5 Chart-busting Black Celeb Inspired Relaxed Hairstyles

5 Chart-busting Black Celeb Inspired Relaxed Hairstyles

We believe that the mantra for staying happy is to be relaxed and look amazing. While many choose to go for various options when it comes to looks, some choose easy and stunning options. The same is the case here!


You may have straight, wavy, or curly hair, but it is possible to achieve any of the styles you want. Out of many hair textures, straight hair is considered the most sophisticated and simple. A majority of black women seek the straight hairstyle or similar hairstyles!


There are many hairstyles you may want to try, that celebrities create. Now, you can achieve your favorite celeb look with hair extensions human hair!


Here are 5 straight relaxed hairstyles that celebrate black celebs:

Kerry Acing Straight Middle Parted Hair

Middle-parted hairstyle
Kerry in her straight middle-parted hairstyle

Image Credits: Pinterest

Kerry Washington’s straight middle-parted hairstyle successfully grabbed people’s attention at the SAG Awards. Typically, Kerry has curly hair, but she has often been caught on camera in many straight hairstyles. Thinking about how she achieved this hairstyle? We have a healthy solution.


Hair extensions are the simplest and the best way to achieve the hairstyle you desire. If you are looking forward to having simple, yet bold-looking black relaxed hairstyles, this can be your go-to. Indique’s straight clip in hair extensions will help you achieve this gorgeous hairstyle of Kerry!

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Angela’s Straight-Wavy Blonde Hairstyle

Blonde straight hairstyle
Jazz up your look with Angela’s blonde straight-wavy hairstyle

Image Credits: Instagram

Why go for plain hair when you can jazz up the look with straight blonde hair? Often, Angela Simmons has been seen in wavy hair with blonde highlights or long straight hair, or even both in one hairstyle. If you want to go all blonde, you can jazz up the look with Indique’s blonde straight hair extensions from the Hysteria Collection!


Indique’s Hysteria Straight hair comes in a variety of colors and lengths so that you can achieve your desired hairstyle effortlessly! Achieve Simmon’s straight-wavy blonde hairstyle easily with this extension.

Oprah In Feathered Straight Hair With Curls

Straight feathered hairstyle
Oprah’s straight feathered hairstyle

Image Credits: Pinterest

Oprah Winfrey had carried many hairstyles. You name it, and she has it; be it curly, wavy, straight, or even a ponytail. her simple yet sassy hairstyles win people's hearts. The straight feathered hairstyle of Winfrey goes with any and every occasion. This hairstyle suits women of every age!


If you are planning to get this relaxed hairstyle, opt for Indique’s Studio Perfect 10: Relaxed Straight clip-ins. Just clip them in, give a feathered touch to your hair using a curling iron, and you are all set to seize the day!

Zendaya’s Water Hair

Water hair look
Zendaya’s water hair look

Image Credits: Pinterest

Love yourself in the ‘just out of the shower’ look? Zendaya has mastered the look by wearing it to various noticeable occasions. You can easily achieve this hairstyle with Indique’s relaxed straight human hair extensions and use styling gels or creams to finish it.

Rihanna In Sleek Long Ponytail

Sleek straight ponytail
Rihanna in her rocking sleek straight ponytail

Image Credits: Pinterest

One of the best hairstyles for relaxed hair is the ponytail. Ponytail hairstyles are your go-to if you want to relax your hair while you protect it from external damage. It is also the best black relaxed hairstyle.


Rihanna’s sleek, thick, long ponytail has captured many hearts. As beautiful as it looks, it is easy to achieve with Indique’s Relaxed Straight ponytail! Just insert it, pull it, and your Rihanna ponytail game is on point.


Celebrities inspire you to try different hairstyles as they look stunning wearing them. While you try these hairstyles too, it is important to take care of your natural straight hair as it can get damaged in the process. And this is why hair extensions are the best way out!


Indique offers you a wide range of relaxed hair extensions that can help you achieve any of the above hairstyles worn by black celebs! What’s the wait for? Grab your favorite hair and get the desired hairstyle.