10 Tips on How to Style & Maintain Your Hair Extensions

10 Tips on How to Style & Maintain Your Hair Extensions

Indique Hair extensions are made using premium Indian and South East Asian Hair.


Properly styling & maintaining your hair extensions will make them look great and last longer. Check out our 10 tips below on how to achieve great results this summer.


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1. Texture Matching

Texture Matching Your Hair Extensions

Texture-matching your hair extensions with your real hair will help to create a natural look. It will also help in styling. Indique offers 16 different textures that range from a 1 to a 4c.


Our Indique Client is seen here wearing our Bounce Organic Curl which matches her natural hair texture perfectly.


2. Shampoo

Moisturizing Shampoo

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It’s important to use a sulfate-free shampoo for your hair extensions. When shampooing, lather your hair gently, and work the shampoo downwards, from scalp to the ends.


After shampooing and conditioning, it is important to sit under a hooded-dryer to allow your braids to dry completely. Avoiding this step can cause your hair to mildew.


3. Use the Right Tools

Straight Sew In Hair Extensions

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When styling your sew-in hair extensions, it’s important to use the right tools. Avoid using tough bristle brushes as they can scratch at the hair cuticle. Scratching the hair cuticle can clump the hair extensions together, causing them to tangle and matte. We recommend using a paddle brush with coated tips or a wide-tooth comb.


If you tie your hair up in a bun or ponytail, avoid using elastic bands. These will grab the hair and cause hair breakage. Use a medium or thick hairband without the metal grips. Avoid using too many products too regularly. Using numerous hair products like mousse and spray can cause product build-up and leave the hair extension strands greasy and stringy.


4. Protect them at Night

Protect Your Hair Extensions At Night

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It’s important to always dry your extensions before bed, sleeping on wet hair extensions is harmful. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase or whilst wearing a silk scarf can help prevent the pillow friction cause frizziness.


Women with curly hair and hair extensions may have to take an extra step at night. Section the hair and braid it to maintain the curl pattern and keep the waves defined.


5. Style with Care

It’s important to make sure your weave and the braids underneath it is completely dry before styling your hair. In addition to regular shampoos, try using a spray or serum specifically designed to nourish and detoxify the scalp between shampoos. Formulas that include tea tree oil are especially effective as it will help prevent the growth of bad bacteria.


6. Take Care of Your Hair Under the Exensions

Take Care Of Your Hair Under The Extensions

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Your hair will likely grow an inch beneath the extensions, this will make the hair extensions feel tighter. Also, when kept in for too long the hair extensions can begin to lose their luster. A deep clean and a hair trim every six to eight weeks can ensure your natural hair stays healthy and well maintained.


One of the easiest ways to switch up your look is to change your hairstyle. Adding extensions is a fun way to add volume and length to your hair. By adding 100% human hair extensions you can try new hairstyles that require long lengths.


7. Styling as Normal

Hair Care Essentials

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100% Human hair extensions can be treated just like your own natural locks. They can be curled, blow-dried, and straightened much as you would normally. You can’t do this with synthetic hair extensions as hair dyes would damage the extensions and hot styling tools can melt the hair. Human hair can take friction, hair products, and heat, unlike synthetic hair extensions.


When you are styling 100% human hair extensions, it’s important to use a heat protection spray, serum or oil. By using a protectant, your extensions will last longer. Always test the tips of your extensions with the lowest heat setting to avoid a costly and damaging mistake.


8. Drying Your Fusion Extensions

If you are wearing fusion hair extensions (Keratique Collection), drying your hair with a hairdryer is a fantastic way of keeping the hair cuticle flat and your human hair extensions laid gently. When wearing a fusion install, you can receive the best results using a low heat setting, this cares for the bonds and stops them from becoming damaged. Dry the hair by pointing the nozzle downwards, working from the root down.


9. Straightening Your Human Hair Extensions

Straightening Your Human Hair Extensions

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Invest in a hair straightener with a heat setting to get the most from your hair extensions. If you have recently blow-dried your hair, then make sure you straighten on a low heat setting. If you have curly 100% human hair extensions or have left your hair to dry naturally, you can use a higher heat setting. Finishing with argan oil will make the extensions stay looking better for longer.


10. Curling Your Human Hair Extensions

Human hair extensions are usually thicker than natural hair, so it may take longer to create a curl with a curling wand. If you use heated rollers, you’ll need to leave them in longer than you normally would. We recommend experimenting with how long it takes to curl and how much hairspray is needed to hold the shape. Ionic ceramic heating tools are the best choice, as they offer the gentlest means of styling human hair extensions at high temperatures.