Five Hairstyles for 4c Hair

Five Hairstyles for 4c Hair

The natural hair movement has truly transformed the way women identify with their hair. A new phrase called “hair type” was derived. Knowing your hair type allows you to choose products and even hair extension textures for your hair. Ranging from a 1 (straight) to a 4c (kinky), the hair type is now the norm when describing your hair texture.


What Is 4C Hair?

Women who have a 4c hair type have a kinky & tightly coiled texture. There is a defined curl pattern, but since the curls are so tight, it is hard to see when it’s in its natural state without product. 4c textured hair allows for a large array of hairstyles and manipulations.


Extensions For 4C Hair:

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Zala Hair Extensions - Best Clip in Hair Extensions - Indique Hair

Check Out 5 Different Hairstyles For 4C Hair Below:

Hairstyle #1: Natural State

4C Hair Type


The natural state of the 4c hair type is gorgeous. Coined as an “afro”, women have worn this style decade after decade. Made really popular in the 60s during the Black Panther Movement; African American men & women embraced their natural hair and wore this style in support of the civil rights movement.


In the present day, the afro is back. Women who wear this style can choose to use their real hair or use extensions to recreate the look. Indique’s Bounce Organic Curl matches perfectly with 4c hair. If you want to create an afro look, we recommend picking the hair out to create the volume.


One of the main ingredients for achieving an afro is to shape the fro using sheers. This will help to maintain the style and fullness.


Hairstyle #2:. Two Strand Twist

Two-Strand Twist Out


If you want a look that is more defined, you can try a two-strand twist out. This style works well on long 4c hair. This style can be achieved on freshly shampooed and conditioned hair or on dry hair that you revive with a leave-in conditioner or gel.


There are a few different techniques to use when doing a two-strand twist-out. We are going to go over one of the most popular ones.


Start off by sectioning your hair into small boxed sections. Detangle the section of hair with a Denman brush. Apply your 4c hair product such as a gel or leave-in conditioner. Take two strands of hair in each hand and intertwine them.


When you get to the bottom, curl the ends with your finger to create a small coil. Allow your hair to air dry or sit under a hooded dryer. When your hair is completely dry, place some Argan oil on your fingertips and carefully untwine your two-strand twists.


It’s important to not rack through the curls at this point to help keep the style intact. If you would like more height and volume, take a pick and use it towards the roots of the hair. This will help to lift your hair up.


Hairstyle #3: Braid Out

Braid Out


If you would like more of a zig-zag pattern in your hairstyle versus a coiled look, then a braid-out is ideal. Similar to the steps above with the two-strand twist-out, instead of twisting your hair, you are braiding it.


A faster way to achieve a braid-out is to do cornrows throughout your hair. This cuts the time in half and allows you to braid your hair in the direction of your desired style.


Again, it’s important that your hair is fully dry before you unbraid your hair. This style can last a week with proper maintenance at night.


Hairstyle #4: Clip-Ins For A Fuller Look

Curly Clip In Hair Extensions


Love your 4c hair, but it’s not at the length or fullness that you would like? Then we recommend using Indique clip-ins that work well with a 4c hair type.


For a kinky-curly style, we suggest Indique’s Perfect 10 clip-ins in the Organic Curl texture. For a naturally blown-out style, we suggest the Perfect 10 clip-ins in the Blow-Out texture.


If you would like to wear the Organic Curl clip-in hair extensions, it is important to section your detangled hair first and then apply the clip-ins. While the clip-ins are in, take a spray bottle and spray your hair and clip-ins together. Brush the hair together so that the curls can blend in. Apply your favorite gel or mousse to help manage the curls.


Hairstyle #5: Wash-n-Go



A very popular style for 4c hair is the wash-n-go. Don’t let the title of this style fool you. There is quite a bit of effort that goes into achieving a wash-n-go style. Using a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner is important when starting this style.


A shampooing & conditioning your hair, we recommend using Design Essentials Curl Enhancing Mousse. Applying the product in small sections from root to tip, take a Denman Brush, or use your fingers and define the product into your curls.


Doing this technique in sections will help to nourish your hair with moisture. You can allow your hair to air dry or use a diffuser to dry your hair. This technique will create a pretty coiled look.