18 ways to Keep your Flat-Ironed Hair Straight

18 ways to Keep your Flat-Ironed Hair Straight

Sleek, glamorous, and always fashionable, straightened hair is one of the most popular hairstyles in the world. Done in professional salons or at home, it is also one of the most accessible and easy to do. But after we finish the look and head out in the world, we see that little frizz here, that little curl there, and we soon look like we just visited a steam room. This is one of the most frustrating feelings but today we are going to find out how to battle this ongoing problem.


1. Be Careful When You Choose To Straighten Your Hair

Straight Hair

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This is one of the most important points on our list. If the weather outside is dry and sunny it means that it is also a perfect day for straightened hair. But if the weather outside is very humid or it is even raining, you may want to avoid growing some white hair of frustration from a bad straightened hair day. Also, if you are traveling in tropical areas it is better to leave your flat iron at home.

2. Less Sweat Means Longer Wear

Sweat is largely made of water and we all know that water is going to ruin any straightened hairstyle. If you want to hit the gym or to go for a jog, make sure that you are tapping the sweat from your scalp, forehead, and neck to prevent the hair from frizzing and curling.

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3. Use The Appropriate Flat Iron

Flat Iron for Straight Hair

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Different hair texture needs different flat irons. Do a bit of research and see which is the best for you. This step is extremely important especially if you are straightening long 4c hair. Before you use a flat-iron consider the size of the flat iron, it's plate size in regards to your hair texture, metal used in the plate, and voltage while using the iron. Using the wrong flat iron can lead to unnecessary frustration and also damaged hair.

4. Deep Conditioning

This is one of the best ways to make sure that your hairstyle lasts. Even though it is not a hair straightening treatment, it will greatly improve the texture of your hair, making it behave better after the straightening process. Just make sure that the conditioner you use is highly moisturising and is of good quality. Make sure you don't use leave in conditioner before straightening your hair out.


5. Satin Pillowcases

Satin Silk Pillowcases

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Yes, you heard that right. These pillowcases will make your hair straightening last longer because you will wake up with less frizz and knots in your hair. They can also prevent the horrid hair breakage of chemically treated hair. It also helps in retaining the hair moisture. In short satin pillowcases will help your hair with healthy life.


6. Headwraps

They are useful when sleeping or when heading into humid environments like the bathroom. Taking a bath while having this glamorous hairstyle is possible as long as you protect your hair from humidity. They've recently become quite trendy in the fashion industry and gives your hair a healthy environment along with the fashion and trends.


7. Straightening Brush

Hair Straightening Brush

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The hair straightening brush is one of the best inventions in history and it can be used in the hair straightening process itself or for touch-ups and it is particularly useful is you are straightening 4c hair. It can be a good alternative to traditional hair iron and can give a really long lasting effect.


8. Use The Correct Heat

Most of us tend to hop to the highest temperature but this can lead to dry, damaged, and coarse hair that will go frizzy. See the manual of the flat iron and set the correct temperature for your hair. A perfect amount of heat can do wonders on your hair so make sure that you understand your hair texture before you set the heat on your iron for straightening.


9. Don’t Forget The Roots

Start straightening from the roots down. Many women tend to neglect this part from the feat of burns but a lasting look begins from sleek and straightened roots. Apart from straightening make sure sure you condition your hair properly else that can lead to breakage and split ends.

10. Seal The Ends

The ends of the hair are some of the first places we see our hairstyle crumble. Give extra attention when straightening them and make sure that they are tamed before applying the final products. Make sure you set them up properly before you set your foot out of the house to enjoy the party or outing you planned for.


11. The Heat-Protective Spray

Heat Protective Spray

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The holy grail of hair styling products. This step is crucial in the hair straightening process because it will protect your hair from heat damage. Most heat-protective sprays will also make your hair easier to style and your look will last longer. Flat irons can cause some real damage to your hair and these protectants are indeed very helpful and useful.


12. Anti-Humidity Products

Humidity is the biggest enemy of flat ironed straight hair. If not taken proper care of it can completely ruin your hairstyle and overall looks too. There are some of the best products to prevent frizz. Make sure that you always apply those product to properly protect your hair from the environment.


13. Avoid Hair Mists And Perfumes

Avoid Hair Mists and Perfumes

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If you chose to pick your natural hair as your hairstyle for the day it maybe fine but if you plan on straightening your hair then they may seem like a bad idea for you. Having scented hair is very glamorous and sexy but unfortunately, most of these products are water-based and they will quickly cause frizz. so it's suggested to stay away from them if you have straightened your hair up.


14. Hair Serums

Hair Serum

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They can be amazing for achieving a smooth and sleek hairstyle. Buy one that is specifically designed for straightened hair. They are the best protective layer for your hair and will keep your hair tangle free the entire day which means longer stay for your straightened hairstyle and your hair will remain frizz free too.


15. Brush Before Straightening

Brush To Use Before Straightening
Brush To Use Before Straightening

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Tangled hair will never make a good look and it will quickly frizz and curl. Make sure that your hair is perfectly smooth and that there are no tangles before straightening. The routine will help you in easing your hair straightening process and will make your flat ironed hair stay straightened for longer hours.


16. The Heat-Protective Spray

Choose a formula that is suitable for straightened hair and apply a decent amount from the roots to the end of your hair. It will lock your locks in place and give you a lasting look. It will also protect your hair from any sort of external damage to be caused by the hair straightening tools and equipments.


17. Wax The Ends

It may sound unreasonable but trust it's the best technique to tame your hair properly. As some types of hair have to be tamed with big guns. Apply some special styling wax at the ends of the hair to make sure that they will not move else if you have hair that are adamant your style may be ruined by the time you end your day.


18. Don’t Make It A Constant

Straight clip in hair extensions
Straight Clip in Hair Extensions

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The last advice is probably the best. Constant hair straightening will greatly damage your hair and it is best to leave some days or weeks in between to protect the cuticle. Let your hair breathe a natural hair once a while so that they can soak themselves in nature and can heal with the natural ingredients.


Following these 18 suggestions will not only help you in keeping your flat ironed hair straight for longer hours but also will help you keeping your hair safe and healthy while following the process. Healthy hair is the key to beautiful hairstyles so make sure you maintain the beauty of your natural hair along with styling them.