Rare, luxurious virgin hair from the rural villages of Cambodia offering unmatched density, fullness, and durability. Each bundle contains approximately 3.5oz of hair that is thick from root to tip providing a lush, voluminous look that can withstand multiple installations.
Introducing Indique's Lotus Collection, a luxurious new line of hair extensions sourced directly from the rural villages of Cambodia. This collection celebrates the rich cultural heritage shared between Cambodia and India, capturing the unique beauty that arises from this historical connection. Cambodian hair is renowned for its perfect blend of Indian virgin hair's natural waviness and the thickness and volume characteristic of Southeast Asian hair. The result is luxurious, full-bodied textures that provide the best of both worlds for those seeking voluminous hair with unparalleled thickness. Experience the pinnacle of luxury hair with Indique's Lotus Collection—an investment in beauty, quality, and heritage that promises to elevate your hair game to extraordinary new heights.

Indique is committed to ethical sourcing, collecting raw Cambodian hair from local women who sell their hair to support their families. Each strand in the Lotus Collection is unprocessed, maintaining its natural integrity and ensuring the highest quality. Given the limited population of Cambodia and the increasing trend of hair coloring among local women, the availability of this premium virgin hair is exceptionally rare. Indique's dedication to maintaining stringent quality standards means that each piece is meticulously hand-selected and crafted by skilled artisans, ensuring that you receive only the finest hair extensions.

What truly sets the Lotus Collection apart is its ability to offer unmatched density, fullness, and durability. Each bundle features hair that is thick from root to tip, providing a lush, voluminous look that can withstand multiple installations. Indique's Lotus Collection features one of the strongest wefts on the market, stitched with 21 single threads for a flat, secure construction unmatched by other Cambodian hair bundles. Additionally, a complimentary pre-lightened test strand is included with every bundle. The test strand is processed with a 40-volume developer for 20 minutes to further confirm that the bundle is virgin and suitable for coloring.

Our finest offering requires our finest presentation. With each purchase of Lotus, you receive a limited edition high quality branded silk box, a satin-lined linen zippered storage pouch, and an exclusive gold pin of the Lotus Collection icon.

LOTUS WAVY NOW AVAILABLE. Sourced exclusively from Cambodia, Lotus Wavy is a luxurious and rare selection of premium extensions. With a gorgeous, voluminous wavy texture, this hair is perfect for creating effortless beach waves, glamorous curls, or flat ironing silky-straight.