Best Hair Care Routine for Curly Hair

Best Hair Care Routine for Curly Hair

Flawless curly hair is not just about how you style it, but there is a great deal of good hair care routine for its proper development. Is your hair falling flat despite your efforts? Or maybe you forgot to give the attention it seeks.

Your hair not only reflects your fashion sense but also projects your overall wellbeing. A proper hair care routine for curly hair can prevent adverse conditions like frizzy, dry, and unhealthy hair. Since your hair is exposed, it is subjected to a lot of damaging hair elements.


Having naturally curly hair is something else and is highly raved about today. Not sure where to start? Read along to learn about having a proper hair care regimen for curly hair.


1. Know Your Hair Type

Curly Hair type
Know Your Curly Hair Type


Hair is every woman’s best friend and having a better understanding of your curly hair type is where you start. So what sets curly hair apart from the rest? It is distinctive with its coily texture, and this results in poor nourishment as it restricts the movement of vital oils produced by the scalp. As a result, naturally curly hair often lacks moisture. There are further fractions of naturally curly hair, and having a better understanding of your hair type will help you narrow down the essential hair care products.


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2. Pre-Shampoo Treatment

Pre - shampoo Treatment of curly hair
Pre-Shampoo Treatment For Curly Hair


Natural curly locks can seem dry, and you're mistaken if you think going without pre-shampooing treatment is fine. Pre-shampooing is precisely what the name suggests- it is a step before shampooing your hair. Pre-shampooing adds moisture and detangles the hair for a soft mane. It steers clear, harsh, and harmful elements, especially if your hair is frizzy and prone to breakage also get a good quality shampoo for curly hair. 


Use a conditioner to pre-shampoo your hair. Separate your hair into segments and rake the conditioner through your curly hair with the help of your fingers. Leave it on for at least 25 minutes, and use a towel or a plastic cap for deeper conditioning. Depending on how much moisture it requires, there are many pre-shampoo treatments to choose from.



The Best Way to Take Care of Your Curly Hair is to Keep them Hydrated and Clean

The Oil, Sweat, Dirt or multiple products on your hair can weigh them down and your curls may end up loosing their pattern. If you want your hair to be full and bouncy then try a proper cleanup routine. Once a month atleast use clarifying shampoos for stronger clean up as they can help open your cuticles and remove excess amount of buildup on your hair. Curly hair tends to loose moisture more prominently than any other texture so make sure you keep your hair hydrated and shouldn't forget to moisturize them regularly. 

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3. Skip Shampooing Your Hair Frequently

shampoo for curly hair,
Skip Shampooing Your Curly Hair Frequently


Going about a few days without shampooing your hair is fine. In fact, it helps your hair prevent oil deficiency. Shampooing every day can expand and stretch out your delicate strands and dry out the coily curls. However, it may be, conditioner is your best companion. This doesn't mean you can bin the shampoo but deep condition more often and shampoo less. Avoid bunching up your hair while washing, and run your finger back and forth gently.


If you are unaware of which shampoo suits your hair best, it can do you more harm than good. The reason behind this comes down to your hair type and how it retains oil and moisture. A cleansing conditioner or a baking soda mixture is much better than dumping a load of shampoo and foam on your head. Another way to treat your hair is by using shampoo free from sulfate as they are too harsh for the curls.

4. Don't Brush Or Comb Curly Hair

Curly Hair extensions
Don't Brush Or Comb Curly Hair


Curly hair is more prone to breakage as they are prone to being dry and brittle. With curly hair, you will often wake up with fly-aways and frizz.

      Brushing the dry curls will make it more susceptible to frizzy hair, and it is possibly the reason why you see a huge mess of hair clogging up your drain. Use water or detangle spray and a wide-toothed comb to run down your hair if you wish to get rid of hair flyaways.

       How often should you brush your curls? If you have coily, zig-zag, or dry spirals, brushing your hair is not a good idea. If you are on the go, make sure you don't use a comb with plastic bobbles as they can cause hair shedding. Use your fingers to run down your hair and detangle hair twists to proceed to comb your hair safely. Never brush your damp hair, as it can only make things worse.

5. Give the Heat Styling Tools a Break

Styling  tools for Curly Hair
Give The Heat Styling Tools A Break


Heat styling tools may make your job easier, but they are the least friendly tools your hair deals with every day. In addition, it is the worst enemy for curly clip in hair extensions since it degrades moisture and what’s left in the curls is less or no oil, stripping the natural texture of your curls. Thermal degradation from styling tools can make your hair dull and lifeless. Use a moderate heat and heat protectant spray whenever you feel the need to treat your hair with tools.

6. Avoid Hot Water for Hair

Curly Hair care
Avoid Hot Water For Hair


Nothing is as cozy and comforting as taking a hot shower at the end of the day, but the adverse conditions imposed on your hair are unimaginable. Hot water and steam can cause your hair to look dry and brittle, especially if the temperature is too high. Hot water deprives your hair of the natural and precious nourishment for the curls. On the other hand, cold water helps maintain the crude oil in the hair shafts giving it extra moisture and a glossier look.


Further, cold water ensures your scalp remains clean and healthy. It is vital for curly and thin hair to control breakage and hair frizz. Coldwater enables your hair to stay away from hair frizz and damage. Start with lukewarm and finish off with cold water, as treating your hair with a cold wash is essential for your hair's overall wellbeing.

7. Change the Way You Sleep

Change the way you sleep with curly hair
Change The Way You Sleep


Without you having to do anything, curly hair forms a spiral on its own. If you want a healthy and everlasting sheen in your curls, you might want to consider the way you sleep at night. Have you ever thought about it? Your beauty sleep must be what’s making your lovely locks vulnerable. You may risk making your glorious curls appear matted and fussy if you don't consider your sleeping position.  


If you have curly hair, sleeping on your stomach is the best way to go. To preserve the shape of your curls, use a silk or satin pillowcase to ward off frizziness and tangles. Gather your hair at the crown and bun it with a silk scarf or hair bonnet to protect your curls while snoozing. The ground rule for maintaining your curls is by reducing hair friction that can occur due to your daily habits.

8. Oils for Curly Hair

Oils for Curly Hair
Oils For Curly Hair


Oiling your hair is a significant part of your hair care routine since your curly hair needs it for a proper blood circulation process and healthy hair development. Not sure where to start? You can get started with coconut oil, castor oil, or olive oil since they are light and non-greasy. Use your finger to massage the oil on your scalp before you go to bed and wash it in the morning on alternate days. You can even consider oiling your curls an hour before hitting the shower.


Protecting your curly locks does take a little effort and strategy. The simple switch-ups in your day and nightly hair care routine can make all the difference. Since curly hair is commonly affected due to oil deficiency, the hair care tips mentioned above should give you the most assistance. If you are struggling with what hair care products to pick for your curly hair, visit Indique to help you narrow down the right essentials. Regardless of your hair texture, Indique offers top-quality hair products that will never go wrong. Have a nice curly hair day!