Detailed Guide to 613 Blonde Hair

Detailed Guide to 613 Blonde Hair

Black women have a lot of different options when it comes to hairstyles. They can get a curly, a straight hairstyle, or even one with weaves and wigs! What's also great is that they have plenty of hair color options when they decide they want a change...


Coloring black hair can be a bit tricky, especially in cases where hair has been chemically processed or treated. To overcome this, you must get your hair colored by an expert hair colorist. Or even better, get yourself a wig of your color choice, and voila you are good to go!


Over a period of time, black women have taken a liking for 613 hair colors. It is different. It is unique, and it is not restricted to Caucasian women anymore. 613 hair color on a dark-skinned woman looks extremely exotic and out of this world! It seems as if it was created for them keeping in mind their unique features and skin tone.


613 hair colors in wigs and extensions have slowly made their way into our lives and have made black women all over the world obsess over it! So let’s dive into the world of 613 hair and find out more about this obsession.


What Is 613 Hair?

613 Blonde Hair


The hair color system works in a way that is similar to the mathematical formula implemented to determine the given figures (i.e. 1.0 represents black, 5.0 represents light brown, 6.0 represents dark blonde, 7.0 represents medium blonde, and 10 represents the lightest blonde). The 613-hair color goes by the name of Blonde / Light Blonde and is also known as snow white and baby blonde hair color, an alternative for #60.


613 is a light blonde color that can be used with many other shades to create the color you want. 613 wigs are wigs in the light blonde shade that have been processed and thus can be dyed to other colors without any bleaching procedure.


Human 613 blonde wigs are high-end, bleached, and dyed blonde that is popular with many stylists who have clients looking for high-quality, permanent hair pieces adorned in blonde. 613 hair color wigs will help make a woman feel more noticed and will also add style to her wardrobe.


Why Should You Buy 613 Hair?

Beautiful 613 Hair


  • Only high-quality natural human hairs can be processed into 613 hair. It is soft, silky, and bouncy. With a natural luster, it allows you to dye it into any color and blend or straighten it according to your requests. You can easily style and wash your hair as well.
  • The 613 size limit lace front wigs is a large one, which means you can split your hair in the front without worrying about its edges sticking out. The style, therefore, becomes very interesting. In addition to that, all of Indique’s hair 613 wigs are pre-plucked and can be reconditioned directly according to the natural hair line. This saves you a lot of time and money because you won’t have to cut or pluck it again.
  • African-American black women worry that blond hair doesn't look natural. This problem is because you must find a color combination that will be acceptable. Dark roots are the best friends of 613 blonde hair. It can give you a natural and noble visual effect.
  • Because of its light blonde shade, you can now directly dye 613 hair any color you desire without having to bleach it first.
  • High-quality human hair is soft, silky, bouncy, and shiny. Only healthy hair free of any form of damage can be turned into 613 Hair.


How To Get 613 Hair Color In Your Natural Hair

Natural 613 Hair Dye


This is probably the Khaleesi's effect that has made 613 hair color gain so much popularity. Going platinum blonde with dark hair means you are in for the long haul. You not only have to invest time into it but also money and regular upkeep (you will soon know why).


Going lighter from your naturally dark hair will require you to sit for two-three or in some cases even four rounds of the bleaching process. Be ready for multiple visits to the salon, before your hair is completely lightened and in the right color shade.


Some important things to keep in mind before taking the hair game to the next level.


Visit A Good Salon


There are many beauty treatments that you can DIY at home. For example, some people like to go platinum but it is one of those hair dye jobs that should only be done by a professional unless your hair is already blonde.


The risks and opportunities for error when dealing with bleach are too high. You can seriously damage your hair and wind up hiding under a hat for months before getting the color you want. This is one of those hair changes worth saving up for and seeing a pro once!


Be Prepared For Some Damage


When colorists lighten hair to 613 platinum, there is a risk of damage and dryness. It's still possible for a healthy head of hair, but it's highly unlikely that the result will be anything like the desired hue you were hoping for.


The level of damage depends on how damaged your strands are prior to the dye job in addition to how well you take care of your hair after getting it cut and colored. Putting in extra effort to repair damaged ends through deep conditioning or putting in a leave-in treatment before styling will help to hydrate your tresses so they are less likely to stay damaged or show signs of dryness.


Be Ready For Plus Sittings


The chances of getting 613 hair color in one sitting are greater when you have lighter hair and the hair has a fine texture. Unfortunately, there's no magic product that will take super dark strands to white blonde in one day.


You will pretty much have to carve out half a day to get your hair colored because you need multiple steps to reach this light shade, especially if your starting level of darkness is out of the norm for someone who has blonde/white natural locks.


Your colorist may have to do color and toner, and color and toner again - if not, even more, these days as more people are opting for bolder styles like boldly highlighting their tresses.


Notice A Change In Hair Texture


Bleaching your hair can completely change the texture of your hair, this depends on the texture of your strands before you start bleaching them. Sometimes curly hair becomes straighter because the elasticity of your strands is lost and they dry out.


Your cuticles may also become roughed up by dye when you decide to go blonde, resulting in more voluminous-looking straight hair if you're used to styling it a certain way. Not to worry, though!


These changes might throw you for a loop at first but as your new 613 'hair continues to be washed over time, your natural curls may gradually reappear one day - even if they don't come back quite as they did before because nothing is ever quite the same again.


High Maintenance


If you're someone who spends minimum time washing your hair and getting ready, we get that. Jumping out of bed every morning is hard enough without messing around with your mane. Bleaching your hair will require extra time in the shower, which translates to 30 minutes more out of your day for conditioning and taming when it comes down to getting everything squared away before putting some clothes on.


Your hair is going to need special care products (like purple shampoo) to maintain that vibrant blonde shade, but the end result will be worth it. It's important to note that even if you're rocking an edgy undercut or razor fade, you may still have to spend some serious money at your favorite salon every 4-6 weeks for touch-ups – which can be a hassle! But hey, nothing comes that easy! Right?



Transforming your hair from black to platinum blonde is a very thought after process and requires a lot of commitment. There are also possibilities of hair damage from all the bleach. There are some irreparable damages that can be quite a pain for you both mentally and emotionally. And, this can only be taken care of in a small way if you cut that much hair off and start afresh.


So then what can be a healthier alternative to this? We don’t wanna stop you from experimenting with new things and holding yourself back!


Wigs and hair extensions are the best way by which you can play around with different textures, lengths, and colors without causing any damage to your own hair.


The only thing you have to keep in mind is the quality of hair that is used in making these wigs and hair pieces. Virgin remy hair is the premium quality of hair that will give you flawless and the most natural look when you wear these hair pieces.


Come and explore more about these wigs in beautiful 613 color or platinum blonde and see how you can wear them, maintain them and make them your best buds.

Balayage And Ombre Combinations You Must Try With 613 Hair


There are plenty of color combinations that you can make with 613 hair. It is such an easy-to-use color that gives you the freedom to choose from different hues whether blonde, brunette, red or unnatural colors, such as popular pastels and even neons.


Ash Brown Hair With 613 Highlights

A Great Combo For Girls With Fine Hair


If you live in a warm place like California, it's always best to keep your hair color natural and not too brassy. Blonde highlights compliment ashy brunette hair well. Moreover, this look paired with a V-shaped cut creates dimension and fullness.


Brown Hair With Platinum Blonde

Shine Brightest With 613 Hair Color Highlights


This gorgeous hair color option is a major stunner as it reaches its brightest platinum points at certain times. Brown and blonde blends can give the feeling of warmth or coolness depending on how you choose to style it. This combo is definitely one of our favorites.


Rainbow Ombre

Choose The Color From The Wheel And Slay With 613 Hair Color


All the unicorn colors combined in this beautiful artistic ombre blend pinks, blues, and purples amidst platinum roots. We love this trendy option for anyone who is looking for a head-turning look.


Black Hair With Blonde & Silver Highlights

Switch Things Up With a Cool Blonde And Silver Highlight With 613 Hair Color


For those who like their total look to have high contrast, pick a balayage color palette that is high in contrast. Platinum highlights against the near-black roots are super bold. Let’s kick it up a notch: go with an asymmetrical bob. Keep things soft and feminine with easy waves.


Dark Brown Roots With 613

Something Different With 613 Hair


Try something classic that will never fail you even on days when you are in a hurry! Simply switch up your look with dark roots in a brown hue on your 613 hair and you are ready to rock the party!



There are so many different hair combinations that you can try with 613 hair that you will have a new look every time you step out for a party. No doubt the 613 Blonde hair is the most popular of colors among African American women.


It offers such an array of different color combinations that it really becomes endless as to what you can create for yourself. If you'd like a more customized look, there are endless ways to change up your extensions without having to go any lengthier than touching them up at home or having them done professionally. With self-expression being increasingly common nowadays -- the possibilities are absolutely limitless!


To get some inspo check these Top 7 hairstyles that you can make with 613 hair extensions and wigs and create something of your own!

Tips To Revive Your 613 Hair Color

Care For Your 613 Hair To Maintain The Health Of The Hair


613 Human Hair Weave is an exceptional color that will give you style and flair, but after a couple of washes, it starts to look worn out. How can we fix the problem? Here are some tips on how you can renew your hairpiece so that it looks great and rejuvenated. Stay in and let's figure this out together.




It's important to wash your 613 weave hair at least once – but maybe even twice when you have the time! This will keep your 613 weaves looking healthy before installation.


You'll be able to see natural weaves like waves and curls stand out more! Also, you'll have to use some color-safe co-wash creme as well because washing with regular shampoo or conditioner may ruin your hair regardless of what kind of weave it is. After washing, you can gently wear it onto your natural hair, and it'll just snap right into place.

Remove The Tangles


Just like your hair, you may want to consider taking some time to detangle your weave before styling it.


Depending on how tangled and matted it is, you can add some conditioner as you detangle to loosen it up and provide a slip for a nice cuticle.

    • When you start brushing your hair go from bottom to top, removing all tangles and knots.
    • To make the process easy, mix a concoction of water and conditioner in a 2:1 (2 parts water and 1 part conditioner) ratio in a spray bottle.
    • Rinse the hair thoroughly with water after adding the conditioner/moisturizer and then let air dry.
    • Use a wide-toothed comb to detangle the hair.

Deep Condition Your 613 Hair


Deep conditioning your 613 hair is an essential step. 613 hair needs a special type of love in order to bring back softness and shine on those strands.


It will open up the hair cuticles and allow products to deeply penetrate the strands, bringing back the softness that once was on that blonde weave. Distribute the product evenly using a wide-toothed comb for best results.


Use Apple Cider Vinegar


The main purpose of an ACV rinse is to restore the proper pH balance to your hair which eliminates frizz. If your hair lacks pH, it will look damaged. An ACV rinse will help replenish your hair's natural pH levels and redistribute the protein in your hair strand causing it to re-strengthen itself and seal the knots.

    • Use ACV rinse in a 1:4 ratio (1 part ACV and 4 parts water). Vinegar removes all the product and grime build-up effectively.
    • Rinse your hair after keeping the ACV for about 20 min with lukewarm water.
    • Now you must use a clarifying shampoo and rinse the hair very well.
    • Apply a deep conditioner and cover the hair for 30 minutes.
    • Finally, rinse your hair with cold water and allow it to air dry. This will seal in all the moisture from the cuticle.



All these steps, if followed religiously, will extend the longevity of your 613 hair and will help you to revive your hair making it feel fresh and new.



613 hair looks stunning on dark-skinned women, as if it was custom-made with their skin tone in mind. Something extremely exotic! And we wouldn't mind being the center of attention after getting 613 hair color. So, go ahead and turn heads at that party you've been dying to attend and revel in all the compliments that will pour in.


It takes courage to change your appearance and venture into the world of 613 hair colors. You must be very conscious of your decision and play out all of the possible outcomes. There is, however, a much easier way to accomplish all of this! Indique has the most amazing collection - their hysteria collection - from which you can quickly transform into the 613 hair goddess!


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