Why Is Indique the Best Hair Extension Brand In the US?

Why Is Indique the Best Hair Extension Brand In the US?

Indique has the reputation as one of the best remy human hair extension brands in the USA. As proof of Indique’s standing, Indique has been approved and appreciated by big fashion brands and websites.


In this blog, we will be highlighting five well-known websites for fashion and lifestyle that mentioned Indique as the go-to favorite black hair extension brand for women in the USA and across the globe.


So, let us share what these big brands say about Indique.



Indique on Allure

Allure is a famous American fashion and beauty magazine that curates special articles for women about trends and fashion.


An article titled “11 Best Hair Extensions Brands Out There” was written for their magazine.They have made this blog after getting reviews from experts and their own stylists and mentioned Indique there on the top!


The review for Indique was provided by Yen Damtew (stylist to Michelle Obama). She said that she chose Indique as the best extension hair brand because of the versatility they provide in terms of wigs, weft hair, and bulk hair in the best quality.


She loves the variety of textures provided across the multiple stores that allow users to have hands-on experience with them.



Indique on Elle

This fashion magazine from France writes about the trends and beauty that would interest fashion oriented people. the world should know.


They published an article about the best hair extension brands to shop for according to bundle shopping enthusiasts, with Indique being listed.


They made Indique Oprah-approved! Yes, as Indique is a client to Oprah, it has become a reliable hair extension brand according to Elle, and it has justifications for this.


The source of Indique's real hair extensions is Indian virgin hair sourced from a single human donor and never treated with chemicals or harsh processes for best results.



Indique on Cosmopoliton

Just like Allure magazine, Cosmopolitan magazine also reaches out to American women about fashion and lifestyle.


This website also featured Indique as one of the best hair extension brands for 2022.


In their article, they said that Indique always stands to be the favorite of stylists because of the way the hair extensions are sewn and they do not shed hair. This gives users and stylists options to style, blow-dry, and use heat tools to create the desired style.


When they mentioned their favorites, they called Pure Collection the best for straight hair, curly, and wavy hair that come in a range length of 10-30 inches.



Indique on Byrdie

It is a fashion guide blog that lists the materials catering to beauty and fashion from where users can directly buy the items if interested.


This fashion content platform also put Indique under the category of best hair extension brand in their article named “12 Hair extensions for instant length and volume”.


When they wrote about Indique, they mentioned it as the brand that has the best natural human hair available in the industry today.


The stylist Ramirez praised Indique for being an authentic unprocessed hair extension brand. Byrdie loved that the brand has brick-and-mortar shops to get the actual experience of extensions before buying.


Global Brands

Indique on Global Brands

The website talks about luxurious brands and shares the latest trends and news about them. It is not just about beauty and fashion. It shares the luxurious and premium quality brands that are currently available in the market for their respective industries, and Indique marked its position there for best hair extension brand.


Under their article “Best brands for hair extensions” they picked Indique for the best quality Remy human hair that has easy installation.


Impressed by Indique’s home silicone clips, they addressed the easy installation process that can stay secured up to 12 weeks in the best shape.


Indique has been in the industry for over a decade serving prestigious clients and stylists to get the best hair makeovers from unprocessed hair extensions sourced from India.


The brand has consistently delivered variety in terms of texture and length, even in brick and mortar set-ups for real hands-on experience before installation.


You can read what the experts have written and opt for the best hair extensions fine hair with Indique.