Braid Hairstyles from the 90’s That Are Trending Again

Braid Hairstyles from the 90’s That Are Trending Again

Are you ready for one of the biggest comebacks of all time! 90s hairstyles are making a comeback. These are some of the hottest styles for 90s braids that offer a lot of versatility whether you're looking for something fun or edgy - a style to suit every look and occasion.


You may have noticed that styles related to the 90s are coming back in fashion, whether that's on the runway or the streets because they've proven to be a timeless look! As people who care about their hair, we all like to keep up with current trends while still looking unique and personal.


The great thing about these 90s hairstyles is that they can be adapted according to individual needs and personal tastes, so that one can show off aspects of their individuality through what hairstyle suits them best.


If you're interested in trying out 90s braids' hairstyles, check out these latest looks from our blog below to help get you started.


Bantu Knots With Braids

Bantu knots with braids were quite a thing in the 90s


Originally worn by the Zulu people of Southern Africa, this braid hairstyle was quite famous in vogue in the 90s among Black women. It was a popular festive hair trend in the 90s, signifying the fun and playfulness of a summer hairstyle.


They are a form of protective hairstyle for natural hair and can be worn in different ways such as - big, small, with hair half up, in multiple sections - anything that makes it unique for you.


Micro Braids

90's Trend for micro braids


The R&B singer Brandy’s casual look in Moesha, took the teens by storm with her micro braids back in the 90s. It became such a cult that the long hours of sitting in the salon chair didn't stop anyone to follow this hair trend


It is one of the most versatile protective hairstyles for natural hair and is bound to become your next go-to style. Because the hair is micro braided, you can style it in any way you would normally do your hair.


Beaded Braids

Beads and braids together took the braiding game to another level


The William sisters (Serena and Venus William) took this braid to another level when they entered the court with their hair cornrowed and braided with so many beads in the 90s. Braids are a very popular style for girls and women of all ages, especially over the summer.


Boho hairstyles don't just have to be divisive, they can also be a wonderful way to connect with your roots and culture. Braiding is a great protective hairstyle to protect your natural hair from harsh summer weather or to grow back your hair after a routine of chemical treatments.


The beaded braids can be carried out in many different ways - in ponytails, with bangs, the classic braids as well as beads, braids and beads in a bob, and other hairstyles.


Box Braids

Box Braids


Box braids have been a celebrity’s favorite hairstyle on the red carpet and at other social events over the last few years. Box braids get their name from the square shape in which the hair is sectioned.


It is one of the most stylish and preferred protective hairstyles to give your natural hair a break. There are many variations to this braid and it becomes quite difficult to choose one. From braided box buns to long box braids, the choices are endless.


Long Chunky Braids

Poetic Justice long chunky braids


Janet Jackson popularized these long chunky braids in the movie Poetic Justice and from then on it caught the attention of the younger generation. It became such a classic hairstyle that people remembered along with the actress’s name.


These are long rope-style worn-down hairstyles usually accompanied by a bandana. With the versatility that they offer these braids can be worn in many ways like braided updos, top buns, undercut, and many more.


Heart Braids

Wearing heart on your head


Heart braids are a popular hairstyle that have been around since the '90s and are now being adopted by celebrities. There are many twists to the style, giving heart braid wearers an outlet for their creativity.


The best thing about this signature look is that it's low maintenance. Since heart braid hairstyles allow for plenty of variation, you can experiment to make many styles like the ‘Fishtail Braid’, Dutch Braid’, or even the ‘French Braid’.



Now that you've seen some of the 90's braiding hairstyles that have made a comeback, you'll want to try your hand at creating these styles for yourself today.