How to Use Hair Extensions for More Volume

How to Use Hair Extensions for More Volume

For many people, hair extensions are an important accessory that helps to complete their look. For those who deal with thinning hair, extensions give the fullness needed to achieve many of the latest hairstyles. Thinning hair is caused by various reasons like medical conditions, unhealthy lifestyle, stress, etc. Extensions can either be a protective style while damaged hair is growing back or a solution to permanent hair loss.


Hair extensions can add length, volume, and texture. With hair extensions, you are able to camouflage most troubled areas seamlessly. It's the secret to get that perfect Hollywood hair we all desire sported by celebrities.


Here, learn how to use hair extensions to achieve more volume. Read on to explore.


Use Hair Extensions with a Twist


Have you been wondering how to get natural-looking thick hair? If you want volumized hair at the roots then try the flipping method. With this method, you flip your hair upside down and then attach clip-in hair extensions. This simple step volumizes your hair roots and prevents them from being flattened.


Snip-Snap those Extensions

Trimming is the best way to blend hair extension
Trimming is the best way to blend hair extensions


Your natural hair and extensions should be of the same length even if you are wearing it just for volume. Going to a stylist for a trim is the best way to blend your hair extension with your natural hair. It also provides volume to your hair and gives them a natural look.


How to trim your hair extension?


Virgin human hair extensions are the best choice if you want to trim your hair extensions. It is because trimming doesn't compromise the quality of human hair extensions.


You will need:

    1. Scissors
    2. Comb
    3. Hair extensions


Step 1

Flat Ironed Straight Hair
Flat Ironed Straight Hair


Use a flat iron and straighten your natural hair. This step ensures that you have cut the hair extension to the correct length.


Step 2

Trim The Extra Length Of Weft
Trim The Extra Length Of Weft


Cut the hair extension weft by weft and trim off the excess length. If your hair is layered, follow the length of the layers.


Step 3

Get Natural Finish With A Proper Cut
Get Natural Finish With A Proper Cut


Make sure to have steady hands while cutting your hair horizontally to give them a natural finish. Cut each section straight and leave it half an inch longer. Turn the scissors and snip the hair vertically at the edge to feather the ends. The way you cut the ends is important because you want the extension to look as natural as possible.


Along with the techniques, you also need the right kind of hair extensions. Here are some extensions that can help you achieve the desired hair volume.


Get More Volume With These Extensions

Tape-In Hair Extensions

Tape-In Hair Extensions
Tape-In Hair Extensions


Tape-In hair extensions are the best for thin hair or if you want to add volume to them. This hair extension is bonded to your natural hair with tape, and wefts are applied row by row. Tape-In hair extensions are lightweight, so they will not flatten your natural hair or cause any damage. This hair extension is the best because it looks natural and is non-damaging.


Clip-In Hair Extensions

Before And After Installation Of Clip In Hair Extensions
Before And After Installation Of Clip In Hair Extensions


Clip-In hair extensions are easy to use and are very convenient. They are easy to install and you can travel them with you conveniently. Clip them to your natural hair to add instant volume.


Micro Links Hair Extensions


Micro links hair extensions are tiny beads that can be used to attach extensions to your hair. Because it does not require glue and, in most cases, does not require braids, it is considered a healthy technique.


Sew-in Hair Extensions


A sew-in is when wefted extensions are sewn into your natural hair. Your hair is cornrowed, and then wefts are sewn into the braided rows. This way, you get longer, thicker, and fuller-looking hair. You are also able to dd more extensions with this technique because the braids can handle the weight of the tracks.


Now you have the techniques and the types of hair extensions to add more volume to your hair. So what are you waiting for? Follow the above steps and achieve that long and voluminous hair!