How to Buy Hair Extensions Based On Your Face Shape

How to Buy Hair Extensions Based On Your Face Shape

Your face is your identity, and it is beautiful. But sometimes due to unknown knowledge about your particular face shape and it’s uniqueness , you may miss out on highlighting the best features. There is a science to it, believe it or not!

Let’s explore how to highlight your face and enhance your features with the help of the right haircut or the aid of hair extensions.


There are many ways to highlight the pluses of your face including proper makeup contouring, eyewear, or haircut.

Natural Hair extensions are a convenient way of giving yourself a new look and experimenting with a new hairstyle. We’re going to tell you how to buy the right hair extensions based on your face shape so that once installed, it flatters and enhances your features.


So please scroll down to learn about your face shape and the complimenting hair extensions you should consider buying. We will also be sharing a couple of hairstyles you can create with those hair extensions to make your features look sharper.


How does your hairstyle change the shape of your face?

Each person’s face shape is unique . Suppose you get a hairstyle that highlights your best features. The look of your face changes drastically.


The ideal face shape is oval. Your chin and forehead are elongated circles putting a major focus on your eyes and cheekbones. It makes your look slimmer and more expressive as all attention is drawn towards your eyes.


Generally, all stylists prefer to give you a haircut or hairstyle that replicates an oval cut to highlight your features.


It often happens that your face needs a styled haircut or extra hair volume  to create the look that compliments your face shape and it may not be possible with your real hair.


Purchasing hair extensions that give you the ability to experiment and add to your own hair is an option for getting that beautiful face shape.


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How to identify your face shape?

We have shared that the best shape is an oval shape. How can you know which kind of face shape you have?   You can learn about your face shape based on the simple steps listed below.

Have preparation set up

To know your face shape, you need some prerequisites that you need to follow. Firstly you should have a headband or a hair tie to pull all your hair back. Then it would be best if you had a flexible measuring tape that can move around your face and lastly, a mirror in front of you which you can use for measurement and analysis.

Measure the face

Measure your face by focussing on the 4 different portions of the face, which are:


Forehead width

Measure it horizontally by putting your measuring tape on either side of your hairline and then calculate the width. To know where you have to place your measuring tape, keep it half an inch above your eyebrows to know the accurate width.


Cheekbone width

To measure your cheekbone, you have to measure it similarly in a horizontal way. You can do this by taking the tape from your sideburns. To get more accurate measurements, you can also place your measure tape on the side of the eyes as well.


Jawline width

There are two ways to measure the jawline width. For that, you have to hold your measuring tape vertically. Keep one tip right below your ear lobe, and then take all your tape to the chin. Now do the same process on the other side of the face, or you can multiply the first measurement by 2, and that's it!


Vertical face length

Lastly, you have to measure the overall length of your face. For this, you have to keep the measuring tape on your hairline from the middle where tape runs over your nose and then down to your l chin to know the figures.


Once you have gathered your face measurements, you can know which portion of your face is broader, smaller, or fuller. An ideal face shape should be 1.5x longer than the width, especially your cheekbone width. It is also known as a golden ratio.


Calculate, and you will know what your proportion is. As per measurements, there are six prominent face shapes. We will discuss these face shape measurements, hairstyles and haircut that will give you the best look, and which hair extension to buy for getting that impression of proper face cut.

Types of face shapes

Now we have learned from the above how to measure your face shapes. now it is time to learn which category your face shape falls in and how to buy hair extensions that will complement and enhance your features.

Oval shape

Hair Extensions for Oval shape
Oval shape

Let us talk about the face shape that is considered ideal. In this, the widest part of the face is the forehead. The face length is longer than the cheekbone width. It usually follows the golden fraction. The jawline is thinner than the forehead, but it gets thin in a very less ratio that does not make the second half of your face much thinner.


To highlight your face shape best, you have to ensure that focus goes on your face only. For that, you can keep the sleek hairstyles, pulled-back hair, and bob blunt haircuts. You can create these looks with hair extensions as well. Buy hair extensions like a straight wig by Indique, give it a shoulder-length cut, and you are good to go. Some hairstyles you can do with oval face shape are:


Shoulder length waves

Keep shoulder length hair and then make light waves. It will make your hair look very quirky and fun. This will put all emphasis on your facial features and will make you look interesting and stylish!


Full Fringe

As the forehead is slightly broader on the face, having the fringes will cover the width to give you a more sleek look. You can wear fringes with straight frontals.


Wet Wavy Bob

This look is stunning and speaks sass. You can get bob-length hair and then use hair gel to scrunch your hair for untidy tight waves that look very bold and fierce.


Back sleek bob

It is again very chic and a stylish hair look. In this damp or wet your hair and comb them back. It will make your jawline look sharper.

Round shape

virgin hair extensions for Round shape
Round face shape

Also known as baby or innocent face shape.t. In this, the length and width of your face is almost similar, giving a circular effect. In short, your nose is the center of the face, and any length from it is almost similar.


On such a face shape, sometimes the jawline could look a little heavier, and you need to keep a haircut that makes it look sharper.


A hairstyle that is heavy from your crown area will give an elongated look to your face. To get that kind of volume on your head, buy hair extensions in the shape of Remy virgin hair frontals from Indique that are versatile and durable. Some of the hairstyles that you can wear with round face are:


Pixie cut

Make your face look sharper by putting less volume on the sides and heavy volume on the top. You can also get rough curls or waves at the front.


High ponytail

As you will be combing your hair tightly and pulled back, it will give a stretch making your face look longer.

Square shape

Human Hair extensions for Square face
Square shape

The people with square-shaped faces have three measurements of equal length, which are their forehead width, cheekbone width, and jawline width, which gives them an overall square face shape.


The strongest element in their face is their sharp jawline which looks very structured and slightly broader. These people need to have a hairstyle that covers the cheekbone area delicately so that it gives an oval face shape impression.


You can buy hair extensions from Indique. Tahitian wave wigs will be the right choice for that delicate texture to make your face look longer. Also, you can use bangs to cover the broadness of your forehead. Some of the hairstyles that are going to look best with your face shape are:


Wispy fringe bangs

Get some bangs on your head that are in an uneven shape, which also shows your skin but at the same time gives an impact on the elongated face as the width of the forehead gets minimised.


Middle parted layered hair

Get middle parted wavy and layered hair. However, make sure that these layers start forming their shape right from the cheekbones so that it gives a cut and makes your jawline look thinner as compared to your cheekbone width.

Heart shape

Hairstyles for Heart shape using hair extensions
Heart shape

Often known as the blush face cut, it has a very pointed chin and a broad forehead to look like a heart shape. To make your forehead look smaller and your pointed chin a little subtle, you need to have a haircut that is clean from the top and has a heavy pattern or texture at the bottom.


Buy hair extensions like loose wave bundles to achieve the same as the loose curls, or the waves will definitely add character to the lower part of your hair, making an obvious oval shape. Some of the hairstyles that you can create with heart face cut are:


Side part layered hair

In this, you can have hair length from the side part as it will not put a direct focus on your forehead width but, in fact, break it with the side part.


Now get your hair length to your shoulders and start having layers from the collarbones. This will add texture and create more volume around your chin area, making it look closer to an oval face shape.


Shoulder Length hair

If you want to experiment with different hair textures, do not limit yourself, but the only thing you have to take care of is the length. Make sure that whichever hair length you are wearing is not exceeding your shoulder length, as it will make your chin look thinner and more pointed.


So play around with the length when it touches your shoulder or collar bones - Have curls, waves, or even straight hair.

Diamond shape

Human Hair Extensions for Diamond shape
Diamond shape

A very interesting face cut where the length from nose to forehead and length of the nose from the chin is equally the same. As per the measurement standards, the forehead and jawline widths are similar. Only the cheekbone width is the widest part of the face.


In such face shapes, you should not play very heavily on the textures, especially on the crown area, as it will make your forehead look smaller and your cheekbone wider.


Buy hair extensions like virgin straight hair as it is the best option to experiment with. Go for the straight bundle or pure straight wigs or closures. As this hair texture is sleek, it gives you room to play and shape them in a way that makes your cheekbone width look smaller in size. Some of the must-have hairstyles for diamond cut face shape are:


Side bangs

If you buy hair extensions like straight hair closures and create side bangs, it will solve two purposes. First, as the side bangs will be there, only a little portion of your forehead will be visible therefore putting more focus on it.


Secondly, the side bangs will cover some part of your cheekbones which will make your cheekbones look smaller. This way, both of your issues will be resolved to get an impression of a perfect oval face shape.


Middle parted Straight Step Layers

As you have a perfect forehead, you can put a major focus on it by having a middle part. The only challenge here is to play up your cheekbone area. For that, you can get your hair cut at the length where it touches your cheekbone to give you broad flicks on either side of the face, and then the rest of the hair could be left straight as it is.

Oblong shape

Virgin hair extensions for Oblong shape
Oblong shape

This face shape is a lot similar to an oval shape. The only thing is that it has a longer chin. The face shape is almost similar to the acclaimed perfect face shape, which is oval.


You have to just work around your chin area in terms of your hair texture and pattern. To get a proper oval shape, you can buy hair bundles as the long hair will be perfect to pull out the oval shape from your face .


You can buy hair extensions from Indique that are easy to braid, install and maintain for a longer duration of time. Best hairstyles for oblong face shape are:


Root loose curls

Get hair that is long with a little wavy pattern, but the hair starts to coil loosely towards the end. This way, more character will be added, and focus will be diverted on the ends of your hair, making an impression of an oval cut. If you cannot curl your hair regularly, you should buy hair extensions that are safe to style.

Blowout hair

The blow-out hair is always very bold in terms of texture and pattern. If you wear blow-out bundles, it will increase the hair volume making you look fuller from the face. It will give your face a proper shape and look and make it look slimmer.

Why Indique Hair extensions?

The hairstyles listed above were based on face shapes for different people. You can definitely replicate the styles from your real hair, but the effect will not be that noticeable because a certain amount of hair volume and length is required to recreate the look.


Premium hair extensions like the ones from Indique increase the volume and length. They are made of high-quality Remy virgin hair, which is easy to style, blend with your real hairline and install. These hair extensions can be worn for a longer duration if you maintain them well.


It is not easy to curl, blowout, or cut your hair in smaller intervals as real hair keeps growing. But if you buy hair extensions from Indique, they remain in good condition with their high quality.


The best part about Indique extensions is that you are not forced to buy a whole wig. You can buy clip-in hair extensions, closures, frontals, bundles, and wigs as per your requirement and then style accordingly.

Every face shape is beautiful and perfect in its own way. But at the same time, you need to know your face shape. This way, you can learn how to bring out the best features of your face and the parts that could be smartly deemphasized could be addressed.


Your hairstyle plays a major role in highlighting the best parts of your face. Hopefully, the above information would have helped you to recognize which parts you need to highlight.
So, go and buy real hair extensions from Indique, experiment and learn about your face shape and look beautiful as always.