Celebrity-Approved : 5 Best Curly Hair Extensions To Get The Perfect Curls

Celebrity-Approved : 5 Best Curly Hair Extensions To Get The Perfect Curls

You must admit that if you see someone with beautiful curls, you notice those curls.. Curly hair has always been a head-turner because of how quirky, fun, and full of character they look. If you don't know or can't tell the difference; just compare the hair extensions before and after looks.

If you’re a person who has straight hair and it takes lots of heat and styling to get curls, we have the smartest solution for you—even if you are the one with curls, get them more refined by adding hair extensions from 3a to 3c curly hair extensions (approx. 32 in. & approx. 36 in. respectively ) Textures define curls with thickness.

Check out these curly hair extensions from Indique which provide you instant gorgeous curls with the very best hair quality.


PURE Curly Hair Extensions

Best Curly Hair Extensions
Pure Curls

Easy to maintain and super fun to wear, 3b curly hair extensions are the ultimate choice if you want to have natural ringlets that look bouncy and give you good volume.


These extensions are made of virgin human hair sourced from the temples of India. You can even experiment with these curly hair extensions by flat ironing them without fear of damage to hair quality. These extensions tend to come back into their natural curly shape after shampoo and conditioning.


They are available in different lengths ranging from 10 inches to 30 inches.


BOUNCE Organic Curl Hair Extensions

Organic Curls

Bouncy Curly Hair Extensions

Fan of kinky curls? If yes, this product will be your favorite. It has the curliest hair texture with a low luster that gives a perfect kinky curly hair appearance. These sew in curly hair extensions are made from virgin human hair sourced from India and then steamed and processed to provide you with the desirable kinky texture.


It is a lightweight extension to wear. You can revive its quality by just water spray, scrunching, and air drying. This chemical-free weft hair extension is available in length from 10 inches to 22 inches.

SEA Fiji Curl Hair Extensions

SEA Fiji Curls

This curly hair extension has very defined curls that are achieved after the special three-day steaming process of virgin human hair sourced from south east Asia. The corkscrew curl is the signature pattern of this hair extension that comes with a little dull luster to give you the best look.


You can easily blend these curly hair extensions with a low-temperature iron rod to get the best results. Easy to shampoo and condition, these sew in hair extensions are available in sizes from 12 inches to 24 inches.

BOUNCE Coil Curl Hair Extensions

Bounce Coil Curls

Love defined curls, good hair volume, and soft texture? This curly hair extension has very tight curls that are soft to touch and have medium luster. These uniquely coiled hair extensions also become Afro-inspired if you run your hairbrush through them.


It is a chemical-free hair extension that goes under a vigorous three-day steaming process to provide you with defined curls that you will fall in love with at first sight. These curly hair extensions have a long shelf life because of their easy maintenance. You can get your piece in lengths between 10 inches to 22 inches.

REMIX Curly Ponytail Hair Extensions

Remix Curly Ponytails

Get party-ready with these curly hair extensions. It is an easy-to-wear drawstring hair extension that is easily installed by just comb and pull. In this curly hair extension, you get instant length with pretty curls dyed in a 1B tone for the best finish.


All hair strands are aligned in the same direction so that when you wear this curly ponytail extension, it gives you a streamlined look. You can decide between two lengths- 12 inches and 22 inches.

Tips to Blend Curly Hair Extensions with Your Natural Curls

Blend Your Hair Extensions

Tips for Curly Hair Extensions Blending with Your Natural Hair Curls can make you look stunning and more beautiful. The more focused dose of curls makes a look stand out and you are able to cherish it on the day of your wedding. But the question is whether curly hair extensions will blend well with natural curls or not? It's important that the new hairstyle must match with your natural hair so as to give each other harmony and body.

Tip 1: To get overall uniformed curly hair, try to buy the curly hair extensions that are the closest match to your curl type.


Tip 2: To match the texture of your curly hair extensions with your real curls, texturize the latter with water, scrunching and rollers.


Tip 3: If wearing clip-ins, wear bottom weft upside-down. This means by flipping all your hair downwards, install clips. This way, your baby hair at the back gets hidden properly.


Tip 4: Use fingers after installing. It will give you volume. Scrunch with your hand if curly hair extensions have tighter curls, or run your fingers through them if you want to loosen them up.


Tip 5: Use a curling rod for defining curls. If you buy Pure curly hair extensions from Indique, you can use a heating rod to get curl as per your choice.


Tip 6: Dampen your curly hair extensions (if made of a virgin human hair) and, with the help of fingers or rat tail comb, adjust the rigidity of curls.


There is no question that curly hair looks glorious. They have been trending and are worn by celebrities everywhere.. The beauty exists in the voluminously defined curls. If you are also expecting to have the same curls, buying curly hair extensions is your answer!


The products above are the best of the curly human hair extensions by Indique. In addition to length and volume, they also give better shape to your curls, providing you with options to try different hairstyles.


The best thing: you really don’t need to worry about high maintenance as they are manageable to wear and clean.


So, if you want to be playful with your hair, get your hairpiece today. We are available both online and offline for the best shopping experience.