Different Hairstyle Ideas Using Indique Hair Extensions and Wigs


Different Hairstyle Ideas Using Indique Hair Extensions and Wigs

2020 Black Friday Deals won’t strike twice

Make your Black Friday a huge success and fun this year with Indique’s hair extensions and wigs. Be assured--because you will look beautiful with their virgin hair extension that look natural and stunning. Their hair extensions are hand-selected and give you that luster and bounce. Here are some easy hairstyles to get the best of both worlds. Give a new makeover to your hair this season, say goodbye to your boring hairstyles, and make an impressive perfect holiday hair. Get ready to take on any day in style!

Trendy short hair that speaks fashion

Trending short hair wigs are a must-try

Kick-off this Black Friday with an soft look that is easily achieved through a short hair wig. You will feel special and unique with Indique's versatile wigs. Gain your confidence back and slay the short pixie look without actually chopping your long locks.

Multi-Colored Pixie Cut wigs

Peacock colored pixie cut hair

Get lost in the most updated sophisticated hairstyles this year. Go for this rebooted style and feel fabulous like never before with versatile short hair. Indique wigs can be cut to the short style you desire. These wigs work on any face structure and are comfortable to wear, compared to long locks. This hairstyle gives you a bold look and is a good option for women of all ages. Immerse with the comeback of sleek, chic hair and feel like a new woman. Quickly switch up your whole appearance and take the world by storm.

Exciting Choppy Bob

Bob cut hair never goes out of fashion

Sleek bobs are a great way to add volume to your fine hair with little effort. Spice your short hair by spraying a generous amount of dry shampoo to your locks. It is a great way to achieve a messy look and adds volume to your hair.

Cool crown braids

Wear crown braids like a queen

Feel fresh, Pull your hair up and enjoy wearing crown braids.  Add hair extensions to your crown braids and create your very own personal cute headband. Enjoy the holiday month with braids that add statement and texture to your updo. It makes you look good from every angle and gives you a gorgeous hairstyle. Braids offer you versatile options, ranging from neat tight braids to chunky and messy fishtail.

Shoulder length sleek bob

Chic silver colored sleek bob hairstyle

Choose this simple yet elegant hairstyle that works for women working in all walks of life. You can easily create this style with any hair textures, long, short, and medium. Use hot-styling tools to add curls to your wigs or keep them straight. It's a relaxed style with a chic appearance. Wear it for a casual occasion for special events. This hairstyle looks young, bold, and daring. Add volume instantly to your hair by curling your bob hairstyle.

Voluminous wavy bob cut

Sexy voluminous wavy hair

Add charm to your hair with this wavy bob cut that is fashionable and change your hairstyle game forever. Gain the attention of your friends and family with this cool hairdo that is sure to turn heads. Easily style your usual bob cut of any length by adding soft curls and enhance your style. Get complimented by flaunting a wavy bob hairstyle and make it a glamorous holiday.

Bob cut with cute bangs

Achieve a cute appearance with bangs

Make your hairstyle standout with bangs that go well, even when it's curled, straightened, braided, and tied. Add in bangs and make Bob look even edgier and modern. Hide your fine lines with a fringe while you rock the classic bob haircut. Color your wig into vibrant colors with an ombre style, making it a perfect option for you to try a daring color. Make Black Friday colorful with versatile hues that are undeniably striking.

Rapunzel hair with extensions

Long hair in an instant with hair extension

Show off your long locks with hair extensions. Don’t worry if your hair is short because Indique’s extensions are here to solve your hair problem. Instantly add length to your hair and flaunt long hair like celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Cardi-B, and Niki Minaj during this Black Friday. Curl it or straighten it and be sure to look like a star.

Chic voluminous wavy hair

Stunning voluminous long hair

Want a flawless hairstyle that is ideal for going out for a drink or the one that works as a day-to-night-look. Wavy hair is the one for you because it makes a great hairstyle that is effortlessly chic. Style your extension with a curling machine, turn on your curler, and then style it to achieve the perfect wavy look. Add big curls to your long hair to get gorgeous hair that is full of dimension and volume. This natural long wavy style is never out of fashion and can be styled with any outfit.

Subtle Long waterfall curls

Waterfall waves with a texture

Fall in love with long waterfall curls that gives you a classic vibe. With the help of extensions achieve this ultimate hairstyle that is meant for long hair. It is a sure way to make you beautiful during the evening. Create this look, use a hot styling tool to curl your hair, and add depth to your extensions.


Windswept medium layered wavy hairstyle

Windswept medium layered wavy hairstyle

Get ready to receive compliments by flaunting a medium layered hairstyle. If you are looking for something effortless yet gorgeous, consider this one. Indique offers a wide range of Wigs and extensions that gives you classic wavy hair made using virgin Indian hair. You will be surprised how stunning you will look with wavy hair that gives you a statement look.


African-American inspired curly hairstyle

Afro hair with a golden hue

Curly hair is all you need to look like a diva. This famous hair is readily available in wigs that are a must-try. The soft curly hairstyle for black women is to die because many fashion icons are seen wearing these afro wigs. The best thing is you can wear it too and look like a celebrity.  


Light it with highlights

Subtle balayage highlights

Start this Black Friday with significant medium Highlighted side sweep wigs. This trendy mid-length hairstyle with curls gives you dramatic yet feminine hairstyles. Add balayage highlights and ombres and make your Side sweep curly wigs lively. Slay any outfit with this style and enjoy the new you.


Deep side parting long hair

Red ombre extensions

Dive deep into a side-part long black curly hairstyle with this classic Indique hair wig. It suits any face shape from oval, round, to oblong. Part your hair from the side and curl your locks and brush them off to the sides.


Beach waves with patterns

Get wowed with beach wave hairstyle

Long beach waves are made even prettier with an extension that frames your face with its effortless pattern. Slay this alluring hairstyle during this Black Friday.


Flirty shag cut hair

Shag hair that is lightly curled for a soft hairstyle

The layers in the hair leave hair looking well defined and voluminous. Keep it straight and subtle or add drama by in curling or out curling the hair for more effects.


Long blonde locks

Long hair is one of the sought after hairstyles this year and they are coming back stronger than ever. 2020 is welcoming long hair with wide open arms and is setting a trend. Extensions are in demand because with it we can easily achieve the length of your dreams. Flaunt this modern yet classic look by choosing a long blonde straight hairstyle. This popular style will make you look beautiful and vibrant.   Add some fun solid colors of brown and burgundy to your hair with the help of a hairstylist.



Indique deals in best quality hair extensions

Regardless of your hair type, add varieties of texture and length to your hair this Black Friday with Indique virgin hair extension and wigs. Include gorgeous, fun hairstyles and spice things up in your life to get the look of your desire. Try something exciting and new because it's never late to change your hair. Get the most of Indique’s offer on wigs and extensions during the Black Friday week; make thanksgiving even more special and memorable. Sign up and subscribe to Indique’s pre-sale that’s giving out up to 50% discount and enjoy its benefits.


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