Top 7 Hairstyles You Can Make With 613 Hair Extensions And Wigs

Top 7 Hairstyles You Can Make With 613 Hair Extensions And Wigs

Fashion choices can change in the blink of an eye, and if you don’t stay informed about new choices and use trends to your advantage, you could wind up looking dated.


Luckily, there are certain looks that never go out of style and help you create different changes in your signature style that everyone will see right away.


Black girls with 613 hair colors or 613 hair extensions and wigs tend to draw attention to themselves naturally. You might think it’s because they look so beautiful or elegant, but the reality is they make great use of contrast, which helps them stand out even more.


We encourage you to go through this hair styling guide we've put together for all black girls who want to play up their beauty and show off a classic yet unforgettable vision.


Top-Selling 613 Hair By Indique


613 Hair With Dark Roots

613 lace front wig with dark roots


Girls who love trying new things or want to draw attention to themselves should go for a 613 blonde with dark roots. The stronger, darker roots in this hair color give it an interesting character, and the platinum white blonde color flatters the skin's complexion in the fall and winter months by complementing cool undertones.


613 Hair Short Bob

613 blonde hair in a short bob


You can't go wrong with a bob, especially if you love short hairstyles that have a lot of body and face-framing, which is totally 'in' this season. The blonde 613 is a casual and very versatile bob style that looks great with makeup for everyday outings or on its own for more formal events.


613 Curly Hair

613 curly wig


613 kinky hair curly Wigs are perfect for a number of different occasions! They are casual enough to wear on a daily basis while still feeling elegant. The curl is a classic that has been styled in various ways over the years, from big barrel curls to s-curls. This hairpiece can make an ideal hairstyle for any occasion you have, whether you’re going to the beach or meeting your friends for drinks immediately after work.


613 Body Wave

Soft waves with 613 hair wig


One of the most popular types of hair extensions in 613 is body wave 613 wigs. Body wave 613 wigs look great—they have a naturally beachy wave that effortlessly complements different hairstyles, and add both length and volume. They even blend with your own hair, so it looks natural. These wigs also have special features like lace front styles and monofilament top prices that make them look more realistic than others.


613 Bob Wig With Bangs

613 hair with bangs


613 Bob with bangs is as easy as pie to style with a flat iron, a necessary tool for any African American woman who has hair that is long enough to pull off this look. It’s a great option to balance out a rounder face shape since it has more weight through the back part of the hair. This 613 bob with bangs can fall in all sorts of cool ways, but it's important not to forget that underneath the sleeky hair lies those girly tresses.


613 Hair With Passion Twist

613 Hair with Passion twist


Passion twists are a protective hairstyle that looks gorgeous and gives off a feminine vibe. They work best with the Freetress Water Wave hair, which has a wavy hair texture. Hair stylists can make adjustments for fullness and thickness. 613 hair color is such a statement-making hairstyle because the lightness of this shade makes it unmissable.


613 Blonde Hair In Soft Wave

613 blonde hair wig


Platinum blonde is one of the hottest hair colors around and it's simply wonderful how platinum blonde weaves are trending this way – we can't get enough of the beauty in these incredible weaves that'll be popular for a long time. So make sure that you buy 613 weave hair to help you meet your goals.

A tip for all curly haired black women who are planning on rocking 613 is make sure you deep condition and care for your weave in order to keep it shiny and in tiptop shape.


With 613 hair you can never go out of style and keep creating stunning hairstyles. Explore our range of Indique hair Hysteria collection, read some tips and tricks to help you choose styles that can really turn heads. Now all you have to do is relax and enjoy the ride as you get your style ready for some serious wear. We're sure you're going to look great!