How to get the perfect chic ponytail in 4 easy steps

How to get the perfect chic ponytail in 4 easy steps

Ponytails are worn for work, family gatherings, and for a million other reasons. This classic hairstyle can sometimes come across as bland and boring.

Do you want to upgrade your ponytail? Keep reading to find out how to get the perfect chic ponytail in four easy steps. There is no age limit when it comes to ponytail hair style.



1. A Neat Topknot Ponytail

Neat Topknot Ponytail
Neat Topknot Ponytail


This look is a clean and trendy look. A neat topknot ponytail goes well with a dress or a suit. This look can be spotted on runways during Fashion Week.
Follow these steps to achieve this look:

These are 4 simple and easy ways to get this look.

Step one: Brush your hair thoroughly and remove knots & tangles.

Step two: Gather your hair on your crown and tie it with a rubber band.

Step three: Now that you have tied your hair, grab a toothbrush and your favourite hairspray.

Step four: Use the toothbrush to brush out static hair. This will help your hair stay sleek. Spray your hairspray to set your hair.

Pro tip: You can use a small section of your hair and wrap it around the rubber band to hide it.


2. Playful Space-bun Inspired Ponytail

Space-bun Inspired Ponytail
Space-bun Inspired Ponytail


This double ponytail looks inspired by the double space bun, or maybe it’s the other way around. Anyway it is cute and playful and makes you look youthful. Pop star Ariana Grande has been seen on stage with a similar hairstyle. This playful ponytail is great for staying home and going out.

Follow these 4 simple steps to achieve the look.

Step one: Part your hair vertically and section it in two.

Step two: Comb your hair thoroughly and remove knots.

Step three: Tie both your sectioned hair one at a time.

Step four: Brush the loose ends for a sleek looking double ponytail.

Tip: you can curl the ends, but keeping it straight looks so much better.


3. Genie High Ponytail Weaves

Genie High Ponytail Weaves


Slay this look wherever you go. A genie high ponytail with weave is slick and beautiful. I love this look because it works for both short and long hair. Here are a few things you will need to achieve this look: a comb, an elastic band, and bobby pins, and of course ponytail weaves (I use the 22” weave, but you can choose other lengths).


If you have curly hair you can straighten it for a sleek look.
Following steps are after you straighten your hair, but if you don’t straighten your hair this will work for you too.

Step one: After straightening your hair, comb and tie your hair into a bun.

Step two: Grab one of your ponytail weaves and wrap it around your bun then tie the weave and add the next weave and do the same.

Step three: After securing your ponytail weaves, grab a small section, spray wrap it around the elastic band. Use a bobby bin to secure the section.

Step four: Grab your flat iron and straighten your hair to achieve a smooth silky look.


Optional tip: Use a thin coloured thread and wrap it around where you tied the weave. Use this tip if you are going out.


4. Double Ponytail

Double Ponytail
Double Ponytail


This is a classic ponytail that has been worn by women for decades. A double ponytail is quick to do and easy to achieve. This look is recommended for women with shoulder length or long hair.


Follow these simple steps to achieve this volume building look.


Step one: Comb you hair and divide your hair horizontally into two parts.

Step two: Start by tying the top section into a ponytail then do the same for your lower ponytail.

Step three: Brush your hair in a backward motion to achieve volume.

Step four: End this stunning look by loosely curling the ends of your hair.
There you have it, another simple step for a chic ponytail.


5. Messy Ponytail

Messy Ponytail
Messy Ponytail


Messy ponytail hairstyles have always been trendy. You can never go wrong with this look. It’s chic and goes well with an elegant dress, a preppy uniform, a casual outfit or with any formal attire. This Remix Blow out ponytail hairstyle looks effortless and this look can be achieved in less than five minutes.


Here are four steps to achieve the messy ponytail look:


Step one: Brush your hair with a paddle brush.

Step two: Gather your hair on the crown and tie it with an elastic band.
I recommend you to use multiple hair bands if you have thick hair.

Step three: Tease your loose hair for volume and to achieve the messy look.

Step four: Pull out a few strands of your hair to frame your face.


Additional tip: Gently pull some hair from your crown to get the ultimate messy hair.


6. Braided Ponytail

Braided Ponytail
Braided Ponytail


There are so many ways you can braid your ponytail. You can do a three-strand braid to your ponytail or a fishbone style braids. Both these braided methods are my favorite.


Here are a few steps to do a three-strand braid on your ponytail.


Step one: Comb and tie your hair into a normal ponytail.

Step two: Braid the tail part of your hairstyle into a three-strand braid.

Step three: Continue until you reach the end of your hair and tie it with a rubber band.

Step four: If you have a layered hairstyle use bobby pins so your hair won’t stick out.


There you have it. Simple techniques that make your ponytail look chic.Similarly, follow the same steps if you want a fishbone style braid. If you are unsure of how to braid your hair into a fishbone, I recommend you watch YouTube tutorials (there are many simple ways to braid a fishbone), I learned to braid watching YouTube videos.


7. Wavy Ponytail

Wavy Ponytail
Wavy Ponytail


Adding waves to your ponytail upgrades your ordinary ponytail. Whether you are in your 20s or 40s, this look will make you look fresh and vibrant.


There are several ways to curl your hair. Follow these steps to achieve this beautiful wavy hairstyle.


Step one: Brush your hair and remove knots and tangles.

Step two: Separate a section of your hair and then tie the rest of your hair into a normal ponytail.

Step three: Use your curling iron and curl random sections of your hair. Continue with the steps until there is no more hair left.

Step four: Grab the section that you took out earlier and use it to frame your face.


These four steps are very easy to follow and it makes your hair look stylish and thick. Another way to achieve this look is by wearing wavy extensions. The steps are the same and it looks fabulous.


8. Sleek Ponytail

Sleek Ponytail
Sleek Ponytail


A sleek ponytail accentuates your face and its features. I personally love this look on women with thick and curly hair because one part is slick and the rest is curly, thick and voluminous.


To get this look you will need a hair gel, hairspray, a toothbrush, hair bands, and a regular comb. Here are the steps to achieve this gorgeous look:


Step one: Brush your hair and tie it where you want your ponytail to be.(You can also part your hair on one side or keep it in a center part).

Step two: Apply the hair gel on the toothbrush and brush out static hair.

Step three: Untie your ponytail then tie it again one again. You can use multiple hair bands depending on the thickness of your hair.

Step four: Spray the hairspray on your hair and let it set.
These are four steps I use when I tie a slick ponytail.


9. Side French Braid Ponytail

Side French Braid Ponytail
Side French Braid Ponytail


A side French braid ponytail hairstyle is another way to make your boring ponytail look amazing. This style works on medium and long hair.


Follow these steps to achieve the perfect side French braid ponytail.


Step one: Separate a section of your hair and thoroughly comb the rest.

Step two: Grab the separated section and start braiding your hair.

Step three: Keep braiding until you reach the back of your ear.

Step four: Tie your hair into a ponytail and tease your hair for volume.

There you have it, a beautiful and effortless side French braid.


10. Braided Ponytails Weave Extension

Braided Ponytail Weave Extensions
Braided Ponytail Weave Extensions


This braided ponytail weave extension is great for going out to clubs. It is beautiful and makes your hair look long.


Follow these steps for the perfect braided ponytail using hair extensions.


Step one: Comb and tie your natural hair into a ponytail.

Step two: Wrap it around your ponytail. Use a 22-inch hair extension and I recommend using 2 weave extensions because if you add more, it will become heavy.

Step three: Braid your extension along all the way to the ends.

Step four: Set your hair with a hair gel or a hairspray.


Don’t settle for an ordinary and boring ponytail instead; follow my ten easy four step ponytail Blowout. Wear these different ponytail hairstyles for your next occasion, whether you are attending a wedding, attending a meeting or going to your annual work party. These styles will make heads turn.