How To Blend and Style Your Straight Hair Extensions


How To Blend and Style Your Straight Hair Extensions

Straight Hair Extensions Collection

Extension 1. Pure Straight

Pure Straight, Pure Straight Hair

Long hair is easy to style and achieve a fuller look. Pure straight hair is sleek to style. Straight hair extensions from Indique hair is fresh and pure hair from women of India. The long silk and shiny straight hair is perfect to look stunning. Nicki Minaj looks glamorous with the pure straight hair that enhances her beauty and sexiness.

Extension 2. SEA Bali Straight

SEA Bali Straight, SEA Straight Hair

Have you worn the Bali straight hair extension? If not, then Indique hair brings you the best natural straight hair that is utterly untouched. The Bali hair is shiny, well designed and curls are long lasting.

The natural straight hair will give you glamorous and flattering looks in your neighborhood. See in the above picture the model looks edgy, and stunning with the Bali straight hair extensions. And unfold the beauty you want to experience.

Extension 3. SEA ZEN Straight

SEA ZEN Straight, ZEN Straight Hair

The SEA ZEN straight hair is the best option to choose from the store near you. The hair has natural tapered ends and refines quality. Don’t know how to style your hair then SEA ZEN straight hair is the haircut for wavy hair. Not only that, but you can wear these hair extensions with medium wavy hair. Get this hair now and to achieve shiny and magnificent hair for medium wavy hair.

Extension 4. Bounce Relaxed Straight

Bounce Relaxed Straight Hair

The Bounce relaxed straight hair is a must to include in your hair extensions collection. This is because the natural straight hair is polished and for a voluminous look. The straight hair blends perfectly with your natural hair without troubling you. The bounce relaxed straight hair is best because it holds curls for longer duration and looks stunning for your office daily. This natural straight hair extension is free of chemicals and pure hair from Indian women.

Extension 5. Bounce Natural Roots

Bounce Natural Roots

The chemical free, virgin hair is used to make the bounce natural roots hair extensions. The root of the hair attached to the weft is thick and easy to wear. The hair quality near the weft is very superior, and it flows down till your waist. It has the shine and texture of 100% pure straight hair. Naomi wears these bounced natural roots hair extensions in a stunning way to get her everyday look.

Extension 6. Bounce Blow- out

Bounce Blow out

Ever tried the blow-out straight hair, if not, then Indique hair brings you the best straight hair to wear. It blends with your natural hair without a glitch and appears beautiful. The blowout straight hair can be worn in different hairstyles such as high ponytail, side bangs and top knot. It will give you the perfect natural hair.

Extension 7. Hysteria Straight

Hysteria Straight , Hysteria Straight Hair

The Hysteria straight hair extensions are from South East Asian women who have untouched and free from chemical products. The straight hair is shiny, free of knots and offered in different colors (1, 3, 5, 6, 27, and 613). The straight hair is vivacious and has rich colors.

It is worn widely by celebrities during red carpet appearances and easy to style any straight hairstyles.

Extension 8. Chaka by Indique Ikhanic Straight Wig

Chaka by Indique Ikhanic Straight Wig, Straight Wig

Chaka by Indique iKhanic straight hair wig is made in collaboration with Chaka Khan and her friend George Fuller – a hairstylist. This straight hair is an exclusive design that can achieve any hairstyles. It is made with the Bounce Blow-out with 4X4 lace closure. It is easy to maintain with hair care essentials from Indique stores. Nicki Minaj wore this Chaka hair into a high ponytail during her performance.

Extension 9. Studio Fishnet Straight

Studio Fishnet Straight, Fishnet Straight Hair

The fishnet straight hair resembles the fishnet design. To make this straight hair nine different wefts are linked together to form a big net that can sit on your hair firmly. The fishnet straight hair has natural straight hair that is 100% pure unaffected from the Indian women. Fishnet straight hair wig comes in two different designs that are 16’” - 3.2oz and 22” – 3.5oz of natural straight hair. this hair is perfect for everyday style.

Extension 10. Studio Perfect 10: Straight

Wear this straight studio 10 hair extensions by Indique Virgin Hair

This long straight hair extension is the best option to choose if you want to have voluminous and glossy hair. You need not worry that it will fall off every time because it has a special design that has 10 clip- in sets that is easy to hold down the extensions on your hair. This straight hair extension varies in its length and texture.

The sets are as following:

  • 3” wefts that has 2 clips (2)
  • 6.5” wefts that has 3 clips (2)
  • 4.5” wefts that has 3 clips (2)
  • 7.5” wefts that has 4 clips (2)
  • 9” wefts that has 4 clips (2)

Extension 11. Studio Perfect 10: Blow-out

Studio 10: Blow –out to achieve bouncy straight hair

This straight hair extension is made with the combination of the bounce blow out hair with 10 clips in sets. This straight blow out hair extension is best to wear if you want to achieve fuller look and want bouncier hair. This straight hair extension also has 10 clips in sets that can stay fit on your natural hair.

The sets are as following:

  • 3” wefts that has 2 clips (2)
  • 6.5” wefts that has 3 clips (2)
  • 4.5” wefts that has 3 clips (2)
  • 7.5” wefts that has 4 clips (2)
  • 9” wefts that has 4 clips (2)

Extension 12. Studio Perfect 10: Relaxed Straight

10 Clip in sets to hold tight and achieve glossy long straight hair

The relaxed straight hair is the best hair extension that must be in your collection. This hair extension is glossy and you can achieve a stunning look every time. It is easy to wear because it has 10 clips in sets that can hold down very firmly. Also, with the relaxed straight hair extensions you can style it in any hairstyles – ponytail, half up half down, top knots, and low sleek ponytail.

The sets are as following:

  • 3” wefts that has 2 clips (2)
  • 6.5” wefts that has 3 clips (2)
  • 4.5” wefts that has 3 clips (2)
  • 7.5” wefts that has 4 clips (2)
  • 9” wefts that has 4 clips (2)

How to Install Straight Hair Extensions

Here we will guide you through the steps on how to put straight hair extensions on your natural hair. Follow these simple steps to wear your hair extensions.

Step 1. Brush you long straight wavy hair


Brush your natural straight wavy hair first

Brush your long straight wavy hair before starting to put on the hair extensions. Grab a tangle teezer brush and gently brush through your natural straight wavy hair to detangle. Run your fingers through your hair to see if there are knots or not. If it is there then brush again until there is no tangled hair.


Step 2. Part your hair

Part your hair into two section that is top and bottom

Part your hair from the center after brushing, i.e., straight to your nose. Then section it into top and bottom parts. The top section should be straight from your ears. Make a top bun with your natural straight hair and clip it. Let loose of the bottom section.


Step 3. Brush your straight hair extensions

brush your hair extensions

Grab the first long straight hair and brush it thoroughly with any brush. This brush will detangle the hair extensions and make it easy to wear. If you brush before wearing then it will turn out good.


Step 4. Apply hair spray on the bottom section (tease your roots)

Grab a section of hair from the bottom loose hair and apply hair spray on your hair. This will let your hair have a better grip when you put on the straight hair extensions. L’Oreal Paris Precious Oil Satin hairspray is the best product to use.


Step 5. Clip in your first weft

putting the first weft from bottom section

Grab the brushed straight hair extension on your hand that has four clips in it. Open the clips and place it above the first section that you teased with the hair spray. Line it exactly with your hairline, and then clip it to close it. do not touch the top bun that you made in step 2.


Step 6. Let your hair down

Loosen your hair to cover the clipped hair extensions

After clipping the first hair extensions let down your hair, and create another top section on the bottom hair. Keep a distance of two inch when you create another top section. This is to cover the first hair weft.


Step 7. Tease and clip

Apply the hair spray and clip in another hair extensions

Section your hair again and apply the L’Oreal hairspray and grab another hair weft that has three clips in and place it on the new part. Then clip it to let it stay.


Step 8. Loosen more hair down

Loosen more hair to blend the hair extensions

Again same like in step 6, here you need to loosen down more hair, so that the hair weft cannot be seen. Repeat the step 4, 5 and 6 till you reach your top sectioned hair. When you let down more hair it will blend perfectly with your natural straight hair.


Step 9. Frame your face

Grab weft that has single clip to frame your face

Check in the mirror to see if there is enough hair on your front part and side. Grab a face-framing hair weft that has a single clip and clip it above your ear on both sides. Then lightly run through your hair with your fingers.


Step 10. Comb all together

pull your hair to one side and start coming together

To let the hair extensions and your natural hair to blend nicely comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb. This will mix your natural straight hair with the hair extensions to make it look natural. You can comb it in two ways- first, bend down and use a wide-tooth comb to brush. Brush it from inside. Secondly, you can bring your hair to one side and brush it with any hair brush.

Heatless Hairstyles for Straight Hair Extensions


Step 1: Braid Your Hair

Braid Your Hair,  Braiding Hair

Using an elastic rubber band, secure your hair in place. Make sure not to tie it too tight, because it might cause breakage at your ends. If you wash your hair at night or evening, let it air dry without using heat tools. After that, you can start braiding your hair. That way, your hair will look amazingly beautiful the next morning you wake up.

Step 2: Apply a Hair Gel

Apply a hair gel for glossy and luscious hair

The thing you should remember while applying a hair gel after washing your hair. Do not overuse it. Using it at a limited quantity will not cause hair loss whether you leave it overnight or not. If you follow this daily routine to apply hair gel, it will make your hair shine and glossy. Hair gel prevents your hair from tangling and frizz zone as well.

Step 3: Braid Your Extensions

Braids are one of the hairstyles that are perfect for pure hair extensions and are loved by every woman. This style looks great on every face shape. If you wear braids with extensions, it will look fabulous because it adds extra volume and length to your natural hair. You can create messy French braid for yourself for any occasion. It is same as a ponytail but with braid. Braiding is super easy to maintain, with this hairstyle achieve a glamorous look.

Step 4: Grab Your Hair Gel

Choose a bob haircut for your wavy hair with luscious curls and texturized ends. These styles are effortlessly beautiful and easy to style. If you have a medium wavy hair cut, always choose simple updo styles like ponytail, bun, and braids, curly or straight. After that, grab your hair gel to keep your hairstyle fixed and moisturized without going frizz.

Step 5: Get Some Beauty Sleep

Get some beauty sleep with this fantastic wave’s style. This look is perfect, feminine, soft, and sexy all the time. To have more volume hair, use extensions to achieve big waves. The ideal beach wave is bouncy and fun for every occasion. After loosening the curls, tease the top and back of the hair to add extra volume.

Step 6: Unravel Your Braids

Unravel your braids with this fantastic body wave hair extension. Body wave curl is a loose curl that has a wave pattern with voluminous quality. If you want to switch to another r hairdo for your straight hair, choose beach waves because it goes well with any face shape and outfits.

Step 7: Brazilian body wave hair, beach Curl hair

Brazilian body wave hair is the highest quality human hair on the market. It is made out of free chemicals, and it is super organic. Brazilian hair gives you a perfect look with shine, silky, and softness all the time. It doesn't get tangled and can be colored and styled.

Step 8: Beach wave curls, wave hairstyle

If you want to have beach wave curls, ask your hairstyle to make it the way you want. When it’s hard for you to maintain a hairstyle at home, all you can do is visit the perfect style. Beach wave curls go well with any outfits, and it is evergreen. Even I like my hair keeping waves with beach curls, and it is one of my hairstyles.


Step 1: Apply Your Extensions

If you have short hair and want to look glamorous, don’t worry clip-in extensions are at your door. These hair extensions are quick solutions for your short hair length. It will not only add volume to your short hair but also gives a unique and perfect look you ever wanted. You can also style your extensions in any way you want.

Step 2: Use a Heat Protectant

A long layered hair-cut is a hair-cut where the top layers of hair are a little shorter than the bottom. Adding layers brings more volume and dimension to your thin hair. This hairstyle goes well with every face appearance and women of all ages. You can either dye or highlight. It gives a glossy and attractive look. For me, I always choose black color for my hair because I love it so much. You must remember while styling your hair, do not forget to use heat protectants to avoid hair damage and split-ends.

Step 3: Curl Away!

Want to switch to another hairstyle from straight, choose curls since this style never goes out of fashion. Whether you have short or long hair length, it doesn’t matter because curly hair goes well with any hair length. There are varieties of haircuts for wavy hair like elegant wavy bob, shaggy wavy, brunette lob, blonde waves, messy bob, etc. Medium wavy hair is also a perfect hairstyle for you because of its textured layers, tousled styling, and a shiny color that makes thick hair silky.

Step 4: Apply a Hairspray

Straight Wavy Hair, haircuts for wavy hair (Kw)

Having both straight and wavy hair at the same time is blissful. I always love this combination of straight and wave hair together. Sometimes, straight wavy hair can be greasy and dry, but occasionally apply hairspray after you finish washing your hair. Apart from that, there are varieties of haircuts for wavy hair-like, braids, bun, ponytail, beach waves, shaggy styles, etc.


Step 1: Apply Your Extensions

Follow these steps to blend clip-in extensions with short hair and achieve the fabulous look wavy hair:

  • Use a thick set of extensions
  • Pin the bottom section of your hair away
  • Mix and match colors for added dimension
  • Tease the roots for added grip
  • Go higher than usual
  • Add face-framing pieces in the front
  • Add waves and curls

Step 2: Dampen Your Hair and Extensions

If you want to look sexy and adorable, choose these amazingly beautiful haircuts. I bet these haircuts with wavy hair are suitable with any outfits: braids with wet hair, twists out wet hair, damp look hairstyle, etc. You don’t necessarily need heat tools to style your wet into wavy hair. Your hair can be fixed as naturally as you want. Pick the right products for your hair, part your hair the way you want, and you can keep braiding your extension overnight to achieve naturally wavy hair.

Step 3: Apply a Wave Spray

Want to try out different varieties of haircuts for wavy hair: Pick any of your favorite styles and amaze your friends.

  • Medium Bob Shag with Long Side Bangs- If you have thick hair already, this shaggy layers bob-cut will help you create a little movement. Apply a sea salt wave spray to emphasize texture and keep it hydrated and away from the frizz zone.
  • Edgy angled wavy black bob-cut-An angled bob-cut is one of the amazing styles with an extra edge and pretty waves.


Step 1: Apply Your Extensions

Braid Extensions

Want to achieve beautiful braids by applying extensions to your natural hair. Then these hairstyles are perfect for your short wavy hair. These braids are small and delicate, yet it lasts in your hair for months with extra care. Try these cute haircuts right away because I bet these braids will secure your scalp tightly with a glamorous look.

  • Crochet braids
  • Dutch braids
  • Twist braids
  • Cornrows
  • Micro braids

Hairstyles for Long Straight Hair

Hairstyle 1: Spiked Twirl

Spiked twirl hairdo for classy look

The spiky twirled hairstyle is perfect for a fresh and sexy look and helps women appear uniquely in-crowd. The style is full of perfection and has been a fashionable look for every woman. Women of old ages mostly wear this hairdo since it goes well with their facial features and structure. Some women of young age also prefer this style, but not everyone. The spiky hairstyle of today is soft, stylish and can be achieved without consuming more time. Try this unbelievable gorgeous hairstyle, and it never goes out of style. I bet this hairdo will add a dynamic appearance to your face. A fun twirl look will add a vibrant appearance to your hair.

Hairstyle 2: Sleek Ponytail

Sleek ponytail

If you want to achieve a fuller and tidy look with long layered hair, then a ponytail is the right choice for you. It gives an elegant and decent impression to everybody. One of the coolest ways to wear a ponytail is the high and tight ponytail look that offers a woman's fantastic feature. Many actresses and women of every age prefer ponytail as it stays in fashion always.

Steps to style ponytail:

  • Blow-dry your hair in the direction of the ponytail
  • Secure the ponytail tight to the head using hair tie
  • For a final touch on your pony, use a three-inch curling iron on the ends to create a bend in the hair.

Hairstyle 3: Brunette Straight

Brunette straight hair is styled by backcombing your bangs by giving a wavy finesse to the straight locks. This hairstyle goes well with any hair length and face feature and is mostly worn by celebrities with various hair colors like light brown, chestnut shades, etc. This haircut is super manageable and straightforward. It comes in multiple shapes and sizes. Try these two haircuts for your wavy hair to achieve glamorous look:


Brunette with bangs

Brunette with bangs

To make your brunette style more attractive, add a trendy bang to your style. I bet it will look great on oval faces.

Brunette with braids

Brunette with braids

Braid your hair to make a brunette more unique and beautiful with those highlights can make it more stunning with a braided style. Curl your with large-barrel iron and start braiding on each side of your head. Crisscross the braids using bobby pins and finger-comb your hair.

Hairstyle 4: Long Layered Straight Hair

Try these long layered haircuts for your wavy hair:


Multi-layered mix

Multi-mix layered

Every woman loves to achieve a sleek and chic look with long straight hair. So why not try this multi-layered mix for a fantastic look. This style frames your face perfectly with a mixture of layers. Most of the layers are mid-length.

Messy medium layered cut

Layer-cut is one of the easiest and simplest hairstyles to maintain. This medium haircut gives your hair movement, less time maintenance, and giving you a fabulous look. Try out this messy, medium layered hair cut. It can be styled in many ways: buns, shaggy ponytails, faux bobs, or you can even use extensions if you want to have voluminous hair.

Hairstyle 5: Ombre Layered Straight Hair

Ombre Layered Straight Hair

Ombre straight hair is fantastic because it can be styled and maintained easily if you have long layered hair. You can even curl or keep it wavy. It will look marvelous in any way you maintain it. It is an effortless hairstyle that suits well with any outfits. You may also choose Ombre highlights to add more charm to this style. Ombre highlights can be managed easily with any hair type or length: bob-cut, pixie cut, etc. It is one of the creative and classy styles every woman desires to have. It goes well with women of all ages. Grab this unique Ombre hairdo and achieve a youthful, glamorous, and attractive look.

Hairstyle 6: Knotty Knot

The knotty knot hairstyle is styled with a different hairdo making it eccentrically attractive. The elegance is impressed by this knot hairdo. Try this bride wave’s style for long or short naturally wavy hair:


If your hair is straight and wants to add subtle curls, grab a curler iron, and start working on it. It is super simple to style and can be done in a few minutes. Make sure to use a little amount of serum to avoid frizz while curling. You can also use hair accessories for a fancier look. To fix this style, all you need it is: bobby pins, rat-tail comb, shine serum, and light-hold hairspray.

Hairstyle 7: Sleek Pompadour

Sleek Pompadour

Pompadour hairstyle is an elegant hairstyle and is popular among women. This style is a classic hair swept upwards from the face and worn high over the face. Try this style because it will look great on you and is worn on any occasions and everyday life. If you keep your hair unwashed, it will add a good pouf effect in a pompadour look. For this, take a section of your hair from the top of your head and backcomb it to give pouf you want. For a final touch, you can use pins to secure the pompadour pouf. It goes well with long hair as well as medium hair length.

Hairstyle 8: Ponytail with a Twist

Ponytail with twist style

Wanted to switch to a new hairstyle? Try this twisted ponytail that is super easy and less time-consuming. I love this hairstyle because it suits any outfits and does not take more time like other hairstyles. If you are in a hurry for your class or date, need not worry! Just grab a teaser brush and start styling and use a hair tie for a final touch up. It takes five minutes to style the twisted ponytail, and if your hair is unwashed, it’s perfect for this hairdo. Try this hairstyle and stand out in the crowd with confidence on your shoulder. Don’t worry! This ponytail with twist suits with any hair length, no matter its long wavy hair or shoulder-length wavy hair.

Hairstyle 9: Crossed Over Twists

Crossed over twists hairstyle

Choose this crossed over twists for your next event. This hairstyle is suitable for long layered hair and is easy to style. It is a time-saving hairdo that will be your favorite all the time. Add bangs to this twists hairdo because you will appear fabulous and fantastic in-crowd. With a small touch of Ombre highlights, it will add more charm to your face. All you need is an elastic hair tie for the final touch. Take out two sections of your hair from both sides (right & left). Keep your bangs loosen in front of your forehead for a cute look, and start twisting over one another from the crown until it reaches your head's backside. Achieve this glamorous look with this crossed over twists hairstyle.

Hairstyle 10: Criss-Cross Chignon

Criss-cross chignon hairstyle

This Criss-cross chignon hairstyle is more of a formal hairstyle that is fun to recreate. It looks complicated at the beginning with wrapped sections and sweeping, but you will love it later. You need to have these materials for Criss-cross chignon: 2 sectioning hair clips, two elastic bands, 30 bobby pins, firm-hold hairspray, and teasing comb. The process is:

  • Create two vertical parts down the back of the head to create a middle parting
  • Pin forward sections with sectioning hair clips
  • Braid the center, middle section into a French braid
  • Let down the side sections
  • Wrap the sections around the back of the head
  • Create a second fold or bend in the hair
  • Take the remaining hair and twist over
  • Wrap it clockwise into a bun and secure edges with bobby pins
  • Spray the firm-hold hairspray to set your hair in place


Follow these different hairdos and ways of styling your hair of your choice, and I bet you will never regret it. With these styles, you can achieve the best and perfect impression of your beauty. It is super easy and quick to fashion since it doesn’t require more time. If you are in a hurry, you can style it in just a few minutes. These heatless styles with extensions are even convenient for you to get ready for any occasion type. Make your day a beautiful and worth one by trying any of the above hairstyles. It will give you the perfect impression you ever wanted in life and walk confidently in the crowd.


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