5 Must Follow Hair Care Tips for Women with Wavy Hair

5 Must Follow Hair Care Tips for Women with Wavy Hair

Different hair textures need to be treated and taken care of differently. We all have different hair textures. Some might have curly hair, others have wavy, and the rest have straight. Wavy hair requires its own maintenance routine. The tips in below will help you maintain wavy hair of all different lengths and achieve any hairstyle you would wish to wear.

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Good Hair Days With The Right Products

Good Hair Days With Right Products

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Good hair day starts with using the right products in the right amounts. For your wavy hair to look its best, you need to use the right hair care products in the shower. Hydrating your natural hair is one of the most crucial steps in the world of wavy hair. Use hair products that are sulfate-free and moisturize your hair.


A simple switch in your hair products can make a significant change to your wavy hair. Stay away from artificially scented products, as they may contain many harmful toxic ingredients that deprive your hair of the required nourishment.


Deep Condition To Maintain Wavy Hair

Deep Condition To Maintain Wavy Hair

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Take A Break From Your Hairdryer

Wavy hair stands as a middle ground of straight and curly hair. It is also more prone to frizz and breakage than straight hair. Give your beautiful wavy hair extra tender love and care with moisturizing deep conditioners once a week. Get a conditioner that works for your hair type and follow your “deep conditioning days” religiously. Your hair will thank you with healthy and hydrated strands!


Pro Tip: Skip your regular conditioner whenever you use a deep conditioner. This won’t flatten out your hair, as you won’t be applying two conditioning products.  


No matter which category your hair falls under, it will benefit from using fewer heat styling tools, especially the hairdryer. After washing your hair, always air dry your wavy tresses. This is a simple but difficult thing to do. We have all been there, but it is what’s best for your wavy hair. Squeeze excess water out of your hair and let nature take its course. You will notice the difference as this tip makes your hair dry in no time.


An additional benefit of ditching or taking frequent breaks from the hairdryer is that you can pull off a natural and relaxed back-from-the beach look! A win-win situation, isn’t it?


Guard Your Hair With A Heat Guard

Heat Guard Spray For Hair Extensions

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This goes without saying that you will want to use heat styling tools like a flat iron or curler for special events and occasions. Make sure you use a heat guard or a heat protectant serum before using hot tools on your wavy hair. Read the directions on the heat guard and apply it accordingly before using heat styling tools. This extra method will help your waves stay healthy and damage-free.


Pro Tip:


  • Never use a flat iron or a curler on damp hair.
  • Make sure your hair is completely dry; otherwise, it will burn your hair.
  • Reduce the temperature. You do not have to use the highest setting to achieve your look.


Hair Spray To Set The Look

Apply best hair spray after you style your hair with heat styling tools. If you cannot find a hair spray, then use a leave-in styling serum. It helps tame frizzy hair and makes your hairstyle look beautiful. Use a lightweight hair serum so that it doesn’t weigh your waves down. Using a leave-in styling serum also makes your hair manageable and gives a shiny look.


Wavy Hair Hacks You Should Know

1. Cold Water Blast For Hydrated Hair

Cold Water Blast For Hydrated Hair

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Regardless of hair type, hot water is no friend to hair. During warm weather days, use cold water to wash out the dirt and oil from your wavy hair. Use lukewarm water during winters or cold days. This simple hack retains moisture in your hair and keeps dry hair at bay. Did you know that you can use apple cider vinegar to get rid of dandruff? That’s right, mix a cup of ACV and a liter of water to remove product build-up and dandruff from your scalp.


2. Are You Combing The Right Way?

Combing Them The Right Way

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You can choose from a wide range of hairbrushes depending on the type of hairstyle you want for your wavy hair. Gently detangle your natural wavy hair from the bottom first. After that, brush your hair from the ends to the roots, and then run your fingers through your hair. Brushing your hair from top to bottom creates more tangles, which results in damage and breakage.


Pro Tip: Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle and use a different one to style your look.


3. Lay Off Heat Styling Tools

Lay Off Heat Styling Tools

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Minimize using heat styling tools frequently. Make it a point not to use these tools often. If you want to accentuate your waves, then go heatless. Heat styling tools dry out the moisture from your hair and make it prone to damage. Here is how to treat damaged hair?


4. Nourish Your Hair

Nourishing your hair is the most fantastic hack to maintaining your luscious waves. Make homemade hair masks, oil your hair a few hours before washing it. Argan and coconut oil work great for wavy and curly hair. Let it stay for 30-60 minutes if you don’t have time, and wash it out with shampoo. This hack will make your wavy hair manageable, healthy, and strong.


5. Silk & Satin Pillowcases

Silk & Satin Pillowcases

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Invest in silk and satin pillowcases for your hair. Cotton pillow covers are the biggest cause of split ends and damaged hair, as friction is caused when your head rubs against them. Silk and satin cover do not cause friction and are gentle to your hair.


6. Snip Snip Your Hair’s Ends

Trimming your hair is an effective way to get rid of split ends and damaged hair. It promotes hair growth and makes your wavy hair look healthier. Trim your wavy hair every eight weeks.


7. Follow A Hair Care Routine

Similar to your skin, your hair needs attention and care. Incorporate a night hair care routine. Start with simply brushing your hair before bed or braiding it before bed to tame frizzy hair and get natural waves in the morning. Do hot oil treatments twice a week before going to bed.  


Wavy Hairstyles For Different Hair Lengths

Check out these beautiful wavy hairstyles for different hair lengths and look gorgeous.

Glamorous Short Tight Waves

Glamorous Short Tight Waves

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Accentuate your waves with a hair curler. Use a heat guard serum and create waves on a medium to a low setting to prevent damaging your hair. Gently tease the roots for extra volume and slightly part your hair, and show off your best side.


Gorgeous Wavy Deep Parted Hairstyle

Wavy Deep Parted Hairstyle

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If your hair is wavy at the bottom and straight around the roots, this is a great hairstyle option! You don’t need to do much in terms of styling. You can go casual, formal, or switch your party mode on!


Styling Tip: If you wear a dress or a v-cut top, wear a simple necklace to bring the look together.


Center-Parted Chunky Waves

Center-Parted Chunky Waves

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There is nothing like the classic center-parted hairstyle with chunky waves. This hairstyle is chic and elegant, and it goes with every outfit for any occasion. You can even wear a simple no-makeup, make-up, or a dramatic one. The thick waves offer texture and body to your hair. Did you know you can even wear hair extensions for a layered look? When you go out for dinner, install best clip in human hair extensions of different lengths for a layered hairstyle.


Now that you know these five hair care tips for wavy hair, a few beautiful hairstyles, and life-saving hacks, make your wavy locks look stunning! Don’t forget that your hair needs tender love and care, just like your skin and body. Take proper care of your gorgeous wavy locks.