Ultimate Guide for Haircuts, Hairstyles & Tips For Wavy Hair

Ultimate Guide for Haircuts, Hairstyles & Tips For Wavy Hair

Wavy hair will always be one of the top textures for innovative styles. This texture can effortlessly create a gorgeous look for any occasion. These flexible tendrils of hair become incredibly complimentary to all the women. You can style your hair and pull off a multitude of hairstyles and haircuts.


So, check out this superfluous hairstyle with a pretty long wave for a little inspiration. If you have natural straight hair, creating long wavy hairstyles is effortless with curling irons, flat irons, wavy hair types and customary rollers. Also let's not forget the large options for haircuts that you can go for your wavy hair!


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Haircuts For Wavy Hair

Short Haircuts
Wavy Haircuts For You

Short Haircuts

Short wavy hair never goes out of style. The minute you think it’s gone, this hairstyle makes a comeback with different styles and beautiful colors. One of my favorite wavy hairstyles is the short pixie bob cut. This haircut looks great on women with naturally wavy and long curly hair because you don’t need to style it. You always have a voluminous, bouncy look.

Another haircut for wavy hair is a neck length haircut. It is easy to maintain and is effortless. You won’t have to style much since you already have wavy hair.

Medium Haircuts


Whatever your hair’s length is, if you are looking for a medium haircut, choose a lob (long bob) haircut with medium hair.


This medium hairstyle will look great on both thick and thin wavy hair. It looks fantastic on all hair colors, especially if you have black wavy hair. To maximize this hairstyle, get a V-cut. This V-cut will make your wavy hair look effortless and chic.


Long Haircuts


You can get different haircuts for wavy hair, especially if you have long locks. Cut your long hair in a V shape. It looks beautiful on women with wavy hair. This V shape haircut also looks great on medium wavy hair. Another haircut for long hair is getting side-swept bangs; this frames your face and gives you a youthful look.


Quick Facts


  • Wavy Hair Averages: A typical head of hair has 120,000 hairs, but a wavy head has just 100,000.
  • One Skull, Many Waves: Several distinct types of waves may exist... on one head!!!
  • Growth: Wavy hair grows about six inches every year.
  • Wavy Hair Phases: 90% of waves are in a growth phase, with the remaining 10% in a resting phase.
  • Shrinkage: Wavy hair can shrink by up to 5%, curly hair can shrink by up to 30%, and coily hair can shrink by up to 75% of its real length.

All this makes waves a must buy! Grab yours now! 

Wavy Haircuts For Women Over 50


Women over 50 have a lot of options when it comes to getting a haircut or styling it. Get an angled bob haircut with long hair on the sides. This haircut makes you look younger and shapes your face with a side-swept look. Hairstyles for wavy hair have never been easier or better.


Another option for women over 50 is getting a bob haircut with feathered ends. This the perfect haircut that adds volume for every hair type.


Layered Haircuts


If you are looking for a layered haircut to add style and to make your wavy hair look thick, I recommend a step cutting on your long or medium length hair. Both step cutting and layered haircut frame your face. This style will suit you whether you have straight or natural wavy hair. Layered haircuts are go-to hairstyles for long hair and women with natural wavy hair.


Bob Haircuts


Bob cuts are great if you want a haircut that is low maintenance and still trendy. There are as many ways to cut a bob cut as there are hairstyles for long hair and medium wavy hair. You can get bob haircuts in different styles: inverted bob cuts, layered bob cuts, shaggy bob cuts, etc.


Pixie Haircut


Pixie haircuts come colored, with layers, shaved sides, choppy layers, and so on. Shoulder length wavy hair is pretty, but it isn’t as daring as a pixie cut. This is ageless and best haircut for every face shape. The next time you get a pixie cut, don’t forget to add colors and layers to it.


Shag Haircuts


Another ageless haircut is a shag haircut. This haircut makes you look youthful and can be long or short in length. A shag haircut with long hair looks edgy, and it looks even better if you have long hair with bangs. A shag haircut goes with every outfit, whether you are wearing a dress, shorts, or a formal suit.


Haircuts for Thin Hair


If you have thin hair, I suggest you get a lob (long bob) with choppy layers. This way, you don’t completely lose your long hair, and you still have the 'naturally wavy hair’ look. A lob with choppy layers is easy to maintain. You still have styling options with this type of haircut; you are able to curl it or straighten it depending on your desired style.


Short Haircut With Layers


A short layered hairstyle is usually from ear to neck length with shorter layers on the top and longer layers on the bottom. Styling your short hair into waves has never been out of fashion. This short wavy hair will make you look dazzling and gorgeous with its unique style. Flatter yourself with this fantastic short wavy hair.


Wavy Hairstyles

Elegance Hairstyles For Wavy Hair
Add An Air Of Elegance With Great Hairstyle


Wavy hair is the most trendy and fashionable hairstyle in this generation. You can play around with it and recreate different hairstyles that are fun and fabulous. Wavy hair looks good on any hair irrespective of its length and texture. Add vitality to your hair with gorgeous wavy volume and wow everyone around you with your luscious hair.


Add An Air Of Elegance With Wrap A Hair Vine Hairstyle


A hair vine is a hairstyle made by adding accessories to your hair, and the hairpieces are worn as an adornment. Spice up your wavy hairstyle by using beaded combs, headbands, and barrettes. A short wavy hair can work just fine in creating the vine hair look. Who doesn't love fresh flowers on their head? It is a great option to decorate your wavy hair irrespective of any length.


Just use a bobby pin to hold the flowers, and you are ready to go. A boho headband is a great option to add style to your wavy hair. Hair vines hairstyles are an excellent addition to subtle classic hairstyles for any occasion.


Romantic Half-Updo Hairstyle


This gorgeous half updo hairstyle is perfect for long hair. Create a sultry look that can impress people around you and effortlessly slay your look for any events from dinner, to a date night.


Part your hair into two equal sections and tie the upper half using scrunches or other cool accessories and change your hair game. Black wavy hair can wear this style as they are thick and can easily add your hair dimension.


Fairy Inspired Woodland Pins


Medium wavy hair can be made even better by effortlessly attaching woodland pins. These pins are adorable and cute to achieve a woodland- fairy vibe perfectly. They mostly come in a bobby pin style with different designs. Just like Bobbies, they are an easy accessory to use to style your hair.


If you are looking for haircuts for wavy hair, settle down to shoulder length hair cut, or layer cuts and an edgy bob-cut to bring out the dimensions and volume you desire.


Chic Pearl Baubles


A headpiece with pearl baubles can easily highlight any hairstyle and instantly makes them look good. Slip a pearl bauble into your braided straight wavy hair. It works wonders, especially if you are a bride and want to look amazing. The pearls are just like the icing on a cake when it comes to enhancing your wavy hairdo.


It looks good and adds vitality whether you are wearing your hair in an elegant bun, half updo or braided hairstyles. Blunt bob is a great haircut for wavy hair because it adds volume to your hair. You can choose to go for a medium shoulder length hair if you want a slightly longer hair.


Volume And Curls Decorated Updo


Get obsessed with a back hairpiece to make your long hair stylish and classic. The decorative gold hair pieces can be worn with curls, and you can nail any hairstyles for wavy hair in this manner. Attach the decorative pins on your voluminous curly updo, and you will never fail to look gorgeous.


Bun Hairstyles


Dive into ancient Greek-inspired hairdos with your naturally wavy hair and look intrinsically flawless. The fishtail braid adds incredible detail to the messy bun and makes the hairdo look stunning. Incorporate beads, jewelry, braids, and big bouncy curls in your bun and turn heads.


It works fine on hairstyles for long hair because of its versatility to be styled in any way you want. Look magnificent like a Greek goddess and admire your new look. Barrette adds fun to your hair because they make your hairstyle colorful and glittery. Look great with barrettes when you step outdoors for a quick brunch with your friends and family and look fantastic.


They come in different colors and shapes to fit your hair. Accessorize these pins on your medium wavy hair for a glitzy look. Make any hairstyles for long hair chic with this playful non-boring single barrette.


Elegant Braided Curls


Bring out a bit of flair to your long hair with elegant braids. Make them pop even more with hair accessories. Naturally, wavy hair can be perfectly tied into a side braid. Add volume to your curls with hair extensions for that extra length and thickness.


Extra Glam Headbands


Instantly look fashionable with boho headbands on long wavy hair. They come decorated with stunning beads, designs, and colors. This classic hair glam headband is a dramatic look for the daring fashion-driven people .Add glitz and glamour to your shoulder length hair by wearing this trendy band on your head. Rock your outfit with this hairstyle by pairing it with stunning earrings.


Updo Hairstyle


Every woman is possessed with updo hairstyles in many different ways, especially with short hair. On top of that, having wavy hair is the most desired style for everyone because it never goes out of fashion. Even I would prefer wavy hair over straight hair. Short wavy hair is super easy to style. You can either braid, make a bun, and half-ponytail. If you want to have a fancier look for your short wavy hair, you can always use headbands, ribbons, scarves, and hair clips.


Wavy Crochet Braids


These crochet braids are the best choice of hairstyles for short wavy hair. It comes in a different style from braided into loose waves. Crochet can be styled into a bun and ponytail. You can achieve this stunning style by using extensions through your natural hair. It is easy and manageable at the same time. Even if you have short hair, it doesn't matter because any hairstyle is favorable with this crochet style.


Loose Curly Wavy Hairstyle


Want to have a glamorous and unique look? Choose loose curls haircuts for your wavy hair: It will make you stand out in the crowd with your naturally wavy hair. You can go for blonde 613 hair color and make your wavy bob-cut style look amazing with angled cuts. These elegant swirls will help you achieve a youthful feature.


Messy waves are easy to style for any occasion. This hairdo is attractive, trendy, and loved by every woman all over the world. All you have to do is grab a curler and start styling it into waves.


Retro Pony


A vintage ponytail is a hairstyle pulled away and gathered at the back of the head with a hair tie. It keeps your hair out of your eyes, and if you are in a hurry, it is the most effortless hairstyle you should probably choose. This wavy bob haircut is the perfect style for the retro pony to achieve a classic vibe with naturally wavy hair.


Voluminous Victory Rolls


If you want to achieve a classic vibe back to the 90s retro period, this victory roll haircuts are best for your black wavy hair. These rolls are popular hairstyles for women of Victoria's age and are still worn by models. This classic style is well known for its voluminous curls and goes well with a gown and skirts. Choose this haircut for your wavy hair if you want to achieve a glossy and classy look.


Ponytail Hairstyles


A ponytail is one of the popular hairstyles for any hair length and is styled in every day of our life. It is super easy to style and less time maintenance. If you have short wavy hair, choose this style. It goes well with any outfits and is the right haircut for your wavy hair. Achieve a cute and elegant look.


Prom Hairstyles


Is Prom the most significant event of your life, right? I know how exciting and wonderful it is. Suppose you have short hair and are having hard times to fix your hairstyle. Don't worry, try this out and become the center of attraction of the event. Prom hairstyles for short wavy hair can be styled with little creativity and accessories.


Switch your wavy bob hairstyle into a great prom style like a braided updo, blonde curly bob, tousled bob with diagonal braid, French braid, etc.


Wedding Hairstyles


Wedding hairstyles are a must for every woman because it will make you look more spectacular and any kind of hairstyle is suitable. A wedding is one occasion where everyone wishes to stand out with beautiful gowns and attractive hairdo. If you have black wavy hair, it can be styled in many ways you want.


Two-Strand Braided Headband


This two-strand braided headband is perfect for spicing up your everyday look. I bet you will get good compliments from everyone. Whether you are going for a late-night drive, party, schools, family gathering, or being a bridesmaid, this headpiece effortlessly will help you achieve the glamorous look you deserve.


This accessory is versatile and has an adjustable size of your choice. This strand braided is perfect for making hairstyles for wavy hair. You can either make it into a bun, a ponytail, or braid in different styles. This headband adds extra beauty and charm to your hair.


DIY Waterfall Headband


Waterfall headband is easy to style, and it won't take more than 5 minutes. This is the best style for your wavy hair, and it looks marvelous with any face shape. Grab this hairstyle for your next event and amaze your friends.


Hair Colors For Wavy Hair

Wavy Balayage for Medium Hair
Wavy Hair Colors For You


With so many stunning hair color trends to choose from, you must be wondering which color you should use on your wavy hair? Here are some of the best wavy hair color ideas for you:


Curls and Soft Balayage for Medium Hair


Want to look striking? Then curls and baby lights are perfect for a subtle, natural look. Long hair with bangs frames your face and accentuates your facial features. If you love your long locks and don't want to cut them, an extended hair cut will suit you because this haircut retains hair length, and the layers give the illusion of a fuller lock.




Achieve a sun-kissed natural look with balayage. This modern freehand coloring technique looks good on every hair length (long, medium, and short wavy hair) and hair type. It looks particularly stunning on wavy hairstyles because it gives a polished look to your waves and complements your skin tone. The look is easier to maintain and can last for up to 12 weeks with proper care.


Long Waves With Warm Caramel Balayage


Color your long waves with warm caramel balayage and achieve an effortless sun-kissed look. It results in a high contrast look and creates a beautiful multi-dimensional appearance. With this color, your hair texture looks more defined and enhanced when under natural lighting. This modern technique gives better and natural results when applied on long layered hair and black wavy hair.


Ombre Hair Color


Ombre is a technique that blends colors to create a stunning finish. The color adds natural light to your hair, lifts the color, and creates a beautiful style. Ombre works on all types, and haircuts for especially for long layered Ombre hair. A medium wavy hair with ombre means less maintenance and effortlessly stylish look.


Hair Highlights


Highlights have an impact on your overall look. With the right highlights, you can frame your face, bring out your eyes, define your cheekbones, and give your complexion a sun-kissed glow. They add depth, texture, and dimension to your straight wavy hair. Chic haircuts, elegant bob, and medium length hairstyles are some of the best haircuts for wavy hair with highlights.


Blonde Hair


Blonde is one of the most desirable colors and is often associated with fun and kindness. It is bright and visible against dark colors and is a great way to stand out in the crowd. The shade comes in countless tones from beachy blonde to brown sugar blonde and warm strawberry blondes. Long wavy hair with blonde is one of the best hairstyles for wavy hair because it frames your face and takes your look to the next level.


Brown Hair Color


Brown color is so much more than light, medium and dark brown. They appear more lustrous, thick and healthy compared to other hair colors. With endless shades of brown color, your hair never gets boring. Natural wavy hair of brown color gives the illusion of volume and is one of the best hairstyles for long hair.


Gray Hair Color


The gray color is popular among women of all ages. It adds body and volume to your hair and makes you look fresh, young, and fun. With gray hair color, you can achieve chic and flattering hairstyles for long hair, medium wavy hair, and short hair. From Ash gray to icy gray, there are endless gorgeous gray hair color options for you.


Caramel Highlights


Caramel highlights are one of the most popular colors in recent years. If you have long wavy hair or shoulder-length wavy hair, they will give you a warm and sexy look. They appear natural and are a great way to freshen up your wavy hair without getting a haircut. There are different shades of caramel, golden tones, beige and creamy caramel that give you a flattering look.


Burgundy Hair Color


Burgundy is one of the trendiest hair colors in this year. It is a blend of brown and purple that creates a deep red wine shade. Women with long wavy hair and long hair with bangs choose this color to appear brighter. Unlike other hair dyes, burgundy strengthens your hair and causes no allergic reaction to your skin.


Red Hair Color


Red hair colors are fantastic and can draw attention. It gives you an elegant, feminine, effortless, and looks great on everyone. From coral red to strawberry blonde and dark copper, red hair is always a head-turning choice. It looks best on long hair and naturally wavy hair.


Tips & Tricks For Wavy Hair

Use a Wide Tooth Comb
Keep Your Wavy Hair Happy!

Hair Care Tip #1: Use a Wide Tooth Comb


This is a trick that has been verified and vouched by all the professionals in the industry. Wavy hair is one of the most easily damaged hairstyles while brushing. After detangling your hair by running your fingers through it, gently brush it from ends to roots with a wide-tooth comb to maintain the waves. Your gorgeous short wavy hair will love you for this!


Hair Care Tip #2: Nourish Your Hair


Easily sustain your black wavy hair’s integrity with proper nourishment and care. Using hair care products with beneficial components enhances your hair’s health enabling you to get long wavy hair quickly. Try nourishing your hair with deep conditioning, leave-in conditioners, and hair masks to keep your hair shiny, healthy, and hydrated.


Hair Care Tip #3: Take Your Time


This is a contradictory tip that will ironically make you achieve wavy hair look faster. If you want your medium wavy hair to grow into a lusciously long beautiful wavy hair, you need to be patient. You need to invest time in small hair care or hair styling activities such as washing, conditioning, masking, brushing, and drying.


Hair Care Tip #4: Put Blow Dryer on a Cold Setting


The golden law to keep your straight wavy hair frizz-free is to blow-dry them with cold air. And this law applies all year long. Yes! You need to dry your wavy hair with your blow-drying on a cold setting even during the winter. Your hair will set much better when it’s cold, and you’ll get beautiful wavy hair seamlessly.


Hair Care Tip #5: Keep Your Hair Hydrated


Your wavy hair’s health and sustainability depend heavily on how well hydrated they are. Apart from deep conditioning and wearing hair masks, protect your long wavy hair from the sun and heating appliances. Overexposure to sunlight will deprive your hair of essential nutrients despite the supply of vitamin D, so always wear UV protection for your hair. You also need to wear heat protectants to protect your wavy hair from the damages of hot styling tools.


Hair Care Tip #6: Research New Products Before Usage


We cannot emphasize how vital it is to study your products before using them. Haircare products ironically contain harmful synthetic chemicals that destroy your naturally wavy hair. You also need to be aware that everyone’s hair reacts differently to different products. You need to read the hair care products’ label to keep the progress of wavy hair growth unhindered.


Hair Care Tip #7: Heavy Duty Hair Tools


Your medium wavy hair needs a lot of mechanical support in the form of heavy-duty hair appliances. To get the perfect wavy hair, you need to equip yourself with a quality blow dryer with a cold setting, a premium curling iron, and an excellent straightener. For sleek and healthy wavy hair investing in heat protection spray and a shine spritz is advised too.


Hair Care Tip #8: Take Caution with Your Towel


You should be aware of the risk a towel poses to you goal of getting long wavy hair. Your wet hair strands can easily break while you try to instantly dry your hair with some rash towelling motions. If you’re looking to get the shoulder-length wavy hair experts strongly recommend the safe microfiber towel to dry your hair. You also should wait until your hair is ninety percent dry before blow drying it as well.


Hair Care Tip #9: All You Need is Love and Lotion


This trick is not only applicable for wavy hair but for all types of hair styles such as the long hair with bangs, and long wavy hair. It is true that your hair needs all the love and attention it can get for a proper growth. A little bit of lotion is the perfect remedy for the common frizziness of wavy hair.


Hair Care Tip #10: Keep Current with Your Stylist


Your pursuit for an alluring hairdo doesn’t end with the wavy hair, so always be up to date with the latest style. A proper connection with the person behind the chair will make your quest to stay relevant begin comfortably. With an expert that understands both your needs and the current trends you will always be able to look chic and also love your hairdo.


Hair Brushes For Curly Wavy Hair

Tangle Teezer the Ultimate Detangler
Pick your right tools


There are different kinds of hair brush, but you have to select wisely. Follow this guide to choose the best brush that will save you from tangling hair.


Tangle Teezer the Ultimate Detangler


Tangle teezer is a savior to my tangled short wavy hair. It is best to use this detangler while showering, apply conditioner, and start using this teezer that smoothly passes through your wavy hair and untangles the hair. This detangler is best for wavy hairstyles because the flexibility in it can reach your scalp. This brush is one of the must-have products for your short wavy hair.


Flex Detangling Brush


Looking for the brush that detangles your hair, and reaches your scalp? Here is the flex detangling brush for your long wavy hair. The specialty of this brush is its design. This brush is made from a rubber that has a soft coating and is comfortable to use. The flex brush massages your scalp and stimulates oil production resulting in hair growth and prevents breakage on black wavy hair.


Denman Brush


You can use this Denman brush for multiple purposes, and it is a must-have hairbrush for medium wavy hair. This brush works both for wet and dry hair. Denman brush is to define the waves on your long wavy hair. Apply a leave-in conditioner and hair gel on your hair, and then use a Denman brush to define the curls and waves.


Goody Wood Styler Brush


The boar bristles present in this Goody Wood Styler brush is best for wavy hair. The Goody styler brush distributes the oil reaching every hair strand making your hair soft. The flexibility of the bristles is comfortable to run through your hair to detangle the knots. To achieve a polished look, apply hair gel, and pull your wavy hair back to make a low ponytail. For a final touch, gently brush with the Goody Wood Styler brush, and then use hairspray.


Evolve Styling Brush


Another favorite brush is the Evolve Styling brush that contains 100% pure boar bristles on the natural wooden brush. This brush flatters your short wavy hair with the pure boar bristles that give you smooth and equally dispersed oil on your hair. This brush has stiff bristles for hair growth. Grab the Evolve styling brush and achieve glamorous hairstyles.


Wide-Tooth Comb


Don't know which comb to use after the shower? Select this unusual hair brush to detangle your long wavy hair. The wide-tooth comb is perfect to use in the shower or outside the shower. This comb will detangle your long wavy hair without damaging it. The Conair wide-tooth comb runs through your hair smoothly and effectively. The wide-tooth comb is the best comb to choose from when you're in or out of the shower.


Rattail Comb


Always have the rattail comb for your long hair. There are multiple usages of this comb – for sectioning hair, adding volume, and detaching your hair. Rattail comb is perfect for styling half up hairstyles, braids, and flawless natural wavy hair. This comb can clean other brushes also.


Hair Pick


Another use of a beautiful comb to detangle your short wavy hair is the hair picks. This product is fist design and comfy to handle. It has complete teeth that are scalp friendly and a long-staying friend. The hair pick comb is suitable for women who have curly hair. To fluff your curls, flip your hair, pick your hair from the scalp, and cautiously lift the roots. Continue the process on your head. The hair picks will add volume and make your curls eye-catchy.


Goody Round Brush


Goody Round brush is the best comb if you want to achieve a blowout with your long curly hair volume. This brush suits medium to long wavy hair. It comes in various sizes – the larger the brush, the better the curls. To get a total blowout, spray hair spray and then brush with goody round comb to set the style.


Straight Up Ceramic Straightening Brush


I straighten my long wavy hair often, and this is the brush that I use – InStyler straight up ceramic straightening brush. This brush makes my long wavy hair straight in just a few minutes. You can set the heating temperature (3300F to 4500F), and with the ceramic plates, I can get straight hair quickly. This straightening brush will not cause hair breakage, unlike flat irons. This product is a go-to brush for your everyday look.


Hair Care Recipes For Wavy Hair

 Coconut oil for frizzy hair
Find Right Recipe For You


Hair Care routine is paramount to keep your locks healthy and gorgeous. Some hair specialists and hair care experts believe that a hair mask is the best and first step towards achieving sleek hair. There are hundreds of DIY hair masks and products available at drugstores. Here are the five best DIY hair masks and products for you.


Hair Care Routine #1: Coconut oil for frizzy hair


Frizz is a common problem for wavy hair, and there is no shame in that, but you can remove them within an hour with a DIY coconut oil hair mask. Coconut oils are best in moisturizing and hydrating your frizzy hair. This simple coconut oil hair mask works like magic on both long and short wavy hair.


Steps To Prepare Coconut Oil Hair Mask


  1. Warm 150-200 milliliters of coconut oil
  2. Wear a glove and dip your hand into the warm coconut oil. Take a section of hair and apply from roots to tips
  3. Clip your hair and cover with a shower cap after applying your full hair. Let it sit for 40 minutes before rinsing it with the shampoo


Hair Care Routine #2: Avocado hair mask for shine


Avocados are a rich source of fatty acids that can coat your hair cuticles with moisture. The fatty acids also make your naturally wavy hair shiny and soft. An avocado hair mask can be applied to haircuts for wavy hair to achieve healthy and glossy hair.


Steps To Prepare An Avocado Hair Mask


  1. Add one ripe avocado, one tablespoon of honey, one tablespoon of Argan oil, five tablespoons of coconut oil and blend them well
  2. Apply the mixture to your dry hair from roots to ends thoroughly
  3. Clip your hair up and let it sit for thirty minutes before rinsing out


Hair Care Routine #3: Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Mask


Do you want to create different hairstyles for your wavy hair, but are you backing off your flaky scalp? This DIY hair mask prepared from Apple Cider Vinegar will fulfill your dream for gorgeous long and short wavy hair.


Steps To Prepare And Apply Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Mask


  1. Add a quarter cup of Apple Cider Vinegar, cold water, and two tablespoons of tea tree oil in a spray bottle. Mix them well
  2. Crush two aspirins and add into the mixture
  3. Spray the mixture to your hair and let it sit for thirty minutes
  4. Rinse it with a mild shampoo and condition your hair


Hair Care Routine #4: Aloe Vera Hair Mask for Oily & Greasy Hair


The oiliness and greasiness of hair depend on individual, age, and genetics, and it is also pervasive in black wavy hair. You can reduce oiliness and greasiness by wearing short haircuts for wavy hair. Aloe Vera Hair Mask is the best way to remove greasiness and oiliness.


Steps To Prepare And Apply Aloe Vera Hair Mask


  1. Add one tablespoon of aloe vera gel, two tablespoons of honey, squeeze one lemon into a bowl and mix them
  2. Apply it deep into your scalp and hair roots
  3. Let it sit for twenty minutes and rinse it well


Hair Care Routine #5: Almond Oil Hair Mask


Prepare and apply a DIY Almond oil hair mask on your scalp and naturally wavy hair to moisturize and hydrate them. This hair mask is easy to prepare and use.


Steps To Prepare And Apply Almond Oil Scalp Care and Hair Mask


  1. Add three tablespoons of all the three ingredients: almond oil, honey, and raw sugar
  2. Apply it to your scalp using your hand
  3. Apply it to your hair after finishing on the scalp
  4. Let it sit for ten minutes and rinse it



Understanding your wavy hair and its texture is the main challenge that you might have overcome after reading this blog. There is hairstyle inspo that you can make your own, and you can be on top of the trends with these haircuts and hair colors for your wavy hair. Giving love to your wavy hair is all that needs to be done, and it will give all the love back with all the compliments you will get once you know exactly how to care for and style them.

And if you are still not sure, you can always try our line of hair extensions and wigs in wavy textures. People will confuse them as your own, and you can reap all the benefits out of them.