The Ultimate Answer To Human Hair Wigs VS Synthetic Wigs

The Ultimate Answer To Human Hair Wigs VS Synthetic Wigs

Wigs are a great way to transform your look. They come in different styles, textures, and brands. It can be difficult to decide whether to purchase a human hair wigs or synthetic wig. To help you select the right wig, here are the major differences between synthetic hair and human hair wig.


Human Hair Wigs

Human Hair Lace Front Wigs
Human Hair Lace Front Wigs


One of the most important differences between synthetic hair and human hair is that human hair wigs offer the most natural look and feel. Whether you choose lace front wigs, wavy lace front wigs, or curly wigs, there is nothing like the feel of real human hair wigs.


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Top 7 Advantages Of Wearing Human Hair Wigs:

Why Human Hair Wigs Are Better
Why Human Hair Wigs Are Better

Realistic Appearance


Want a wig that looks natural? Human hair lace frontal wigs are the best option. They are difficult to differentiate from your real hair and are very comfortable to wear. with human hair wigs you can easily ace any look you wish for.


Styling Versatility


Made with real human hair, Indian hair wigs offer endless styling options. They are heat-friendly and can be curled, straightened, or blow-dried using hot tools to achieve gorgeous hairstyles for women.


You can also perm or color them like your real hair. If you want to change your hair color, I recommend you take it to a stylist who is experienced in dealing with human hair wigs.


Hair Texture


There are different hair textures and types of human hair wigs; so you have the choice of choosing a texture that looks like your real hair.


You have the option to choose from straight, wavy, and curly lace front human hair wigs to achieve hairstyles you desire.




Indian hair wigs are more durable because they have never been pre-processed, treated, or mixed with synthetic fibers. With proper care, they can last you a year or more when worn daily.


Psychological Needs


Hair plays an important role in our lives and affects the physical appearance of a person, so losing it can be annoying and disheartening.


Human hair lace front wigs are an ideal solution for this because they provide you with full hairstyles and restores confidence.


Protecting Your Natural Hair


Human hair wigs not only give you beautiful hair but also protects your natural hair from outside factors such as sunlight, wind, dirt, or pollutants.


You can also protect your natural hair from heat styling tools and hair color because human hair wigs are heat friendly.


3 Disadvantages Of Human Hair Wigs

Price Of Human Hair Wigs


Lace front wigs made with human hair wigs are more expensive than synthetic hair wigs because of the quality of hair that is used to make them. They are made from the best quality hair called virgin remy human hair.


High Maintenance


Just like your real hair, you should wash style and take proper care of your human hair wig to maintain its health. I recommend you to use Indique hair care products to keep your wigs in good shape.


Has To Be Styled


Human hair wigs cannot hold hairstyles like synthetic hair wigs. You have to style it every day like your natural hair as after a day it will come back to it's original texture and style.


Synthetic Hair Wigs

Synthetic Wigs, Synthetic Hair Wigs
Why Synthetic Wigs are better?


Want composed and frizz-free hair? Synthetic wigs are the best option. With the advancement of wig technology, synthetic wigs have come a long way in recent years. In some cases, the hair color, texture, and density of synthetic wigs almost feel like human hair.


5 Advantages Of Wearing Synthetic Hair Wigs

Advantages of Synthetic Wigs
Advantages of Synthetic Wigs

Low Maintenance


You don’t have to spend so much of your time on styling your synthetic wigs because they can retain their style for a longer time compared to the real human hair wigs. They can be you go-to product if you're going out and can't pack too many styling products


Weather Proof


Unlike human hair, synthetic wigs can retain their style, regardless of the weather. They don’t become flat and frizzy like human hair wigs and stay beautiful as always.




Depending on the quality, synthetic wigs cost less than human hair wigs. You can purchase two or more synthetic wigs for the price of one human hair wig. So if you purchase a high-quality synthetic wig, it can be more cost-effective.


Natural-Looking Hair Options


A high quality, heat-friendly, synthetic hair wig can look just as natural as a human hair wig because they are less shiny compared to other synthetic wigs and looks as realistic as it can like human hair wigs.


Low Maintenance


Synthetic hair wigs require less care than human hair wigs. They allow you to save your energy because you don’t have to wash Wigs and style them every day. You only need to wash synthetic wigs after 15-20 wears.


4 Disadvantages Of Synthetic Hair Wigs

Unnatural Shine


Synthetic wigs have styles, cuts, and hair colors that look natural; however, some synthetic wigs have an unnatural shine and a fiber feel that makes them look obvious. After a few wears it starts to look low quality


Lifespan Of Synthetic Wigs


Synthetic wigs have a shorter lifespan than human hair wigs. You can expect them to last anywhere between 3-6 months with proper care. So you have to replace your wig more frequently with synthetic wigs.


Less Versatile


You cannot style your synthetic wigs with blow dryers, curlers, or hair color because they can’t stand the heat and chemical treatments like human hair wigs. They come pre-styled and you cannot transform the hairstyle of your straight, wavy or curly wigs until you purchase another one.




Synthetic wigs are less breathable compared to human hair lace front wigs. They are hot and can cause irritation and discomfort during the warm weather. They can easily irritate your scalp and can cause medical issues.



Now that you know the basic differences between human hair wigs and synthetic wigs, choose the right wigs for your hair.

I recommend you invest in human hair wigs because they have many clear advantages. They can be treated like your natural hair, has a much longer life span, and provides the most natural results.