An Ultimate Guide - Latest Hairstyles For Women With Short, Medium & Long Hair

An Ultimate Guide - Latest Hairstyles For Women With Short, Medium & Long Hair

When it comes to dressing up, hair plays a major part in the finished look. But let's be honest, who has the time to style their hair every single day. Everyone needs some easy and protective styles that can be touched up quickly so you can head out the door. So it doesn't matter if you have short, long or medium hair, we've put together guide for everyday hairstyles for all lengths! So what are you waiting for? Start scrolling and get inspired by these cute hairstyles.


Braids tell a story and have been a staple in black hair care for thousands of years. Braids are an art and can be seen as a form of self expression. The origin of braids in black culture can be traced as far back as the 15th century in Africa. Hair has translated as a way to distinguish identity, religion, marriage, status, and heritage. Intricate braids can take hours and even days to complete. Women have bonded over the process of hair braiding as a way to stay connected to their culture. Getting your hair done was often a part of the celebration. Braids come with a lot of history and have evolved over time with a variety of different techniques and grooming rituals. They have also become a popular way to express one's personal style.

Make the mermaids envious with Fishtail Braids 


Fishtail braid

Divide hair into two equal parts. Pick a small strand of hair from the outside of the right section and cross it over and add it to the left strand. Take an equal amount of hair from the left hair and bring it over to the right section of the hair to make a similar pattern. Repeat this process until you reach the end of your hair. Once done tie the ends with an elastic band.

Master the Dutch braid

Edgy Dutch Braids

                                      Edgy dutch braids

Take two equal sections of hair at the back of the head. Take the first section and separate into three smaller sections. Start braiding by alternating top, middle, and bottom strand. Braid hair until you reach the end and secure with a hairband. Repeat the same process on the other side of the head and Dutch braids are ready.

Strand Braids


Add Strand Braids to your style

Divide the ponytail into four equal parts. Place the outer left section in between thumb and index finger. Place the second section in between the index and middle finger. Place the third section in the middle and ring fingers. Place the fourth section in the ring and pinky finger. It is important to keep the strands separated. With your right hand pick the second section, bring it over the third and place the third to the second hair. Carefully swap all four sections from the left to the right hands. Switch until you get a four strand braid. For two strand braids separate hair into two equal sections and twirl each strand. Crosshair over each other from the right over to the left. Hold the twisted strands with rubber.

Twist hairstyles with Rope Twisted Braids


Fancy rope twisted braid

Split hair into two equal sections and twist both towards the right. Cross the right hair over the left part and continue the same process by crossing them over and tie at the bottom to secure the braid.

Unique braided pull through hairstyles


Gorgeous pull through style  

Make a small ponytail on the top of your head. Clip it up, take a horizontal section of hair and tie into a new ponytail. Let down the top hair and separate it into two equal sections. Pull the bottom hair up and clip it. Repeat the same process and pull the sides of the braid to add volume.

Easy Reverse Braids


Braid the reverse way

Part hair and take a piece of hair in the front and pull down and divide it into three sections. Start braiding below your chin and keep on adding hair. Continue this pattern down to the end and use an elastic band to secure it. Lift it over the face and lay the braid flat behind your head.

Fall head over heels with a Waterfall Braid

Waterfall braids

  Beautiful waterfall braid

Create a deep side part and take three strands of hair. Use a simple three-strand braiding technique by adding new hair until you reach the back of your head and use a hairband to secure the braid.

Vintage Milkmaid Braids

Milkmaid braids

Elegant milkmaid braid

Take two sections of hair and pull it on the opposite side and start braiding. Do the same thing by pulling it to the other side. Pull the braids up, tuck the ends and use bobby pins to put them in place.

Slip into the 90’s with the iconic Box Braids


Cool box braid vibe

Take a section of hair and wrap it around the root with yarn or a strand of extension. Start braiding down either using two or three-strand technique. It is a protective style and works on any hair length. Look radiant with a box braid hairstyle. Save your natural hair from damage because no bleaching or adding color is required to achieve this daring look.

Effortless French braids

French braids

Pretty french braid

A French braid is a type of hairstyle where sections of hair are braided together from the crown of the head towards the nape of the neck. Separate hair into three equal parts. Cross the right section over the middle and repeat this move with the left part. Gather hair and add an equal amount of hair. Continue braiding till you reach the neck area and secure with a band.

Add a bit of extra flair and turn heads by adding beads, colorful highlights, and metallic threads to your braids. There are a number of braiding techniques to choose from. Mix and match braiding styles and add sparkle into your life with braids.


A-Line Bob

A-Line Bob hairstyle

A line bob cut will make you look classic and get clean neck line

An A-line bob cut is shorter at the back, longer towards the front and falls just below your chin, above the shoulder. The A-Line Bob is suitable for any hair type and face shape. With this timeless haircut you can add layers or bangs or style in a variety of different ways. Get this haircut to look chic and sexy.

Angled Bob Haircut

Angled Bobs haircut
Jourdan Dunnlooking classic and stunning in short angled bob haircut at Met Gala

An angled bob hairstyle is a layered bob that tends to be shorter in the back and longer in the front. This angled short bob hairstyle works for most hair types. You can also add your own personal twist to this classic short layered bob by adding waves and curls.

Bob with Bangs

Bobs Hairstyle with Bangs

Jessie J looking gorgeous in short-bob with bangs

Bob cuts with bangs are a great way to create a cute, low maintenance hairstyle. It’s also a look that compliments many face shapes. Bangs will frame your face and you can add layers for more body.. If you are looking for a new haircut, this hairstyle bob with bangs is the perfect haircut.

Curly Bobs

Curly BOB

Yara Shahid looking classy with short curly bob hairstyle

Women with naturally curly hair wear bobs really well. Many bob hairstyles work with curls and enhance your natural hair texture. You can even add curly bangs to frame your face. Short bobs with curls are easy to style, so don’t hesitate to give it a try.

Inverted Bobs

Kimberly Caldwell at Grammy red carpet in inverted bob with bangs hairstyle

An inverted bob cut is long and tapered at the back and shorter in the front. As stated by short hair specialist, Julie Holbrook, “Hair that has thickness can achieve the best result.” An inverted bob cut with bangs will add extra texture to your hairstyle. This cut suits women who have a long face. You can also add short, stacked layers and waves to enhance this stunning look.

Layered Bobs

Layered Bob
Get this layered bob haircut to get voluminous hair

A layered bob hairdo has cut layers at different lengths. The top layers from your crown are cut shorter and the sides tend to be longer. A short layered bob will create an illusion of voluminous hair. This hairstyle is an option for any face shape. This is one of the best hair-cuts for 2020, the short layered bob haircut is so chic.

Long Bobs

Long Bobs
Jessie J looking cute in this shoulder length bob haircut

A long shoulder length bob haircut is famously known as a lob, which is a classic hairstyle. This shoulder length bob is cute, chic and very famous among celebrities. This haircut will shape your face and add texture. You can style your shoulder length bob with bangs, curls or with a center part. This long bob haircut will make you look stunning and elegant.

Medium Bobs

medium length bob haircut

Emily Ratajkowski flaunting her medium length bob haircut

A medium length bob haircut is a wonderful way to frame your face. If you are having trouble styling your hair on your own, then go for a medium bob haircut. If your hair is thin, then a medium bob cut will add volume and texture to give a trendy look. If it is thick, then a medium bob cut will help to thin out your hair. Combine a medium bob haircut with layers to get a face framing cut.

Short Bobs

Short bob cut is the best hairstyle for women with thick hair.

If you’re looking for a neat, low maintenance hairstyle the short bob haircut is a great option.. The short bob cut is between the ear and above your shoulder. The bob can be cut in many different styles; angled, inverted, asymmetrical and it is best for women who have thick hair. The short bob haircut is classy and effortless to style.

Stacked Bobs

The stacked bob hairdo is a short bob hairstyle that will give a rounded look at the back of your head. Bob hairstyles can be styles in different ways: mid-length, short bob, and bangs with bob, this style never fades away. This stacked bob haircut suits any face shape. This variation of a bob hairstyle is the best haircut to add volume if you have thin hair. The stacked bob creates a lot of movement and body. The stacked bob is edgy, daring, and sassy. Try this stacked bob haircut to achieve voluminous hair.

Beach Waves

Everyone has their own unique style and personality. Someone once said "the first impression is the last impression", your hairstyle is often the first thing someone notices about you. The way we present ourselves to the world carries a lasting impact. To add effortless glamour to your hair we present to you the style all the actresses of Hollywood love, the famous “BEACH WAVES!” There are so many different techniques to achieve beach waves to add more glamour in your life.

Overnight Beach Waves


Sexy and glamorous overnight beach waves

Overnight waves are an easy way to get beautiful and voluminous beach waves. This method works beautifully and can last for days. You don’t need any styling tools to create the beach waves. The secret to getting your overnight beach waves is to dampen your hair or extensions, add a little of a light hold mousse, braid it tightly and leave them in overnight. When you undo your braids in the morning your waves are locked in and ready to wear.

The Easiest Loose Beach Waves


Grab your own attention with beach wave hairstyle

Beach waves are a hairstyle that is admired so much because they look effortless and tousled. It is versatile and can be worn both casually or elegantly. Beach waves are what you would call a natural look, it’s not supposed to look “done.” it creates a more natural look. That is why it is such a popular hairstyle worn by celebrities and catches people’s attention. The following steps are an easy way to create a loose beach wave look.

  1. Brush your hair and make sure that the hair is smooth and nice.
  2. Divide the hair into four sections and start with the first section of the hair by clipping it.
  3. Now start in the lower nape area of the head by taking smaller chunks of hair for better results with a curling iron.
  4. Then curl the section of hair from the middle and curl until the end of the hair.
  5. Repeat the same process with the rest of the hair working from the nape to the crown.
  6. Once curled, shake your hair for a soft tousled effect.
  7. For the final step just spray dry shampoo or a soft flexible hold hair spray.

Wave Iron Beach Waves

 Beach Waves Hair Styler

Get ready to create the perfect beach waves with a waving iron. You will love the long-lasting beach waves you get with a waving iron. Creating beach waves using this hot tool throughout your hair will give you a voluminous and uniform beach waves. Few steps for the wave iron Beach waves:
Use your wave iron, take small sections and clamp each piece of hair from top to bottom following the pattern of the wave. Always remember to work your way from the nape to the crown. Use a large tooth comb to rake through the waves. Apply a soft flexible holding spray after you are done, and you are good to go.

The Basic Flat Iron Wave

Beach wave with flat iron

Flat iron to achieve wavy hair and this technique works on any hair type and gives natural, effortless beach waves. Basic steps to use flat iron wave:

  1. Section your hair from the root
  2. Use a clip to separate your hair to make it easy to curl.
  3. Curl your hair from the bottom by twisting it one by one and pull it downwards.
  4. Repeat the same process to bring more texture in your hair.
  5. Use a hair spray to set your hair.

S-Shaped Beach Waves

Create S-shaped beach waves and change your look with this gorgeous hairstyle. How to create S-shaped Beach Waves:

  1. Section and Spirits - Splitting the hair into two parts. Section the top half of the hair from the back from your head. Once the hair is sectioned, apply heat protection and then comb it thoroughly.
  2. Iron Time - Once the first step is done, the movement of "over and under technique" is applied for S-shaped waves using a flat iron. Frequent skimming of hair is done for better results.
  3. Finesse – Let the waves cool down, brush through them with a comb to avoid the formation of white cast formed from using heat protestants, add hair oil in your hair to add shine.

Headband Beach Waves

Headband Beach Wave

The methods for making the headband wave are:

  1. Wash the hair and blow dry it until it is about 80% dry.
  2. Part hair and comb thoroughly.
  3. Use a headband and start wrapping the sections of hair around the headband.
  4. Make sure that the hair is properly wrapped tightly so that the hair is in place.
  5. Keep it in overnight for the best results.

Beach Wave for Short Hair

Step Beach Waves for Short Hair:

  1. Comb hair and split into three sections starting from the back.
  2. Apply holding spray to add texture and fullness, and then smooth out the section and curl hair.
  3. Curl each section of hair towards your face.
  4. Repeat the steps and let the curls cool down, then apply a medium-hold hairspray for the curls to last.
  5. Gently brush the curls until you are happy with the way it looks.
  6. Run your fingers through your hair

Cornrow braids

Big Cornrow Braids

Big Cornrow Braids

Big cornrows braids for a bold look.

Big cornrow braids are beautiful and typically don’t take long to have done. You can have fun with this look by having your braider create different patterns with the parting. This style is unique and bold. Cornrows are similar to french braids. It is easier to have someone else cornrow your hair. It may be difficult to part and braid your own hair.  Here are steps on how to braid a big cornrow.

Step 1: Wash and blow dry your hair. Make your hair smooth but don’t make it too straight, you need some texture for grip.

Step 2: Section hair into big chunks using a rat tail comb, a bigger size section will give you big cornrow braids.

Step 3: Divide hair into three section and start braiding from the roots

Step 4: Continue braiding until you reach the ends of your hair and secure it with a rubber band.

Step 5: Repeat the process with the other sections to get big cornrow braids

Side Cornrow Braids

Side Cornrow Braids

A chic look with side cornrow braids.

Make your regular hairstyle unique by adding side cornrows. This trendy yet simple and fun. Get this chic side cornrow look in 10 minutes by following these steps:

Step 1: Comb and section your hair with a rat tail comb.
Step 2: Part ⅓ of your hair and braid it on one side.

Two Cornrow Braids

Two cornrow braids

Double cornrow braids

The two cornrow braids style is an incredible hairdo for an everyday look. It is a timeless hairstyle and can be achieved in minutes. Follow these simple steps to achieve the look:
Step 1: Comb and section your hair into two.
Step 2: Braid your hair until you reach the end and tie it using a thin elastic band.

This cornrow braid style makes you look youthful and is great for any occasions. This is also a great style for those who are very physically active. When working out your hair is neatly out of your face and you can wear a cap or a headband easily.

Cornrow Braids With Natural Hair

Natural cornrow braids

Natural cornrow braids

Natural hair is perfect for braiding cornrows. Achieve the perfect cornrows on with a curly afro texture. Styles like faux undercut or mini afro Mohawks can be created with your natural hair. Cornrow braids styles are amazing and will make you feel confident and beautiful.

Once you get this look, go the extra mile by adding earrings and other accessories for a trendy and fashionable look.

Two Cornrow Braids With Extensions

Cornrow briads

A unique way to style cornrows with extensions.

Extensions are great for adding length and volume to your natural hair whether your hair is thin or thick.
For many braid styles it’s common to add braiding hair to achieve the desired look. The added benefit to adding some kanekalon braiding hair is that it helps to give a firm structure and makes the style last longer. Extensions are also an easy way to add color for some flair.

Four Cornrow Braids

Four Cornrow Braids

Freshly braided 4 cornrows for an elegant look

Don't have time to visit the salon? Try this four cornrow braids style and achieve it within a few minutes. Here are other four cornrow braid styles:

Step 1: Four strand high ponytail braid
Step 2: Four strand French braid
Step 3: Four strand milkmaid braid

Five Cornrow Braids

Five Cornrow braids

Five cornrow braids for a simple yet striking look.

This five cornrow braid hairstyle is another way to look stunning.   It is very comfortable and easy to achieve. All you need to do is part your hair into five sections and braid it until the nape of your neck. Another way to style this gorgeous look is by braiding it to the end and get a clean look. This braid style is popular among black women.

Cornrows Braided Into A Bun

cornrow braided into a bun

Captivating cornrow braided into a bun

Nothing is better than braided cornrows into a bun. To get this look, gently comb your hair, and braid it into cornrows towards the crown of the head. Twist them in a bun for a clean and sensual look. This braided bun hairstyle makes a great special occasion look.

Cornrows In Front, Box Braids In Back

cornrow style in front with box braids

A regal cornrow style in front with box braids

This box braid hairstyle is one of the most popular braided styles. A lot of celebrities have been seen flaunting this box braid hairstyle. It is easy to maintain and versatile. Save some time getting your hair done with cornrows braided in the front and box braids in the back.

Tree Braid Cornrows

Tree Braid Cornrows

Expressing a try me look with a tree braid cornrows

Try tree braid cornrows for a fun and playful look. This epic style is a combination of different cornrows. Tree braids are versatile in nature, and can be created with any texture of hair, such as curly, straight, short or long hair. It is a time consuming process, but the results are worth totally worth it. There are many tiny braids that give you a lot of volume. Braids like this last up to 6 weeks.


Pixie Cut With Bang


Pixie cut with long bangs

This hairstyle is a low-maintenance fashion statement that takes less time to wash and style. A pixie cut with bangs is the perfect solution if you have thick hair and love a dramatic cut. The versatility of this hairstyle is the reason for its popularity. Side bangs are perfect for a round or heart-shaped face; the length of the bangs complements the shape of the face.

Pixie Cut With Long Bangs

LOng bands

Michelle Williams with the pixie cut with long bangs

This is an upgrade on the banged pixie cut with elongated bangs hair. Short hair with bangs has time and time again proved that it’s the go-to hairstyle for anyone looking to step up their hair game. The pixie cut with long bangs blends short hair with long bangs to give you a bold cut with a playful twist.

Longer, Messy Cut With Bangs & Highlights

Messy Hair With Bangs

Zendaya Coleman with the perfect messy cut with bangs

This is your golden ticket to achieve the elusive iconic bed head look. Make the look more iconic by adding highlights to your messy cut. You can try fringe bangs or long bangs with this look and achieve the ultimate modern girl hairstyle. This hairstyle is one of the most recommended ones that work for most wavy hair types effortlessly.

Blunt Bangs

Blunt Bangs

Blunt Bangs

These daring bangs are cut straight across your forehead hitting the eyebrows or slightly lower. With this hairstyle, short bangs add a bit mystery. Try this eccentric look that shows off thick and straight long hair layered with bangs.

Side Bangs

Side Bangs

Side bang

Haircuts with bangs on the side were popular in the ‘00s giving this hairdo a fail-proof credential you can bank your life on. The side bangs are timeless and elegant. This hairdo brings a softness to the face which works with every face shape.

Choppy Bangs

choppy bangs

Choppy bangs

With an effortless piecey finish compared to blunt bangs, these bangs put your exciting nature in the driving seat. The choppy bangs are the boldest and feminine from all the bang styles, letting you express yourself without holding back. These bangs run across your forehead above your brows. We recommend getting a professional hairstylist to create these textured bangs because it's all the technique.

Emo Bangs

Emo Bangs

Rihanna rocking the emo bangs

Remember when a good girl had gone bad? Yes, Rihanna’s iconic rockstar done by celebrity hairstylist, Ursula Stephen was everything. The hairdo comprised of long hair with side bangs and had everyone running to the salon for this cut. Try these long side bangs that are designed to make you stand out from the rest!

Long Bangs

Long hair and long bangs were made for one another. It is also dubbed as face-framing bangs that outline your facial features distinctly. The full bangs are gradually shortened in an angle blending with the main section of hair. This hairstyle creates the perfect side fringes by defining your locks.

Long bangs

Tyra Banks with her ravishing long bangs

Long hair and long bangs were made for one another. It is also dubbed as face-framing bangs that outline your facial features distinctly. The full bangs are gradually shortened in an angle blending with the main section of hair. This hairstyle creates the perfect side fringes by defining your locks.

Spiky Bangs

Spiky Bangs

Spiky Bangs were one the most memorable moments

The spiky bang is the getaway for your wild side, giving you a rebellious look to take the world by storm. The jagged and trimmed ends have been donned by celebrities such as Katy Perry, and Miley Cyrus. This hairstyle works with both short and long hair, replacing the long layers with side bangs effortlessly. This is one of the most difficult women’s haircuts with bangs so make an appointment with a specialist.

Super Short Bangs

Short bangs

Zendaya looking bold and elegant with this style

Get out of your comfort zone and have fun with an edgy short bangs hairstyle. Usually, the style involves choppy tips without much precision. The super-short bangs are recommended for girls with thick hair issues. This short bang hairstyle should highlight your face shape.

Finger waves

Finger wave is a popular hairstyle. Set hair with water or wave solution, form waves and curls with the fingers or comb.

Formal Finger Wave Updo

Formal Finger Wave Updo Hairstyle

Formal Finger Wave Updo Hairstyle

Formal finger wave hair is one of elegance worn by women typically for formal occasions. This beautiful hairdo is styled by creating beehives and loose finger waves with the help of finger wave clips. Creating this hairstyle requires patience because it is time consuming if you are not skilled. Use finger wave clips to create your own waves when you are in a hurry.

Natural Hair Finger Wave Pixie

Natural Hair Finger Wave Pixie Hairstyle

Natural Hair Finger Wave Pixie Hairstyle

Contrary to popular belief short hair is very versatile? Finger Waves are the perfect way to get creative. A pixie haircut is the perfect foundation to achieve flawless finger waves. This hairstyle will give you a fresh and soft appearance.

Long Luscious Retro Waves

LOng retro waves

Long Luscious Retro Waves

Modern long finger waves is another classy hairstyle to try if you want to stand out in the crowd. This iconic hairstyle is popular on Hollywood's red carpet and it can be seen flaunted by renowned celebrities. This hairstyle will make you look stunning and super sexy. Unlike using gel and your fingers to style like traditional short finger waves, long finger waves should be styled on dry hair with a curling iron.

Finger Waves with Bangs

Fiver Waves Hairstyle

Finger Waves with Bangs

A nice romantic wave gives you an opportunity to show off your finger wave hairstyle. It is easy to create and saves you time. This hairstyle gives you an elegant and gorgeous look. You can also purchase a finger wave wig if you have a busy lifestyle.  

Modern Finger Wave Mohawk

Modern Finger Wave Mohawk

Modern finger wave Mohawk creates an amazing and chic finger curl hair.

Modern finger wave hairstyle with mohawk is the trendy hairstyle that every daring woman would like to try. Create finger waves to the sides for a look that is classy and stylish. You can add colored extensions in the crown to add flair and personality. Choose this hairdo and you will be showered with endless compliments.

Cherry-Colored Finger Waves

Cherry-Colored Finger Wave Hair

Katy Perry can’t stop looking pretty in her cherry colored finger wave hairdo.

If you have short hair, we recommend you to try finger wave curls. Addition of cherry color on this hairdo will achieve an elegant, classic and fashionable look. You can purchase a finger waves short hair wig if you're a girl on the go and need a quick and flawless style!

Pinched Waves

Pinched Waves

Pinched finger wave hairdo makes a woman look stylish and dazzling.

Create some drama by adding more definition to your finger waves. Pinched finger waves are done neatly with exaggerated waves with height at the ridges.

Finger Waves On Black Hair

black haired finger waves

Demi Lovato walks out magnificently with her black haired finger waves.

Short black hair looks stunning and will always be elegant. The dark color creates a natural and sexy look. Untreated hair tends to look thicker, healthy and shiny. This is because it tends not to lack moisture like hair that has been lightened and stripped. You don’t need many hair styling tools to create this hairstyle. First do a roller set on the hair, making sure to roll the hair directionally. Once you take the rollers down, use a large tooth comb to relax the curl and form waves.

Formal Updo

Formal Updo

Tyra Banks goes out with her beautiful formal updo.

A formal updo is the perfect hairdo for your formal occasion. You will look stunning in front of the crowd with this classy hairdo. Use wave clips for hair to create waves. If you are unaware of how to style this hairdo, make an appointment with a professional hair stylist.

Super Short Waves

Super Short Waves
Zendaya looks beautiful with her super short waves.

Super short waves are trendy and beautiful. Short finger waves are another way to look clean and stylish at the same time. It is also known as an easy finger wave because it does not require a lot of time.


Curly Lace Front Wigs Hairstyle

Curly Lace Front Wigs Hairstyle

Secret Weapon To Your Curly Lace Front Wig

Curly Lace Front Wigs

Curly Lace Front WigsCurly Lace Front Wigs

Lace front wigs are hair units that are worn over the entire head. A curly lace front is worn by many women because it gives the appearance of natural hair. Lace front wigs are versatile and provide endless style with the beauty pure curly hair.

Human Hair Wigs

Human Hair WigsHuman Hair Wigs

Human hair wigs are made with real human hair and have a long life span. The advantage of using human hair wigs are:

  • It can be cut to style,
  • You can color or bleach
  • You can use heat styling tools to style your human hair wigs
  • These wigs can last longer with proper care

How To Put On Lace Front Wigs?

How To Put On Lace Front Wigs

  • Hold the wig by the ear tabs
  • Place the front of wig cap at your forehead
  • Choose your parting (side, middle, no parting)
  • Apply a bit of finishing product to hold your style in place

Wigs for sale


Indique curly hair wigs

Indique is an international, premium hair extension brand with retail stores across the United States. They provide you with 100% virgin human hair weaves and wigs that are natural and authentic. Indique guarantees you will have quality hair products that are versatile. Their products have longevity and there are a variety of textures sale on their website Indiquehair Business

Pure Curly Lace Front Wig for sale

Curly Lace Front Wig

Curly Lace Front Wig

$399.00 USD

Lace front wigs ranges from 21-23” and diameter up to 13"

Circumference: 23"

Ear to Ear (across forehead): 11.5"

Ear to Ear (across top) Hairline: 13.5"

Crown to crown (around back): 15"

Nape of the neck: 5"

Wavy Wigs

Wavy Wigs HairstyleWavy Wigs Hairstyles

Wavy wigs are one of the most popular styles. Follow these simple steps to style your straight wig into waves.

  • Begin with parting your wig (side, middle, or no parting)
  • Using rollers take a small section of your hair and wrap it around the rollers.
  • After rolling all the sections either allow it to air dry or sit it under the dryer
  • Take out the rollers and gently brush to create long lasting waves

Wavy Lace Wigs Hairstyle

Wavy Lace Wigs Hairstyle

Wavy Lace Wig

Wavy Lace Wigs

Wavy Lace WigsWavy Lace Wigs

Lace wigs are popular because of their transparent lace base. It can be styled in different ways. You can easily wear wavy lace wigs in a high bun with confidence.

Human Hair Wigs

Human Hair Wigs

Human Hair Wigs

If you are looking for fantastic hair wigs, It is considered the top most human hair wig. A Remy human hair wig is costly but it is worth purchasing because of its high quality. Remy provides you with various styles of wigs that will make you look amazing and beautiful. Remy Hair is at your door if you want to wear a human hair wig.

Golden Blonde Wig

Blonde Wigs

Purchase a blonde wig to protect the quality of your wig. It saves your money and time because you don’t have to color or bleach it. Blonde wig is available in different sizes and colors, and you can style it into braids, buns, ponytails, beachy waves, and curls.

Natural Wigs Hairstyle

Curly Wigs Style

Curly wigs

Middle and side parting

Straight Lace Front Wigs Hairstyle

Lace Front Wigs

straight hair wigs

Lace front wigs are versatile and give a realistic appearance of natural hair. Lace front wigs are attached with glue/tape to secure your wig.

Full Lace Wig Bun and Ponytail

Ponytail Hairstyles For WigsPonytail Hairstyles For Wigs

Style your hair with a trendy bun. It is simple and gives you an elegant and decent look. This hairdo saves your time when you don't have enough time to make different hairstyles.

Lace hair wigs Hairstyle

Half Wigs, Human Hair Lace Front Wigs

Ponytail Hairstyles For Wigs

Half wigs, human hair lace front wigs

To make a high bun with headband, you need a hair tie and a headband

You can also pull all the hair to one side of your head to achieve a sexy full side swing.

Straight Hair Wig Hairstyle

To achieve straight natural hair wig styles, you need:

  • Wide-tooth comb
  • Detangling brush
  • Olive oil
  • Wigs for more volume/length

Elegant Bun

Chic Bun Hairstyles

Elegant bun

To achieve an elegant bun, comb your hair straight up and use a hair tie to wrap the bun from base. Avoid pulling it too tight to prevent hair breakage.

Braided Wig

Braided Wigs

Braid wigs

Section your hair into several sections and braid the sections from the root. For a more natural look around the hairline, create some baby hair.

Jerry Curl Wig Hairstyle

Jerry Curl Wig HairstyleJerry Curl Wig Hairstyle

Afro wigs are natural and delicate hair types. They need extra care and gentle treatment to maintain. Use the right products for this textured hair and braid your hair underneath.

Afro textured wigs provide a undeniably natural look. The great thing about this style. is it's chemical-free and doesn’t damage your hair.

Indian Hair Wigs

Indian Hair Wigs HairstyleNatural wavy hair wig

Indian hair wigs come in different styles such as top knot buns, braids, and many more.

Look gorgeous with a human hair lace wig. The options are vast, from lace front wigs, hot bob style wigs, pixie cuts, waves, curls, to colored wigs.

Weave Hair Hairstyles

Indian Hair

Wavy Indian hair with volume and styleWavy Indian Hair With Volume And Style

Indian hair is a major player in the weave world because cuticles are intact and it is desired by consumers and suppliers. Indian hair comes in natural colors i.e. black, brown, and dark brown, and it blends seamlessly with African-American hair.

Indian hair is preferred among many African-American women because it can be styled in different ways.

Brazilian Hair

Beautiful sleek Brazilian weave with waves

Beautiful Sleek Brazilian Weave With Waves

Brazilian human hair weave provides thickness that blends well with your natural hair and can be styled in different ways.

Brazilian Remy hair extensions can be curled or straightened. It comes in deep spiral curls, bouncy curls, and straight extensions. It also comes in beautiful colors. A lot of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Ciara use Brazilian human hair weave or Remy extensions when they head out for a red carpet event or to shoot a music video. Virgin Brazilian hair is also durable because it is not treated with harmful chemicals. With proper care, it can last for 6 months.

Malaysian Hair

Malaysian HairMalaysian Hair

Malaysian hair blends effortlessly and it is soft, durable, and light. It is one of the best hair extensions for dying, curling, straightening, and styling. Malaysian hair does not shed because they are unprocessed. Curly hair weave made from Malaysian hair adds amazing thickness and volume, and the color matches well with natural African-American hair.

Cambodian Hair

Cambodian HairCambodian Virgin Hair

Cambodian virgin hair blends well with African-American hair as it is unprocessed. It is cut and made into hair extensions from a single donor. Cambodian human hair is thicker and fuller. Once you style, it holds the curls for days. Weaves and extensions made from Cambodian virgin hair last for five years. You can color the hair and it is reusable.

Vietnamese Hair

Vietnamese Hair Vietnamese Hair Extension

Vietnamese hair is collected from Vietnamese and Cambodian women. Then they are made into hair extensions for consumers around the world. They come in varieties of styles such as straight weave, curly hair extensions, ponytail extensions, etc. Vietnamese hair is cleansed using shampoo and also conditioned. It comes in four colors: brown, black, grey, and blonde, and it's naturally silky and shiny.

Eurasian Hair

Style Your Eurasian Hair In Waves To Achieve A Chic Look

Eurasian hair is collected from women from Europe and Asia. It is different from other hair as they are soft, and it does not shed or tangle. Blended from two continents Eurasian hair has a silky texture and holds style well. Real Eurasian hair extensions are often expensive and they come in natural hair colors (black and brown). It can be dyed to any color and can be curled or straightened.

To maintain the wet and wavy weave wash it using weave shampoo and rinse thoroughly in warm water. Deep condition Eurasian hair and rinse out the conditioner. Pat your weave with a towel then air dry wavy weave. Cleanse your hair extensions once or twice a month.

Peruvian Hair

Curly Peruvian Weave Hair Extensions

Peruvian hair blends well with almost all hair types. Curly extensions and weave hair extensions made from Peruvian hair have been a go-to style for many women for decades. This hair is coarse and is ideal if you love styling your hair with hot tools.

Mongolian HairNatural And Raw Human Hair For Afro-Caribbean Hair

Mongolian virgin hair extensions are a fantastic option. These natural extensions blend seamlessly with African-American hair. Mongolian hair does not tangle as cuticles are intact. It also retains moisture well.

Burmese HairStyle Your Burmese Hair In Wavy Hair Texture

Some of the most versatile weave hair is collected from Burmese women because the hair is neither too silky nor too coarse. It holds curls well, maintains its natural color, and is not treated with chemicals. Using heat styling tools doesn’t affect this hair and it gives you a lot of options to achieve any style. Burmese hair is straight, but it has curly ends that blend well with your natural hair.

Filipino Hair

Luxurious Filipino Natural Hair Extension For Every Occasion

Filipino hair is rare and that is why it is popular amongst high-end customers. It is 100% virgin Remy hair that came from Filipino women.

Thick strands from Filipino hair add a lot of volume and come in black color. You can dye it if you want colors in your natural virgin hair extensions. Just like a Brazilian weave, Filipino hair extensions can last for 24 months.

Modern Shag Hairstyles

Modern Shag Hairstyles

Modern shag hairstyles feature textures, chopped ends, and layers. Shaggy hairstyles look fantastic on all hair types and lengths: straight, curly, thick, fine, short medium and long hair. Women wearing highlighted waves look ravishing and fierce with modern shag hairstyles. Celebrities are often found wearing these hairstyles for events and shows because layers of shag achieve an impeccable look.

People love Alexa Chung as a trend-setter for modern shag hairstyles. She stands out for her shoulder-length amazing shaggy hair that every woman loves.

Layered Shaggy Hair 

Layered Shaggy Hair

A Layered Shaggy Hairstyle

Add layers of shags to your medium length hair for a sassy gorgeous look. Layered shag hairstyles suits on wavy and highlighted hair. Curl and lighten up your hair for the layered shaggy look. Medium and short shag hairstyles look fabulous with more layers of wavy and lightened hair.

Medium Cut with Chopped Top 

Medium cut With Chopped TopA Medium Cut with Chopped Top Hairstyle

Medium shag haircuts are unique and classy. Medium cut with chopped top features high cut layers and long thin ends. These features lift-off weight from your heavy and thick hair. A long shag haircut with a chopped top is possible if you want. However, it may not look as amazing as a shag haircut for medium hair.

Medium Brunette Shag with Thick Bangs

Medium Brunette Shag with Thick BangsMedium Brunette Shag with Thick Bangs

Medium Brunette Shag frames the face with thick bangs for fine hair. This shag haircut for fine hair adds volume on bangs and achieves a tousled wavy look. Modern shag haircuts blend perfectly with auburn colored hair for any woman. Tousled hair accessorized with thick bangs achieves a ravishing model look.

Medium Two-Layer Cut

Medium Two Layer cutA Medium Two-Layer Cut Hairstyle

A two-layered medium length shag haircut exhibits two distinct layers: inner and outer. Create loose waves for your outer layers with a curling iron or curling wand to delineate the two layers. Define the two layers by lightening the outer layer at the back of your head for any mullet hairstyle. This style is more defined unlike shag hairstyles for fine hair.

Forward-Swept Straight Shag  

Forward Swept ShagA Forward Swept Straight Shag Hairstyle

A forward-swept straight style works for medium shag hairstyles. The layers are wonderful for your fine hair because it helps to elevate and volumize. The forward-swept straight hairstyle is supreme to achieve long shag hairstyles for a slim face. Your head appears round with wispy bangs and neck wrapping hair ends provided by this style.

Feminine Feathered Shag for Medium Hair

Feminine Feathered Shag for Medium Hair

Feminine Feathered Shag for Medium Hair

A feminine feathered shag is an amazing shaggy hairstyle for thick hair. A center parting with long bangs backed by layers of highlighted or wavy feathers adds cuteness and decency in women’s faces. Feminine feathered shag haircuts for thin hair can also be achieved in medium length hair.

Medium Feathered Cut for Thick Hair

Medium Feathered Cut for Thick Hair

Medium Feather Cut for Thick Hair

If you have thick hair, I bet you will love this medium length shag hairstyle. Flaunt this voluminous shaggy hair cut with your lovely thick hair. Effortless movement with thick feathered shag will make heads turn. This is why people prefer medium feather cut for thick hair over short shaggy hairstyles for fine hair. It is our favorite style since Rachel Green wore this in TV show Friends.

Medium Razored Shag for Straight Hair

Medium Razored Shag for Straight HairMedium Razored Shag for Straight Hair

Medium razored shag for straight hair is the excellent short shaggy hairstyle for 2020. Straight long bangs outline the face to exhibit your facial features. Shag style haircuts with razored ends highlights  demonstrate more energy and beauty than the 70’s shag. Razor cut ends also emphasizes wispy edges and shaggy layers for shoulder length hair.

Medium Cut with Chunky Swoopy Layers

Medium Cut with Chunky Swoopy LayersMedium Cut with Chunky Swoopy Layers

Medium cut with chunky swoopy layers functions unquestionably with thick hair. This shag haircut for women is unique and the best for their hair with more volume and texture. For a short shaggy bob, swoopy layers add up volume and dimension to your hair. It looks better with a twist and loose waves. Chunky swoopy layers provide movement and bounces for thick hairs.

Whispy Brunette Shag Hairstyle

Whispy Brunette Shag HairstyleWispy Brunette Shag Hairstyle

A Wispy Brunette Shaggy layered haircuts achieve a roguish look with wispy layers that date back to 70s shaggy styles. However, wispy shags are more defined in this style. Wispy brunette shag hairstyle is also suitable for women who desire shaggy bob haircuts.

Short Haircuts

Short Cut For Natural Hair

Short Haircut

Short hairstyles for natural hair

Women often struggle with creating a variety of styles after a big chop with their natural hair. It becomes difficult to style your hair because it does not have enough length and you may be relearning your texture and what works best. Don’t worry! There are countless amazing short haircuts for women.

Longer Pixie Cut with An Undercut     

Longer Pixie Cut with An UndercutCurly-Longer pixie cut with an undercut is adorable

Nothing can be more adorable than a pixie haircut. With the haircuts longer at the front, longer pixie cuts
with an undercut create face framing layers. It is the new best hair cut if you have curly hair or you can even style your pixie cuts into curls if your hair isn’t curly. You can also add more edge to your pixie by shaving the hair on the nape of your neck. It looks flattering on every face shape.

Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

Asymmetrical Pixie CutAsymmetrical pixie cuts are the most popular hairstyles in 2020

A pixie with asymmetry looks very different and is one of the most popular hairstyles for short hair in 2020. With one side longer than the other, Asymmetrical pixie cuts are perfect for cool girls who like to stand out. It makes your face appear slimmer and draws attention to your eyes and jawline. You can style your long and short pixies into curls and waves.

Curly Blonde Pixie Cut

Curly Blonde Pixie CutCurly Blonde Pixie Cut Is Trendy

Choose blonde for your curly pixie cut. This hairstyle is trendy and looks great because it’s light enough to show the sharp cut of the hair. It is one of the best hair cuts for women because it makes hair styling your hair into different styles effortless.

Grey Pixie Hair Cut

Grey Color And A Pixie Cut Are The Perfect Pairs

Go grey with your hair if you are bored of applying the same color every time. Grey color is one of the most popular colors for women of all ages. Grey color and pixie cut create the perfect combination. Grey pixie hairstyle looks fashionable, unique and makes you more attractive. It frames your face and makes you look younger with healthy hair. Grey pixie cuts can be worn by women of all ages to stand out of the crowd.

Highlighted Faux-Hawk

Highlighted Faux-HawkHighlighted Faux-Hawk Is Sure To Impress

Faux-hawk hairstyle for women is bold and daring. You can achieve it by sleeking down the sides of your hair and raising the center sections. Add highlights to make it more glamorous and interesting. Choose highlighted faux-hawk and get flattering remarks from the people around you. From traditional blonde highlights to platinum, you have endless options. Rock your highlighted faux-hawk with ponies, buns, braids, bangs, and curly hairstyles to express your personality.

Short Boyish Hairstyle

Short Boyish HairstyleShort Boyish Hairstyle Gives You Innovative Options

If you think that short hair limits the chance of hairstyling, you are wrong! Short boyish hairstyles gives you innovative options and freedom to color your hair. It accentuates your face by bringing attention to the eyes and lips. It is practical, easy to care for and can be styled in less than one minute. Short curly hairstyles can look equally stylish and are easy to style. From fashionable bangs to chic pixie cuts, short curly hairstyles have a lot to offer.

Bold Undercut for Fine Hair

Bold Undercut for Fine HairBold Undercut For Fine Hair Is Daring And Amazing

Bold undercut for fine hair is popular because of the blend of its extended portion and shaved portion. It is perfect for you if you have fine hair because it will give your hair density, texture and trendy feel. Choosing a daring hairstyle like an undercut is amazing, but I recommend you to start with a small undercut if you are new to this. You need to pull up your hair to make the cut or shaved section visible if you have medium length hairstyles.

Side-swept Pixie Haircuts for Short Hair

Side Swept Pixie Haircuts For Short HairSide-swept Pixie Cut With Bold Undercut For Fine Hair

Take your hairstyle to the next level with a side-swept pixie cut. From parties to office meetings, this hairstyle will make you look chic and stunning. It is easy to maintain and you don’t have to worry about the length or weight of your hair. To get this hairstyle you have to cut off your hair till the upper part of your neck. Make a side partition and sweep all your hair at a side.

Stacked Platinum Wedge

Stacked Platinum WedgeStacked Platinum Wedge Is A Graceful Hairstyle

Stacked platinum wedge is a graceful hairstyle for women who prefer to keep their hair short and sweet. Choose a stacked cutting technique to rock your wedge haircut. It will boost the volume of your hair by adding layers that will pile upon one another. You can pair it with any color but there is no highlight better than platinum to pair with your stacked wedge.