Protective Styles! Are They Really Worth It?

Protective Styles! Are They Really Worth It?

You must have heard what powers a protective hairstyle possesses. From protecting your hair to aiding in hair growth, there are a lot of benefits of having a protective hairstyle.


African-American women’s natural hair is a blessing in disguise, as they already have naturally thick hair. But this comes with it being prone to brittleness and dryness. Here’s where protective hairstyles come to the rescue.

What Are Protective Styles?


There are many hairstyles that you can pick from. While many are to jazz up or transform your look, there are some that are here to protect your hair from pollutants and aid your natural hair growth! These are called protective styles.


These hairstyles relax your hair while they protect it from roots to tips. If your hair is becoming dry, brittle, and is breaking away frequently, you can turn to protective styles to lessen the breakage and promote hair growth.


What Are The Benefits Of Protective Styles?


Protective styles provide you with a lot of things. While they protect your hair from damage, they ensure that your look isn’t affected by the same. This is just one, other benefits of protective styles are as follows:


  • Lock moisture in your hair
  • Provide you with trendsetting looks
  • Nourish your hair and scalp
  • Protect hair from pollution and other hair damaging elements


Now that you know the wow factor protective styles hold, here are some you can try on to pamper your natural hair!


Products You Need For Protective Styles:

Bone Straight Braiding Hair


Bone Straight Braiding Hair



Protective Styles You Can Wear

Big Cornrows

Cornrows - trending hairstyle
Cornrows are a protective and trending hairstyle


Cornrows set the trend when it comes to protective styles for natural hair. Most black women prefer long cornrows because they can be twisted and tied into new hairstyles. You can also change the size of cornrows and tie them up to change the look into an updo.Use braiding hair to achieve this look.


Braid And Bun

Braid and bun hairstyle
Braid and bun hairstyle protects your hair and gives you a sophisticated look


If you want a simple protective hairstyle, there is nothing better than a braid and bun. However, you can also opt for a bun if you want, adding braids to it jazzes up the look. This protective style works the best with any occasion and is easy to style but do not forget to care for your scalp.


Straight Weave Hair

weave extensions
Give your hair ultimate protection with weave extensions


Weave hair is the best when it comes to protective styles for natural hair. If you maintain your weave hair well, you can carry any hairstyle easily. The most simple protective style is straight long hair. This style goes with any dress and occasion!


You can go for Indique’s Bounce Organic Curl weave extensions that provide you with lightweight hair and can be styled the way you want. Achieve the straight long hairstyle with this weave extension using heat-styling tools.




There are many protective styles for natural hair you can opt for. If you want to go the easy way, choose quality human hair extensions, as they are easy to wear and provide ultimate protection to your natural hair. Wear your favorite protective style and protect your natural hair!