Top 5 African Hair BraidingTrends

Top 5 African Hair BraidingTrends

Braids might be one of the oldest methods of hairstyles in the world. For some it is an expression of their culture while for others it is a way to express themselves. In African culture, braids played an important role in defining the social status of people and distinguishing one tribe from another.

Over time braids entered pop culture and made their way to runways and many celebrities spotted them on red carpet events. People from different cultures and ethnicities have embraced African braids and made them their own. And we love it!

We have listed some of the trending African hair braiding hairstyles that you must try!

Box Braids

Styling Box Braid Hairs
Style your African hair braids with box braids

Box braids as the name suggests are braids that are weaved by making box sections in your hair. They are the most popular African braids. You can make ponytails, buns, half-ups, and just about any hairstyle that suits your style. They were popularised by Janet Jackson in the 90s initially.

You can add jewels, cuffs, bands, and color to them to add a touch of glam and make them your own.

Senegalese Twists

African Hair Braids
Bring out your inner diva with these African hair braids.

One of the most popular African hair braids is senegalese twisted hair also called as rope twists by some. Hair extensions are braided like a rope with the hair strands after being divided into smaller portions.

Senegalese braids, crochet Senegalese twists, giant Senegalese twists buns, and mohawks with Senegalese twists are among the several hairstyles to explore. They last for around 4 months and is ideal for gatherings or outings with your girlfriends!

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Cornrow Braiding Hair

Cornrows Braiding Hair
Stunning cornrows for all

Cornrows are one of the protective hairstyles that are low maintenance and great for your natural or relaxed hair. They encourage the regrowth of your curls and protect you from the hottest months of the year.

Depending on the style you're going for, they can take on a variety of shapes and sit near the scalp. They let you maintain your hair in its greatest state without having to put a lot of work and product into it each day and can lessen daily wear and strain that causes shrinking.

Some of the styles that you can try with cornrows are - a beaded look, multi-color hair, slicked-down baby hair, ponytail, half-ups, buns, and much more.

Fulani Braids

Fun Element with Beads
Add fun elements with beads

This style stands out from others since it is a cross between cornrows and box braids. On the scalp, where your natural curls meet the extensions, hair is cornrowed downward.

Typically, the cornrows in fulani braids are between one and two inches long with tiny spaces in between. They are twisted into flexible box braids to finish the look.

Passion Twists

Passion Twist hairstyle
Stay glam with passion twist hairstyle

Passion twists is a natural hairstyle formed by the union of goddess locs and Senegalese twists. It is a natural, easy-to-maintain hairstyle that also gives out the glam quotient of the one who sports it. Made by braiding hair that is water wave in texture, it has taken the world by storm since its debut on Instagram in 2018.

The box braids' crisp edges are combined with looser hair parts. On their own, the twists resemble effervescent two-strand twists.


African hair braiding trends are going to stay with us for a very long time as they are not only a way to show our touch with our culture but also a way by which we express ourselves.

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