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SEA Zen Straight Lace Front Wig

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SEA Zen Straight has been steam permed to create a slightly coarse textured straight pattern emulating the look of a relaxer or pressed natural hair. It can be blow dried and flat ironed for a super sleek look or curled to create body.

Indique's SEA Zen Straight Lace Front Wig offers complete coverage with endless styling options. Our SEA lace front wigs offer a freestyle parting ventilated area with reinforced wefts and a sturdy flexible base. The SEA Zen Straight Lace Front Wig is a medium size cap with adjustable straps which fits most. Offered in 14" & 18", the SEA Zen Straight Lace Front Wig is the perfect protective style with the most versatility.

Discover the secret of the orient—vibrant, lustrous, virgin hair from South East Asia. Available in natural, virgin textures, as well as patterns created using an innovative steam process, Indique’s SEA Collection offers untold beauty from an unexpected source.


On first receipt of your wig, we require that you use a wig cap (included) to try on your wig for fit in order to keep the unit in new, unused condition. Keep all original packaging in place and DO NOT SEW ON YOUR WIG OR ADD CLIPS OR BANDS. If your wig does not fit as expected, please keep the following refund and exchange policy in mind:

Refund and exchange requests must be initiated within 7 calendar days from receipt. Refunds and exchanges will only be honored on new, unused wigs. All original tags must be attached, and the piece must be returned with all original packaging and accompanied by your original receipt.

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SEA Lace Front Wigs should fit circumferences ranging from 21-23", and a diameter up to 14.5".

  • Circumference: 22"
  • Hairline to nape/Diameter: 14.5"
  • Ear-to-Ear (across forehead): 11.45"
  • Ear-to-Ear (across the top) Hairline: 14.5"
  • Temple-to temple (around back): 16"
  • Nape of neck: 4.5"

Use our Indique measuring system to select your size! Download this handy guide here for photo examples, or following the guidelines below.

When fitting for an Indique Lace Front Wig, a few measurements should be taken into consideration. Use measuring tape or download our Indique Ruler. In order to get the most accurate dimensions, measurements should be taken with your natural hair either braided or in a flat wrap. The presence of an existing install will give inaccurate results.

How to measure your head for the Lace Front Wig: Measure the circumference and diameter of your head.

  • Circumference: From the front hairline, behind your ear, to the nape of your neck, to your other ear and then back to the front hairline 
  • Diameter: From hairline to nape

14'': Approx. 8.3oz (235g)
18'': Approx. 8.5oz (240g)

We recommend that your Pure Lace Front Wig be shampooed as needed—at least once monthly. Use lukewarm water to cleanse your unit using Indique Hair Care Essentials Shampoo followed by Indique Hair Care Essentials Conditioner to lock in moisture.

Near the ventilated lace areas of your wig, please:

Refrain from excessive tugging, scratching, or pulling on the hair as strands could be released from the base.

Take care when shampooing to avoid applying shampoo or conditioner directly on the lace as this may cause the delicate workmanship to unravel.

Repair: If you are experiencing balding or thin areas in your wig, please seek a professional who specializes in reventilation. Re-ventilation is a process that involves adding more hair to balding or thin areas. A specialist can also repair tears in the lace, add hair, or even replace lace where it has been worn out.

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About the Product


Zen Straight Lace Front Wig gives full coverage! This wig is a gorgeous low luster, yaki straight texture. Its ventilated lace gives you you the ability to have multiple parting options. The Zen Straight Wig starts at $529.

Hair Care

Indique Hair Care Essentials shampoo and conditioner would be a great choice when shampooing your extensions, its infused with French Argan Oil and will maintain the softness of Bali Straight. French Argan Oil will add moisture and shine to your extensions. Easy to flat iron or curl. We recommend using our Heat Guard as a heat protectant when using hot tools.


The Sea Zen Straight Lace Front Wig can last years, depending on how frequently it's worn and how it is maintained.