Easy to install drawstring human hair ponytails in a wide variety of textures for all hair types. From straight to curly find your texture and be ready to flaunt your style in an instance.

      About the Collection


      Was to install drawstring ponytails made from Machine Drawn Human hair sourced from India. Dyed in 1B tone and available in different textures, wear and style them in multiple ways.

      Hair Care

      We recommend that you cleanse your ponytail as often as needed. We suggest using our sulfate-free Indique Hair Care Essentials order to maintain the softness and manageability. It is best to dilute shampoo and conditioner in a basin of water when cleansing. For detailed texture based maintenance tips visit hair care guide.


      The extensions can last for 1-2 years depending on the care and maintenance.


      To install a ponytail hair extension.

      • Step 1: Tie your hair up into a ponytail
      • Step 2: Attach the drawstring ponytail human hair extension.
      • Step 3: Insert the comb and tighten it by adjusting the string.

      Finally, Your real human hair ponytail extension is ready to flaunt.

      Real Human Hair Ponytail extensions can last up to 2 years or longer with proper care and maintenance. The durability of our human hair ponytail extensions completely depend on the usability of the product.
      Yes, You can. Our Human Hair Ponytail extensions are installed using a drawstring mechanism which allows the user to wear them comfortably for a longer duration. We even use a single slip to place the ponytail better and let it sit on your head comfortably. You can wear Indique black ponytail extensions daily; however, we recommend you give your natural time in between from the tension of pulling your hair back into a ponytail.
      Our Human Hair ponytail extensions are designed with a mechanism where we use both drawstring for tighter installation of extensions, or to prevent any slippage of the product from your hair and; the clips, to keep it in place or to stop it from moving.
      The first step to making your curly drawstring ponytail look natural is choosing a ponytail that closely resembles your curl pattern. Also, be sure to separate and style the curls before you finally install your real human hair ponytail extensions.
      We have 6 distinct and beautiful ponytail extensions under our Remix Collection, including blow-Out, Relaxed Straight, Coil Curl, Organic Curl, Wavy ponytail extensions, and Curly ponytail extensions. These Indique Ponytail extensions are made of real human hair and can last for upto 2 years.
      The price range of human hair ponytail extensions varies based on the length, quality and texture you are planning to buy. The price of a high-quality human hair ponytail extension ranges from $149-$279.
      Shopping for a premium ponytail hair extension is not difficult with Indique. You can shop online or locate one of our Hair Store Near You. Indique has over 10+ offline hair stores across the US for you to visit and experience the hair extensions yourself.