Try These Hairstyles And Haircuts To Look Your Best

Try These Hairstyles And Haircuts To Look Your Best

Your hair is something that not only gives you a different look but enhances your confidence too. It is the pearls on the head, precious to each woman out there. Every woman has a unique facial structure, and it is important to get a hairstyle that suits them.

While you may have a round, square, rectangular, heart, diamond, oval, or triangular facial structure, you may also have different hair lengths, be it short, medium, or long. And so, it is not important that the hairstyle you are trying suits your face. This doesn’t mean that it is over, and there are no better hairstyles left for you. While you are precious, there are hairstyles that give you the best look possible!


There are millions of hairstyles waiting out there just for you. A simple knot can change the way you look. Do you want to try different looks? Are you looking forward to changing your hairstyle? If the answer to these questions is a yes, then you are at the right place! In this blog, you will find the best hairstyles that you can try for the best look, and that is easy to maintain as well.

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Don’t Care, Short Hair!

Short hair is now becoming women’s favorite. In a hectic lifestyle, it is hard to maintain hair and have a good hair day at the same time. There are also other factors that affect the quality and strength of your hair, which are difficult to ignore. Here, short hair is the best option! They can be styled just amazingly, can be maintained easily, and make your every day a good hair day! Short hair is a boon as it is a great help if your hair is damaged and you are struggling to treat it.


Here are the best hairstyles and haircuts you can attain if you have short hair!

Short Haircuts #1: Finger wave

Short hairstyles
Finger wave

Dating back in the 1920s, late 1930s, and the 1990s, the finger wave hairstyle is back in trend now. In this hairstyle, hair is set in waves, giving it the ‘S’ shape. Missy Elliot was one of the popular faces back in the 1990s who set the trend for the finger wave hairstyle.

How is it done?

Firstly, you need to wet your hair, then pinch it with your fingers while you comb your hair in alternate directions to it. You can apply a waving lotion to retain the ‘S’ shape. This leads to a softer look with waves. This hairstyle is easy to maintain and gives your face a bolder look.

Short Haircuts #2: Short afro mohawk

Short afro mohawk 4c hair
Short afro mohawk

The short afro mohawk hairstyle belonged to men, but is there anything a woman can’t achieve? Naah! The side of the head is shaved in this hairstyle, while a strip of hair is left running toward the hairline on the top. Women can also tie their hair upward if they do not wish to shave the sides.

How is it done? (without shaving your hair)

Firstly, you need to comb your hair to make them fluffier. Then use bobby pins to tuck your hair to the top. Keep pinning your hair to attain the mohawk shape. Do this on both the sides of your head.


You can apply olive oil to manage the hair at the hairline. This gives your hair a softer look. You may proceed without the oil as well. You can add smaller pins in the front to keep your hair in line. Style your hair in front to achieve a mohawk-like formation.


For the women who want to shave the sides of their head can just leave the hair at the top and style them in order to achieve the mohawk look.

Short Haircuts #3: Curly bob hair

Curly bob hairstyles
Curly bob hair

If you have very short hair, a curly bob hairstyle is the right one for you! Curls have been in trend since long now. Many women desire types of curly hair. Thank god, women with different hair types can achieve curls with hair products. The curly bob hairstyle is easily achievable and gives you an even amazing look, bringing you compliments wherever you go!

How is it done?

Firstly, wet your hair, and comb them so that they are tangle-free. Apply some heat tamer and massage it through. Now, clean your flat iron and section your hair. To achieve curls, you first need to curl your hair with flat iron outward, and as you move down the length of your hair, you bring it inward. Keep repeating this with all sections of your hair to achieve the look.

Short Haircuts #4: Straight ear-length round bob hair

bob hairstyle for straight hair
Straight ear-length round bob hair

The straight, ear-length round bob is the most effortless and most gorgeous hairstyle. All you need is to straighten your hair toward either side of your head and give it a shape of an edge. You can color it as you like for enhancing the look.

Short Haircuts #5: Curly pixie mohawk

Curly pixie hairstyle for short hair
Curly pixie mohawk

Are you looking for a haircut that is off the edge but is still feminine? Then this is the look for you. The curly pixie mohawk look gives you an edgy look with a feminine touch through curls.

How is it done?

You can clip up your hair to the center using bobby pins. Clip the hair from the sides and the back to collect all the hair on the top. You can use small clips in the front to achieve a mohawk formation. Now, use any styling cream to retain your curls and the style. If you do not have curly hair, you can curl them using a flat iron.


If you want to shave off the sides and the back of your head, then make it a point that the hair at the top remains untouched. Now you just have to style your hair using a styling cream to retain the style.

Short Haircuts #6: Tapered pixie with layered top

This is the perfect haircut for you if you want an edgy yet a feminine look. This layer on layer haircut has longer hair on the top and then shortening as you move down the length. You can either shave the sides and the back or just keep the hair short to achieve the pixie look. The hair on the top of your head is cut in layers so that there is a layer on a layer of your hair.


Here, you have an option to keep a flick and have layers as well; this gives you a more feminine look. If this is something you have been looking for, what are you waiting for?

Short Haircuts #7: Tapered pixie with curls

Tapered pixie with curly hair
Tapered pixie with curls

The curls are so in the trend that they are being used in every haircut possible. The best part? They are enhancing each look they are added to! This hairstyle is similar to the tapered pixie cut mentioned above, but with curls. While straight hair gives your face an edgy look, curls, on the other hand, enhance the look and make you look even smarter! If you have short straight hair, you can use a flat iron or a curling cream to attain those curls.

Short Haircuts #8: Short curls with highlights

Short curls with highlight hair
Short curls with highlights

While you have an edgy look and curls to make it bolder, adding highlights to makes it the ultimate hairstyle! If you are more into being the highlight of the day at your workplace or anywhere you go, you got ‘em highlights to do that! Copper highlights go best with the complexion. If you want to try more, you can go for scarlet or grey.

Short Haircuts #9: Tapered platinum cut with a feathered crown

Tapered platinum hair color pixie cut
Tapered platinum cut with a feathered crown

If you are looking for a change in your haircut and hairstyle, this is the easiest and gives you the best look! While you shorten the hair at the back and sides of your head, feather up the cut on the top. This is the best haircut you can have. If you are looking forward to repairing your damaged hair and hydrating them at the same time, this is the haircut for you, while you look amazing!

Short Haircuts #10: Razor cut pixie

Razor cut pixie haircut for short hair
Razor cut pixie

Want a more enhanced look in a pixie cut? Try the razor cut pixie! The layers of hair placed toward the forehead highlight your cheekbones. It also provides a texture to your hair, further boldening your look.

Short Haircuts #11: Undercut hair

Undercut hair for short hair
Undercut hair

This is a haircut that gives you two styles at a time! While you shave the inner layers of your hair and design it, the upper layers of your hair cover it.


So, if you want to rock that office meeting, you look at your formal best with your hair open, and when you gotcha rock that party, you tie your hair or part them in the other direction, and there you go!

Short Haircuts #12: Wavy bob

Wavy bob haircut for short hair
Wavy bob

This hairstyle will enhance your gorgeousness manifold! Best suited for long oval-shaped faces, this hairstyle is easy to carry and best to look in. You just need to curl your hair in order to give them a wavy look, and there you go!

Short Haircuts #13: Two-toned stacked pixie

stacked pixie with blond hair color
Two-toned stacked pixie

If you are looking for a hairstyle to add both volume and style to your hair, then the two-toned stacked pixie it is. This hairstyle adds volume to your hair and gives you a different look too. You can make it two-toned by adding highlights to your hair.

Short Haircuts #14: Short sliced cut

Short sliced cut pixie cut hairstyles
Short sliced cut

This haircut is best suited for women who have thin hair and want to add volume to it. All you need to do is do a side parting and have a combover. Gently tuck hair on one side behind your ears, and let the longer slide compliment your face! You can also add copper, blond, or scarlet highlights to give this haircut a bolder look.

Short Haircuts #15: Short layered hairstyle

Short layered hairstyle
Short layered hairstyle

The short layered hairstyle is the best hairstyle for you if you are looking for something that helps enhance your cheekbones and gives your face a bolder look. The layered hairstyle comprises different lengths of hair layered. You have the option of keeping bangs or having your hair falling at the back.

Why Spare Shoulder-Length Hair?

Medium-length hair or shoulder-length hair is something that can rock both short and long hairstyles and its own too! Having hair shorter than long and longer than short is as confusing as simple as styling it is.


This hair length is suitable for all face types. Be it wavy, curly, or straight texture, medium-length hair rock ‘em all! This is the perfect hair length if you want easy hair maintenance and a girly look at the same time. Let’s check out the best hairstyles and haircuts for medium-length hair.

Shoulder Length Hairstyle #1: Keep it messy with layered bangs

layered bangs
Keep it messy with layered bangs

Layered bangs are flexible when it comes to parting them. The layers cover your face and give it a good edge. If you have a round face, this is the best hairstyle for you! The messy look gives you a carefree vibe, making you look your best.

Shoulder Length Hairstyle #2: Blunt bangs

Bangs are the perfect combination for your medium-length hair, as they add volume to it. You must have noticed this hairstyle in French models. This hairstyle brings people’s attention more toward your eyes, flattering the look! This hairstyle also gives you a teen look, keeping you young as long as you keep it.

Shoulder Length Hairstyle #3: Mid-parted straight hair

Shoulder length straight hair
Mid-parted straight hair

This is the ever-stylish hairstyle. It suits women with long or heart-shaped facial structures. If you have shoulder length wavy hair or curly hair and what to achieve this look, you can either flat iron your hair or use hair straightening creams. Remember to use plenty of conditioners before you use any hair styling tool, as you do not want your hair damaged.

Shoulder Length Hairstyle #4: Asymmetric bob

Asymmetric bob haircut
Asymmetric bob

As the name suggests, the asymmetric bob cut adds youth to your look. It is similar to the usual bob cut, but with the length of hair on one side cut shorter than the other. You get two looks in one cut!


A flick on the longer hair length and tucking the short side at the ack of your ear enhances your cheekbones and gives you an amazing look! If you wish to highlight your hair, you can go with copper, scarlet, light brown, or any other color that goes the best with your complexion.

Shoulder Length Hairstyle #5: Side part curly hair

short  curly hair
Side part curly hair

This is the best hairstyle if you are looking for something to do with your naturally curly hair. If you have medium-length curly hair, all you need to do is part your hair, giving a larger portion to either of the sides. To get your hair shining you can apply some oil in your hair, which will also keep them hydrated.

Shoulder Length Hairstyle #6: Blonde bob

Blonde bob haircut
Blonde bob

Another option is to go blond with your hair. The combination of your hairstyle with this color can go really well. You can also apply this color if you have mid parted straight hair too. You have the option to get your hair colored by your hairstylist, as your hair requires a lot of care before they go blond. You can also color them at home.

Shoulder Length Hairstyle #7: Side part

Side part bob cut
Side part bob cut

This bob haircut is the favorite of many women. The shorter hair at the back gives you an edgy look, while the comparatively longer hair in the front gives you a feminine look. A side part completes this haircut.


If you are looking forward to making little changes to your medium-length hair, then this is the best hairstyle for you! This hairstyle is suitable for both workplaces and casual events. The best part? It goes well with all kinds of dresses!

Shoulder Length Hairstyle #8: Mid-parting wavy

Mid-parting wavy hair
Mid-parting wavy

Here, the parting is from the middle, and the hair texture is wavy. Easy to attain hairstyle, it suits every dress you wear and every role you do. It is a mix of both formal and casual hairdos.


If you have other hair types and want to achieve those curls, you can easily attain them using a flat iron or a hair curling cream. You can also highlight them in colors that go with your complexion.

Shoulder Length Hairstyle #9: Feathered red bob cut

Feathered red bob cut
Feathered red bob cut

If you have thick hair, this haircut is a must-try for you. A feathered bob haircut gives them the right flow and the hair won’t feel that dense. You can also color them for an enhanced look! We have suggested red color as it goes best with the complexion, giving you a modern look.

Shoulder Length Hairstyle #10: Wavy end bob cut

Wavy end bob haircut
Wavy end bob cut

If you want a mix of both straight and wavy hair, then this is the right style for you. This hairstyle is easy to attain. All you have to do is curl the ¼th portion of your hair from the bottom.


Gently tuck one side of the parting behind your ears and let the longer side sit on your face! If you are a person who loves to maintain a hairstyle everywhere you go or at home, this is the best and the easiest style to go to.

Shoulder Length Hairstyle #11: Medium hair + curly bangs

Curly bangs Medium hair
Curly bangs

Do you love your curls and want them to be in a hairstyle? Then this is the right choice for you. Curly bangs hairstyle is curly from tip to the end. This hairstyle gives you a bold look and enhances your facial structure. It is suitable for all types of facial structures as curls get along with all of them.


If you already have curly hair, then getting bangs is the only task for you, but if you have other hair types and want to attain this hairstyle, then you can use a flat iron or curling cream to attain curls.

Shoulder Length Hairstyle #12: Symmetric bob braids

Symmetric bob braided hair
Symmetric bob braids

Braids are something that never go out of style. The best part is that these can be added to many hairstyles! In the symmetric bob cut, you can braid your hair to get an all the more amazing look. All you have to do is do a middle parting of your medium bob cut hair and braid them.

Shoulder Length Hairstyle #13: Casual braid

Casual braiding hair
Casual braid

What if you could combine two hairstyles? No, it won’t be a disaster! The casual braided hairstyle is an example of how gorgeous a combination of two hairstyles can make you look.


All you have to do is braid your hair from the top, and stop toward the middle of the back and sides of your head. You can either keep your hair straight or curl them to optimize the look. You can also highlight your hair to add some fun and color!

Shoulder Length Hairstyle #14: Curly headband twist

Curly headband twist for shoulder length hair
Curly headband twist

Does your flick irritate you? If the answer is yes, then this hairstyle is for you! The headband twist keeps the long hair that falls on your face, off your face, giving it a cleaner look. You can either curl your hair or can straighten them as both the textures will suit the headband twist.

Shoulder Length Hairstyle #15: Crimped hair

Crimped hair for curly hair
Crimped hair

There was a time when crimped hair was witnessed on almost all the women. Guess what, it is back in trend! Easier to attain and even easier to maintain, crimped hair can be achieved with the help of crimping iron. Just style your hair with the crimping iron, and you are ready to seize the day by flaunting your hair!

Long is Beautiful, Always!

Long hair has been the favorite of women since ages. Many women work hard for long periods to have long, lustrous locks. Be it animated characters of princesses, or women in the real world, long hair can never go out of style. Then why not style them and make them look sassier?


You may already have changed your hairstyle or are aware of the ones in trend, but we have some of the best hairstyles for you to look on! Here are some of the best hairstyles you can adopt for your long tresses.

Long Hairstyle #1: Long curls

Long curly hair extensions
Long curls

Women love to style their hair as much as they love to dress up. What is better than going curly? As curly is never out of trend, you can try curling your long tresses and make them look voluminous and bouncier! If you have different hair textures, then you can use a flat iron or a curling cream to attain those curls!

Long Hairstyle #2: Curly bangs and a pony

Curly ponytail extensions
Curly bangs and a pony

If you have curly long hair and want to try something different, why not try it with a pony? Women with long hair have an advantage that they can tie their long hair and can style even that!


All you have to do is tie your curly hair into a high ponytail, achieve bangs through a haircut and settle the hair in the pony on the top of your head, and you are ready to seize the day!

Long Hairstyle #3: Get‘em streaks

Blonde highlights
Get‘em streaks highlights

Who says long hair has become boring? You can always add some fun and color to it! Streaks are the best way to add color to your tresses. If you wish to curl them, you can use a flat iron to do so. You can also add streaks to straight hair, as it amazingly goes along with all hair types.


You can also choose to streak a few strands of your hair, or just the lower portion of your hair, or just the flick. You can also get clip-in streaks if you do not want to spoil your hair using permanent color or if you cannot carry colored hair to your workplace.

Long Hairstyle #4: Bouncy layered curls

Bouncy layered curly hair extensions
Bouncy layered curls

Bouncy, curly hair are the perfect combination if you are looking for a hairstyle that adds luster and volume to your long hair. Get them cut in layers so that they give an amazing and even bouncier look. If you have long straight hair, you can curl them up with a flat iron or use a curling cream. You can also highlight them with a color of your choice!

Long Hairstyle #5: Long box braids

Long box braiding hairstyles
Long box braids

Braids are the trendiest and a protective hairstyle if you are looking for a hairstyle that can safeguard your hair from dust and pollution. The look is long-lasting and doesn’t even need any kind of maintenance.


This hairstyle suits women with long hair the best, as the box braids are heavy. If you are someone who goes according to the trend, then you do not need to worry at all, as this style never goes out of trend.

Long Hairstyle #6: Chunky cornrow braids

Chunky cornrow braiding hairstyle
Chunky cornrow braids

The chunky cornrow hairstyle is nothing new but just a different version of the braids you must have done. In the chunky cornrow style, the braiding is done in a chunky braid style and is stopped in the middle, as we go down the length, for a different look. You can also color them if you want, as it will only enhance the look.

Long Hairstyle #7: Long faux hair with super braid

Long faux hair
Long faux hair with super braid

If you love the mohawk hairstyle and want to use it on your long hair, it is very much possible! All you need to do is start pinning the side hairs to the top so that they are accumulated on the top. Now, start braiding your hair from your hairline. Once you reach the middle, start making a super braid (single braid) and continue to do so till the tips of your hair.

Long Hairstyle #8: Two Hair buns

Two Hair buns for long hair extensions
Two Hair buns

Are you looking for a hairstyle to pull off for the weekend? We that weekend is the time when you want to chill with your friends and have fun. The two hair buns style is a perfect match for this. While your hair looks amazing, they also do not disturb you while you chill!

Long Hairstyle #9: Two buns and bangs

Two buns and bangs
Two buns and bangs

You can pull off almost any hairstyle with long hair. If you are feeling like a teen, then this is the hairstyle for you. All you need to do is make two buns on both the sides, bangs falling on your eyebrows, and curls dancing while you flaunt your long hair! You can also highlight them or color them if you want.

Long Hairstyle #10: Romantic waves

virgin wavy hair extensions
Romantic wavy hair

Going out on a romantic date? Try the romantic waves hairstyle! As the name suggests, the hairstyle comprises smooth waves that are a perfect look for a romantic day. All you need to do is to soft curl your long tresses. You can either do this using a flat iron or a curling cream.

Long Hairstyle #11: Low curly bun

wasy curly hairstyles
Low curly bun hairstyles

Although this hairstyle resembles the way we knot our hair before taking a shower, it is effortless and a gorgeous looking style. All you need to do is tie your hair in a tight bun at the lower back of your head and make a curly bun out of it. This style does well on both formal and informal occasions. It is easy to carry, and it gives you the best look on any occasion!

Long Hairstyle #12: Fishtail

Fishtail Hairstyles
Fishtail Hairstyles

Fishtail is another amazing hairstyle which you can carry well at work or even at party places. All you need to do is tie a knot in your hair from the middle of the back of your head, and make a fishtail. This is a very subtle look that can gel well with any outfit you choose!

Long Hairstyle #13: Plaited ponytail

Plaited ponytail hair extensions
Plaited ponytail

This is the best hairstyle in terms of protection from pollution and giving a subtle look to your hair. The plaited ponytail style is not only easy to maintain but is mesmerizing at the same time. All you have to do is tie your hair at the middle of the back of your head, and make plaits from there.

Long Hairstyle #14: Straight hair

Straight hair extensions
Straight hair

Straight long hair is something that is immortal when it comes to hair styling. Be it your workplace, a day out with your friends, or at home, straight hair is something that will maintain a sassy look on your face. This hairstyle goes the best with long rectangular faces, as the long perfectly compliment the facial structure.

We know that you love your hair as much as you love your dresses. Like a variety in dresses, there should be a variety in hairstyles and haircuts too! Above is a plethora of hairstyles for different hair lengths to choose from so that you rock the party or that office meeting in a different way every time you attend one! There is an ocean of hairstyles to dive in, and this is only a lake.