How to Get Perfectly Straight Hair at Home- 5 Pro Tips

How to Get Perfectly Straight Hair at Home- 5 Pro Tips

Silky smooth straight hair is just what a girl needs for an effortless and chic look. The convenience and effortlessly stylish look given by straight hair make everybody go back for more. When you compare straight hair to any other hairstyles, you would think it’s stunning but a risky when it comes to damage from hot tools. Many believe that the only way to acquire lustrous and tangle-free straight hair is by causing in a lot of hair damage.  


Well, I suppose that might have been true way back in the past when people did not know about heat and chemical damage. Luckily for us, these days our hair game has become super strong, we know what’s good and bad. Especially, since straight hair has turned out to be a favourite among so many men and women. That’s precisely why experts have come up with ingenious techniques to shield our hair while undergoing intense heat and chemical treatment.


On contrary to other hairstyles, you would think straight hair is a one and done look when it isn't. After you get smooth straight hair, it is quite simple to branch out and style other hairdos. No wonder everyone’s been obsessed with straight hair over the years! Once you get the hang of how to impeccably straighten your hair from a professional, you can do the same thing in the comfort of your home. Take a look at these 5 Pro tips to get perfectly straight hair at home, eventually; you will be saving a lot of money and time for yourself.


Pro Tip #1: Blow-dry your hair

Blow Dry Your Hair


Get two things done at a time with a blow dryer. To style a prim and flawless straight hair, you will need a saloon type blow dryer with a nozzle. This tool will direct the heat equally to a specific portion of your hair. Along with that you are also going to need a wide-toothed comb, around boar bristle hairbrush, heat protectant hair product, and non-greasy hair oil to avoid frizzy hair.


  • Start by washing your hair with a regular clarifying shampoo. The usage of a deep cleansing shampoo is to get rid of any excess gunk build up in your hair. Then gently pour lukewarm or cold water to wash your hair. Be mindful to avoid hot water for washing because it will weaken the strands plus the roots to create frizzy and dandruff packed hair. Quick and easy, no hefty bill involved in washing your own hair, unless it is done by someone else.


  • Use a towel to pat dry all the excess water and gently wrap a cotton cloth to soak in the rest. If you do this, you will stop your hair from breaking and turning frizzy.


  • It is important to remember that using a normal brush to detangle wet hair can be damaging. This is because soaked hair is fragile and susceptible to breakage. If it is necessary, use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to detangle it. The wide spaces between each tooth make it stress-free to detangle hair without rupture. Likewise, it produces noticeably less friction compared to a normal comb. Use it to clear the knots and tangles while blow-drying for perfectly straight hair.


  • Generously apply a heat protectant to keep your hair from getting damaged. In case you can’t get your hands on a heat protectant use a leave-in conditioner or anti-frizz serum. Anything is better than drying your hair without a protective layer.


  • Blow-dry your hair from the root to tip by using the boar bristle hairbrush. You need to angel the dryer as you pull the brush. The stream helps the hair shaft lie flat and avoid frizzing. Repeat the motion several times until the section is straight and dry. Finally, you can also use an anti-frizz serum to keep your hair sleek and straight.


  • To even your hair out, you can use a flattening iron for the perfect salon fabulous straight hair.


Pro Tip #2: Overnight hair wrap 

Wrap Your Hair Overnight


Straighten your hair overnight with a wrap and save yourself time in the morning, too.


  • You need to begin this routine by slightly soaking your hair with water or a leave-in conditioner. This makes it easier to comb your hair thoroughly and even out any clumped hair products.


  • As for detangling and removing knots from the strands, you can use your fingers to wide-toothed comb to detangle it. By following these techniques you will prevent unnecessary hair damage.


  • After that, you need to pat dry your hair with a towel or a t-shirt. This is to stop your hair from becoming frizzy and damaged. The next step is to hydrate your strands with a hair oil or moisturizer oil. Still, you need to limit the number of hair products applied because it could make your roots appear greasy.


  • Once you are done with that, you need to part your hair from the middle with a thin comb. You are doing this to make sure both sides have equal amounts of hair to wrap around your head.


    • First, pull your hair from the front of either side and bring it to the back of your head. To create neat and straight looking hair you need to gently brush the strands again.
    • After that, you take the hair from the lower half of the same section to its front-facing side and brush it again.
    • You need to repeat these steps with the other side until all your hair is completely wrapped around the head. Keep in mind to secure all loose strands with a bobby pin clip or a duckbill clip.
    • A pro-tip from Wikihow, wrap your hair in a silk scarf to keep your hair in place overnight. The next morning, remove the scarf and unwrap your hair carefully one wrap at a time.
    • To get perfectly straight hair, use straightening hair products to prevent frizz and slicked-back hair. To even your hair out, you can use a flattening iron for the perfect salon fabulous straight hair.


Pro Tip #3: Overnight elastic bands

Overnight Elastic Bands


  • Getting your hair wet makes it easier to straighten and comb. You can sprinkle some water on the strands or wash it with a leave-in conditioner.


  • Detangle and remove knots from the strands with your fingers to a wide-toothed comb to detangle it.


  • To prevent frizz, pat dry your hair with a towel or a t-shirt. Then hydrate the strands with a hair oil or moisturizer oil. Check the amount of products applied to prevent greasy roots.


  • The first step is the same as the one for overnight hair wrap. The only difference here is to make sure that the equally divided parts do not get disheveled when your head is placed against the pillow.


    • Then you need to tie both sections to its tips into low ponytails after thoroughly brushing them out of tangles and knots.
    • Finally, another Wikihow bonus to follow, you secure them with hair bands without metal pieces that won’t pull your hair or leave imprints.


  • The next morning remove the elastic bands and brush out the hair strands. You must not get your hair wet because it could turn your hair curly again. There you have it, naturally straight hair for the day. For an impeccably straight look, you could use a straightener or a flat iron.


Pro Tip #4: Just use a flat iron or hair straightener

Flat Iron Your Hair


If you can’t wait around for straight hair, just grab a straightening iron. You will get perfectly straight hair in under 10 minutes.


  • Wash and blow-dry your hair. Fixing your hair works best on clean washed hair. When washing your hair, tailor your cleanser and conditioner to your hair type for thick and glossy strands. When your hair is cleaned, dry it tenderly with a microfiber towel, apply a heat protectant and afterward blow-dry it with a hairdryer. This will help to pre-fix your hair, so you will have less work to do with the fixing iron. Dry the roots of your hair with the hairdryer first, at that point work through the lengths of your hair. Flip your head down while drying your hair to create more volume.


  • Part your hair into sections. If you evenly divide your hair into sections, it will ensure that everything is straightened without missing a single strand. Set your straightening iron to the right temperature for your hair. Experts from Wikihow recommend these settings for each hair type:


    • Fine or damaged hair: 200 and 300 °F (93-149 °C).
    • Moderately thick hair in pretty good condition: 300 and 350 °F (149-177 °C).
    • Very thick or coarse, frizzy hair: 350 to 400 °F (177-205°C).


  • While straightening your hair, if your hair starts to sizzle or steam quite a lot, then your hair is not completely dry. You need to dry your hair first then straighten because the hot straightening iron can really damage your hair.


Pro Tip #5: Apply straightening hair products

Once a week use these DIY hair masks to straighten your hair naturally at home. Also, you can check some more healthy hair care tips of straight hair.


  • Apple cider vinegar

2 tablespoon apple cider vinegar + 1 cup of water

  • Banana, curd and olive oil mask

2 overripe banana + 2 tablespoon honey + 2 tablespoon olive oil + 2 tablespoon curd

  • Aloe vera mask

¼ cup of olive oil + ¼ cup of Aloe vera