22 Ways to Make Your Hair Wavy

22 Ways to Make Your Hair Wavy

Some people enjoy having nice wavy hair every now and then, while others crave it all the time. It's alluring and simple to look like a beach goddess with effortless waves. Improve your wavy hairstyle with minimal effort. Wavy hair is easy to style and accessorize to achieve bouncy and animated waves. Wavy hair looks great in all colors and lengths, whether it's black, blonde, or red.


Women mostly pick wavy hairstyles because they are effortless and stylish. This hair texture is the perfect mix of straight hair and curly hair.


There are a plethora of methods and techniques to achieve wavy hair, and the one you choose will be determined mainly by the length of your hair. So, if you're looking for tips on how to get wavy hair, ​look no further than this go-to guide. Here are various wavy styles you can achieve with minimal effort.


1. Gorgeous Spiral Waves

Gorgeous Spiral Waves


Spiral waves are mostly toward the curly side, so if you want to go all twisty, this hairstyle is perfect for you! To achieve the gorgeous spiral waves, you will need a curling iron with a large barrel. This wavy hairstyle is an easy way to get some bouncy waves that look like natural curls.


How to achieve spiral curls


    • Divide your hair into sections and wrap them around the barrel, one by one.
    • Once you wrap your hair around the barrel, pull the curling iron up and outward to release beautiful spiral curls.
    • Comb your hair with your fingers to make the curls looser and more natural-looking.


2. Easy Beach Waves

Colorful Beach Waves


Going to a beach to relax your mind? Give your hair the beach wave hairstyle that flows flawlessly like the waves on the beach. A setting spray changes the hair game instantly, especially when it comes to easy beach waves. Apply setting spray to your hair and use a curling iron with a small barrel to wrap the sections of your hair. Gently loosen the waves with fingers and spray again to maintain the shape.


How to achieve easy beach waves


    • Spray a heat protectant spray all over your hair to prepare it.
    • Separate hair into top and bottom sections, then separate strands into left and right sides.
    • Holding the curling iron upright with the clamp facing forward, insert a one-to-two-inch section of hair into the clamp, leaving an inch or two of the ends out to create a beachy wave, and twist the iron away from your face.
    • Hold for three to four seconds once the iron reaches the crown of your head, then open the clamp and pull the iron straight down to release.
    • Repeat on the opposite sides. We recommend not touching your curls until they are completely cool (touching strands while they are still warm can loosen the curl and cause it to fall flat).
    • Spray a brush with flexible hold hairspray, then gently brush out your waves. We recommend applying a finishing cream to the ends of hair to tame any flyaways.


3. Enviable Waves with Triple Heating Iron

Pretty waves with triple iron


Achieve the most gorgeous waves with the help of a triple heating iron! If you don't know what a triple heating iron is, then you are missing out on one of the most excellent hair tools ever made. A triple heating iron creates mermaid-like waves that are hard to create with a standard curling iron. This heat styling tool saves your time during styling and is an excellent fit for ladies with long hair.


How to use a triple heating iron?


    • Section your hair.
    • Put clips on the top section of your hair and start from the bottom section.
    • Brush sections of your hair to avoid frizz.
    • Use your index finger to un-clamp the crimper.
    • Apply a heat protectant and hold your sectioned hair out.
    • Clampdown and hold it for a few seconds depending on the heat.
    • Repeat this process until all the hair sections are wavy.


For voluminous waves:

If you want voluminous beachy waves, spray a volumizing spray at the roots at the end. This state-of-art curling iron gives beautiful and natural-looking waves.


4. Ponytail Waves

Wavy hair in a ponytail


Bored of straight or curly ponytails? Get gorgeous waves there also! Getting waves in a ponytail using a heating tool is simple and easy. This is a fast way to create waves in long hair.


How to get wavy hair with a ponytail


    • Remove knots or tangles by brushing your hair.
    • Apply heat protectant to your hair, especially the roots.
    • Tie your hair with a hair tie in a high ponytail.
    • Section your ponytail in two parts.
    • Wrap your hair strands around the barrel, curl and hold it for a few seconds.
    • Repeat it for the rest of the sections.
    • Brush through the ringlets to make the curls loose and wavy.
    • Gently scrunch your hair with your hand for a well-defined wavy pattern.


5. Middle Part Waves with a Flat Iron

Middle parted wavy hair with flat iron


Heating tools are the best way to achieve wavy hair. With so many curling irons available in the market, it is confusing as to which one to buy. Some curling irons are expensive, and buying a cheaper one isn't an option if you don't want to damage your hair. So, what can you use to create a beautiful wavy hair texture? Flat iron, of course. The duality of flat irons is amazing and budget-friendly.

You can straighten or curl your hair with flat irons and create wavy hair by wrapping sections around the iron. If you want well-defined waves, a smaller flat iron is the one for you. If you want loose wavy hair, a bigger flat iron is apt.


Steps to create wavy hair with a flat iron:


    • With a dry and clean towel, wipe the flat iron once before starting. You don't want dirt stuck on your hair.
    • Apply heat protectant to your hair generously. This step is a must before you heat style your hair.
    • Make sure that your flat iron is not too hot.
    • Start sectioning your hair and comb it for a smooth flat ironing experience.
    • Wrap your hair strands around the flat iron. Point the tip of the iron downward so that you don't burn your neck.
    • Gently lower the flat iron and allow the hair to slide off the iron.
    • Repeat this process until you finish creating wavy hair.
    • Spray a setting spray to hold the wavy hair texture for a longer period.


6. Bouncier and Voluminous Waves

Bouncier wavy hair


Another effective and fast way to make your hair wavy blow-drying them. Your bouncy, voluminous wavy hair will turn heads. This is a technique that will never fail to amaze you.


How to achieve bouncy and voluminous wavy hair?


    • Blow-dry your hair to get instant volume.
    • Comb and section your hair with clips.
    • Always apply heat protectant before using heat styling tools on your hair to protect them.
    • Start curling from the bottom hair and work your way to the top.
    • After you curl your hair, backcomb each curl with a wide-tooth comb to add more body, volume, and bounce to your hair.


7. Flat Iron Twists

Wavy hair with a flat iron


As you now know, a straightener works just as beautifully as a curling iron when it comes to creating loose and beach-blown waves. Everyone has their technique, tips, and tricks to achieve wavy hair with a flat iron. A popular technique is the twist method wherein you twist your hair and then flat iron it to get wavy hair.


How to achieve twisty wavy hair using a flat iron?


    • Part the hair in different sections.
    • After applying heat protectant on your hair, twist your hair strands.
    • Clamp the flat iron in a downward motion to create a wavy hair texture.
    • Give your hair a soft shake to get the messy hair look.


8. Transform Your Hair from Braids to Waves

Braids to wavy hair


Turning your braids to waves is as easy as breathing. It is one of the natural methods to achieve wavy hair. Whether you have passion twits, box braids, or a French braid, using a hair straightener to style your hair wavy is easy and quick. If you don't have a braid on, use hair products like a heat protectant spray to avoid damage and dryness to your hair. A simple spray protects your hair and acts as a shield between your hair and the iron.


How to achieve wavy hair by braiding them?


    • If you have thick hair, braid them in four sections for well-defined waves, and if you have fine hair, part them into two sections and braid them. A regular braid is ideal for a painless process.
    • Start braiding loosely at the top to avoid any kinks.
    • Tie your hair loosely with a cloth hair tie at the end and avoid hair ties made of plastic.
    • To get a finished look, slowly start sliding the hair straightener down the braids until you feel the heat on both sides of the braid.
    • Let that braid cool down. Meanwhile, start on your other braids.
    • Once you are done using the hair straightener, use a shine spray on the hair to prevent any flyaways or frizz.
    • Undo the hair ties and let the braids free.
    • The last step is to use a texturizing spray and apply it to the hair.
    • Use your fingers to scrunch and give the wavy hair a more natural look.


9. Pencil or Straw for Wavy Hair

Pencil Waves


Your hair length shrinks when you curl it with a pencil or straw, but the result is beautiful. This method is also the most affordable.


How to achieve wavy hair using a pencil/straw?


    • Section your hair.
    • Curl the strands around the straw or pencil. Take a small strand and curl it around a straw or a pencil.
    • Use elastics or hair ties to secure them.
    • Use a flat iron on the curled strands and release them to get adorable ringlets.
    • Run your fingers through your ringlets to loosen them to achieve the perfect wavy hair.


10. Relaxed Water Wavy Hair

Water wavy hair


Relaxed wavy hair is a favorite among women who want effortless and natural-looking wavy hair. It is time-consuming but worth it. All you need is water. Yes, you read it right! It is another natural method to achieve gorgeous waves.


How to achieve wavy hair with water?


    • You will need to wet your hair and braid it in two parts.
    • Leave the braids air-dry for a couple of hours.
    • Undo the braids to achieve waves.
    • Using a hair-dryer is a great way to speed up the process.
    • You can also leave the braids overnight for better-defined waves.


11. Free Fall Waves

Free Fall Waves


Do you want wavy hair but don't want to damage your hair with the heat styling tools? This is possible, but this process takes a few hours. This process works best for fine hair. For thick hair, you will need to allow the hair to form the shape for even longer hours.


How to achieve waves without using heat styling tools?


    • Section your dry hair with clips, foil strips, or pencils.
    • Wrap your hair around the pencils or twist your hair strands and clip them.
    • Spray setting spray and let it dry for a few hours.
    • Let the waves free for the perfect wavy hair.


12. Twisted Knots for Waves

Twisted knots for wavy hair


There are creative ways to curl your hair to get a wavy texture without heating it. A headband or twist and tie method works like a dream. Using styling products enhances the wavy hair. Here, no product buildup and no heat damage take place.


How to achieve waves with top knots?


    • Wash and towel dry your hair.
    • Section your hair on how tight or loose you want your waves to be.
    • For tighter waves, take a small section, and for loose wavy curls, take a larger section.
    • Tie the sections into knots.
    • Leave the knots for 5 hours.
    • Apply a setting spray to hold the shape for a longer time.
    • The neater the knots are, the more defined wavy curls you will get.


13. Curly Wavy Via Styling

Wavy hair with a twist of curls


Do you want to skip using rollers for a special occasion? If yes, then braid your hair the day before the event. Braids help you elevate your waves without having to heatstyle or try any other technique.


How To Get Curly Wavy Hair?


    • Braid your hair in either a regular braid or a fishtail braid.
    • Sleep with your braids on.
    • Unravel your braids in the morning for the best waves.
    • Use a setting spray or a shine spray, and you are ready to seize the day.


14. Overnight Waves

Over night wavy hair


Do you want curly, wavy hair without heat damage and in an inexpensive way? Overnight wavy hair is a simple technique that works well on layered hair to emphasize a cute cut.


How to get overnight waves


    • Start this process with damp hair and let it air-dry.
    • Split your hair into two sections.
    • Start from the top of your hair and divide your already sectioned hair into two sections again.
    • Twist the two smaller sectioned hair at the top.
    • As you twist your hair, keep adding more hair into the twists until one sectioned hair is in a big twist.
    • In the end, twist the hair into a bun.
    • Make sure that your twists are as tight as possible so that it doesn't get loose overnight.
    • Repeat this twisting technique on the other side.
    • The next morning, take out the twisted braids.
    • Use your fingers to separate the wavy hair gently.


15. Headband Waves

HEadband wavy hair


A headband waves technique only requires a few things: a spray water bottle, fabric headband, a hairspray, and texturizing cream. This trick works best with thick hair.


How to achieve wavy hair using a headband


    • Divide your hair into two sections.
    • Brush the hair to remove any tangles or knots.
    • Grab your headband and directly put it over your hair.
    • Get your water spray bottle and spray only from the mid-section and below.
    • Make your hair damp but not too wet.
    • Grab one of the sections and start twisting it.
    • Once you finish twisting the section, twist and tuck it under the headband.
    • Repeat the steps on the undone side as well until you have wrapped your twists under the headband.
    • Spray some hair spray on the twists at the back.
    • Sleep with this hair so that the waves can take shape.
    • Undo the twists in the morning and get beautiful wavy hair.


16. Bobby Pin Waves

Wavy hair with a bobby pin


Do you want to try out new and creative ways to achieve wavy hair? If yes, try the bobby pin waves trick. For thicker and longer hair, you will need more bobby pins compared to fine hair.


How to get bobby pin waves?


    • Brush your hair for a smooth curling process.
    • Grab a small section of your hair and apply hair volume gel or spray.
    • Wrap the hair strands around your two fingers in a clockwise direction.
    • Twist it into small buns and secure it with bobby pins.
    • Repeat this process until all your hair is rolled into small bundles and secured with bobby pins.
    • Let it air-dry or use a blowdryer in a cool setting.
    • Simply let the rolls out and enjoy beautiful wavy hair.


17. Wavy Hair with a Bun

Wavy hair in a bun


Keep things simple with wavy hair products instead of using heat tools that cause damage to your hair. Get wavy hair with a bun within five minutes! Here’s how.


How To Get Wavy Hair With a Bun


    • Mist water on dry hair to make it damp.
    • Apply hair serum.
    • Now apply volume spray
    • Put the hair in a high ponytail with a hair tie and use a bun maker on top of the hair tie.
    • Part your hair into two sections and wrap them around the bun maker.
    • Make sure to pull out the crown so that it doesn't stay flat.
    • Clip the ends with a bobby pin on the bun maker.
    • Remove the bun after 8 hours and apply French Argan oil.
    • Just smooth out the wavy hair with your fingers.
    • Apply texturizing spray, and your voluminous wavy hair is all set.


18. Old-Fashioned Way to Waves

Old fashioned wavy hair


Do you remember the bendy rollers that your mom and grandmother used? Well, they definitely work, so give them a shot.


How To Get Old-Fashioned Way to Waves


    • Divide your hair into two sections.
    • Take a small section from the back and clip the rest out of the way.
    • Use a water spray bottle and spray it on the smaller section.
    • Take a bendy roller and wrap your hair around it.
    • Put a little clip at the bottom and the top of your roller so that it stays in place.
    • Repeat the above process until all your hair is rolled into bendy rollers.
    • Let your hair air-dry for a couple of hours.
    • Take out the rollers and see the springy wavy curls.
    • Apply hair spray onto your hair to hold the shape.


19. Flexi Rods Waves

Flexi rod Waves


Flexi rods are blendable curler sticks that can be twisted in any way you want. It is perfect for trying out various shapes and tightness of the waves or curly hair. Flexi rods work on short, medium, and long hair lengths.


How To Get Flexi Rods Waves


    • To prep your hair, damp your hair with a spray water bottle.
    • Divide your hair into four sections.
    • Grab flexi rods and put them underneath the hair.
    • Bend the flexi rod and start twisting the hair along with it.
    • Roll and twist the flexi rods to secure it.
    • Wear a cap over your hair while sleeping.
    • Unravel flexi rods and run your fingers through your hair.
    • Complete this look with a setting spray.


20. Side Beach Waves

Side beach waves


Side beach waves don't touch the roots and the ends. While the upper portion of the hair is straight, only the mid sections are wavy.


How To Get Side Beach Waves


    • Apply heat protectant on your hair as a hair prep.
    • With a curling iron, wrap your hair strands around the barrel 3 times for a well-defined look.
    • Apply setting spray to hold the wavy hair shape for a longer duration.


21. Shag Cut Waves

Shag cut waves


With a curling iron, vertically curl the front locks framing the face towards it, alternately curling the lock-in in different directions. Achieve the tousled shag cut waves with flipped bangs.


22. Natural Waves

Natural wavy hair


You can achieve wavy hair even in the shower! All you got to do is, dry your hair with a towel but avoid combing it. Apply a curl enhancer to your hair and not to the roots. To completely dry your hair, use a blow-dryer in a cool setting. With a 1-inch curling iron, curl the hair strands and wrap them around the barrel.


For a natural finish, use a wide-tooth comb to gently brush the curls and make them into a loose wavy hairstyle.


Wavy Hair Tips

Tips for wavy hair


  • Wavy hair tends to be a fine texture, so it is best to use hair products that won't weigh your locks down.
  • Use a deep conditioner or a hydrating hair mask once a week to control frizzy hair.
  • Always use a heat protectant before using heat styling tools like a blow-dryer, flat iron, or curling iron.
  • A too-hot setting will make your hair cuticles frizzy and flatten them.
  • Avoid touching your wavy hair, especially when it is dry, because it will transfer moisture from your skin to the hair, making your wavy hair limp.
  • Getting the perfect bangs for your wavy hair is tricky, so make sure your stylist has experience with wavy hair.
  • Invest in high-quality hair products like you invest in high-end skincare products because they have more concentrated ingredients and testing to back up their products.


Prep Your Wavy Hair For Easy Styling


  • Use satin pillowcases to sleep on because cotton fabric causes friction that leads to breakage and frizz.
  • For the shower, use lukewarm water and follow it with a cold rinse after shampooing and conditioning. This method seals the cuticles and adds shine to your hair.
  • Deep condition your hair weekly to maintain moisture in them. Use sulfate-free products to prevent natural oils from being stripped from your hair during the shower.
  • Another way to hydrate your wavy hair is by following up the shower with a nourishing leave-in product.
  • Detangle wet hair with a wide-tooth comb or your fingers as they are more gentle than a regular hairbrush.
  • Do not rub your hair with a regular towel because the friction will lead to damage and frizziness. Invest in a microfiber towel and gently squeeze out water from your hair.


Enhance Your Waves


Get nourishing and curl-enhancing styling cream and apply to damp hair to define your waves with bouncy shine and smooth, silky texture:

  • Gently scrunch or twist your waves while it is still damp.
  • A diffuser attachment with your blow-dryer reduces the force of the air. This will make your waves remain intact, and the frizz stay under control.
  • Try sleeping in braids to set your waves.


Loving Your Wavy Hair


  • Be patient with the process of achieving wavy hair, as it will take some time and experimentation to find the right products and routine.
  • Embrace the days where your waves are not cooperating with you. Tie your wavy hair in a low ponytail or a messy bun.


Don'ts for Wavy Hair

Don't over wash your hair


Keep 2-4 days between washes to maintain a healthy scalp and natural shine. In between washes, use a leave-in conditioner to keep the wavy hair fresh and lively.


Don't use too much shampoo


Too much shampoo strips hair of its natural oils. Use sulfate-free and paraben-free shampoos.


Don't rinse out the conditioner completely


Leave a bit of conditioner on the bottom strands of hair to help lock moisture in. It also helps keep your hair soft while drying and makes your waves bouncy and well-defined.


Don't rub your hair with a towel


Rubbing your hair with a dry towel may make them frizzy and lead to breakage. Cup the towel in your hand and gently squeeze to remove excess water.


Don't always use a hairdryer


As the name suggests, a hairdryer is used to dry your hair. It's always best to air-dry.


Don't brush dry hair


Brushing dry hair frequently is a sure way to get frizzy hair because they disrupt your wavy pattern and cause breakage. It's best to use your fingers to comb, lift, and separate dry curls than to brush them frequently. Use a detangling or conditioning spray.


Do's for Wavy Hair

Do use a wide-tooth comb


Use a wide-tooth comb because they are wavy and a curly-haired girl's best friends. Work your way to the top of your head by combing from the bottom.


Do use conditioners


A conditioner is a great way to hydrate your wavy locks. You only need a quarter-sized amount and work it into your hair from tip to root.


Do detangle after using a conditioner


Detangling is an essential step to hair care. Conditioner helps with the detangling process. Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle knots from the tips of your hair to the roots.


Do add foam or mousse for volume


Using a mousse or a foam helps you tame flyaways and maintain wavy hair patterns. For foams, apply three pumps of foam and apply it evenly on wet hair. For the mousse, cup the hair at the tips, scrunch and squeeze towards the roots for volume.


Hairstyles For Wavy Hair

Hairstyle #1: Wavy Medium Bob

Medium bob wavy hair


Wavy medium bob is a great hairstyle that offers volume and classy touch to your look. You can elevate this look with bangs. Let the bangs cover your eyebrows for an effortless look. With or without the bangs, you can pull off a wavy bob in style with the right confidence.


Hairstyle #2: Wavy Hair in Layers

Layered wavy hair


Wavy hair in layers adds dimension and movement to your hair. This hairstyle is trendy and looks fabulous in all hair lengths.


Hairstyle #3: Wavy Hair in Blonde Hair Color

Rihanna with blonde wavy hair


Wavy hair in blonde hair color is always in style, and you will spot many celebrities wearing it. Wavy hair pattern compliments all face shapes and creates an illusion of a slimmer face.


Hairstyle #4: Bouncy Waves

Bouncier wavy hair


Who doesn't like thick and bouncy waves? The luscious waves in natural hair color shades create a waterfall effect.


Hairstyle #5: Long Wavy Hair in One Length

Single length wavy hair


Keep your hairstyle simple and elegant by getting long wavy hair in one length. This is a time-efficient, simple and easy hairstyle.


Hairstyle #6: Natural-Looking Wavy Hair

Beauty is natural


Experiment with different hairstyles in this versatile natural-looking wavy hair. With straight hair at the top and a wavy hair pattern from the mid-section to the ends, enjoy one of the most natural hairstyles in existence.


Hairstyle #7 Half Up Top Knot Bun

Half up Half down


Add a youthful touch to your look with top-knot wavy hair. Flaunt the eye-catching waves and your beautiful face with this hairstyle. It is a convenient yet stylish hairstyle.


Hairstyle #8: Wavy Lob Hairstyle

Wavy lob


Style your hair in a wavy lob hairstyle for both volume and fashion. Lob hairstyles are a great hairstyle to wear, especially for women with fine hair. With a frequent change in parting, you can also make your thin hairline less noticeable.



So, above are some wavy hairstyles, wavy hair care tips, dos and don'ts, and how to create wavy hair patterns. It is easy to make wavy hair patterns. You don't always have to use heat styling tools. Everyday items are useful and just as effective. Caring for wavy hair is important. Without proper care, it will be difficult to perform the styling process. Well-cared wavy hair, or any hair in general, is essential for easy styling.


If you have short hair or don't want to risk damaging your hair while trying the wavy hair patterns, there are many options out there. Invest in hair extensions or wigs to try different wavy hairstyles and wave-creating techniques without commitment. Invest in your hair because it is a crown you will never take off.


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