyeing it off-black to maximize production yield.
Since 2003, we have witnessed the industry evolve and the shortcuts many brands and manufacturers take to minimize costs and maximize profits. However, Indique has remained steadfast in our brand promise of only premium.We refuse to compromise our product quality or sacrifice our clients' trust for increased profits. While this commitment makes us more expensive, we believe our dedication to premium quality hair and consistency is valued and appreciated by our clients.

"We are the only Virgin Hair brand with a dedicated QA team on the ground in South and Southeast Asia."

Indique’s Virgin Vietnamese Hair

Indique has been sourcing Vietnamese raw hair since 2011, making us the first company to offer Vietnamese hair in the United States. Our decade-long partnership with sourcing partners in Vietnam is an extension of our family, brand, and ethos. Together, we have elevated their hair sourcing and manufacturing to meet Indique's premium hair standards. Unlike in India, Vietnamese hair is not temple-collected. Instead, collectors visit villages, purchasing hair from women directly, with the price determined by the hair's length and untreated status. This process provides the women with a fresh shoulder-length cut and a new style, empowering them to start growing their hair again for future earnings. The income generated empowers these women to become more independent in a society where men primarily earn and control the finances. This financial independence allows women to dictate their expenditure, contributing to their autonomy.

Chinese Hair Manufacturing

Indique consciously chooses not to purchase any human hair products from China. This decision stems from the lack of transparency by Chinese hair manufacturers regarding the origin of their hair—a non-negotiable criterion for Indique. 

How Does This Benefit You?

Our extensive knowledge of hair, its sourcing intricacies, and the shortcuts often employed by suppliers, sourcing agents, and manufacturers, sets us apart. Our robust partnerships and on-ground presence in the countries we source from ensure you receive the most ethically sourced, highest quality product subjected to the most comprehensive quality assurance steps of any brand. With Indique, you can be confident in our product quality, sourcing capabilities, and long-term consistency. Your search for a reliable, enduring hair brand ends here.