Hair Care Tips: 14 Healthy Hair Habits You Should Practice

Hair Care Tips: 14 Healthy Hair Habits You Should Practice

We all want thick, full, and healthy hair. Some of us are blessed with a glorious mane, while factors such as genetics, illness, age, medication, or chemical & physical damage have affected others. Even with shedding, thinning & hair loss, there is still hope to either revive your tresses or create some fabulous fullness illusions! Enjoy these 14 tips and tricks to the locks of your dreams.


1. Get on a Regimen!

Get a regimen
Get a Regimen


Your scalp, aka home-bases, needs two constant things.

  • Cleanliness
  • Stimulation

What can be better than weekly scalp-care? Shampoo, condition, and massage. Trust me. Your scalp will thank you and, in return, flourish.

2. Hair Spa Party!!!

Get a hair spa
Get a Hair Spa


If you didn’t know, your strands would like a day in the sauna and don’t forget to bring a mask. Hair steamers will completely upgrade your entire hair regime. A steam treatment helps to hydrate your strands and get blood flow to circulate and promote hair growth. The cuticle layer of your hair also opens up and allows the conditioner to do its job. Many salons offer steam treatments, but you can also get one for at home like this one by Kiss.

3. Ease up on the Tension

Tight ponytails, braids, and weaves are a no, no. Your hairstyle should be comfortable. The saying “pain is beauty” should never apply to your hair. Styles that are too tight can result in traction alopecia.

4. Edge Control

Please be kind to your hairline and give the attention it needs. Your hairline tends to have more delicate and finer strands, so provide them with TLC. You may not want to include this area of hair in your braided styles or cornrows to reduce tension. Make sure to show your edges some love with products such as growth serums to keep them moisturized. Jane Carter carries an amazing scalp nourishing serum.

5. Extensions are a Girl’s Best Friend

Add Hair Extensions
Add Hair Extensions


Hair extensions are a great way to add length, fullness, and body. There are so many methods of installation for all hair types, lifestyles, and conditions. If you’re new to extensions, you should book a consultation with a hairstylist to know your options. Indique offers textures for every hair pattern, and the extensions are reusable and can last up to a year or more!


6. Wig it Out

Wigs are Easy to Wear
Wigs are Easy to Wear


Wigs don’t have the same rep they use to. They are the new wave! Everyone is wearing wigs; they are the perfect protective style. Nowadays, they look incredibly natural with scalp-like parts and a variety of textures. Chaka Khan released two great easy to wear wigs made of Indian virgin hair. You can have your stylist color, cut, and style these wigs into soooo many looks. They are definitely worth the high price tag. This wig is not just a look, it’s an investment, and because of quality, this piece will last as long as her career; FOREVER!

7. Pump up the Volume

Get a Roller Set
Get a Roller Set


Pump up the volume. If you have thin hair, create volume at the root of your hair for fullness. If you are getting a roller set, have your stylist over direct when rolling so that your rollers sit on base for maximum volume. The same concept when blowdrying. Direct the round brush up and away from the root.

8. You Need to Cut it

Trim the Split Ends
Trim the Split Ends


Those split ends are just leading to dead ends, and your hair is not going anywhere. It would be best if you got a trim every 8 to 12 weeks. Believe it or not, trimming your hair will lead to length retention.

9. Turn Down the Heat

Turn down the heat. Hot tools help us achieve some of our favorite looks, but make sure not to let it be the culprit to damaging your hair. It would be best if you weren’t flat ironing your hair every day. Less is best, or else your hair will be stressed. Excessive heat causes damage, breakage, dryness, and split ends. Keep it under 400 degrees and go ceramic. Invest in a good flat iron like an FHI, the plates' material, distribution of heat and temperature control are all critical.

10. Fake it Till you Make it


Ain’t nothing wrong with a little camouflage. Several products, such as gels, mascara, sprays, and powders, help fill in areas of your hair that appear thin. Celebrity Stylist Chris Appleton, known for glamming stars like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian, swear by Color Wow Root Cover-up.

11. You Need Closure

Closure and Frontals
Closures and Frontals


Lace closures and frontals are the best-kept secrets for the most flawless and natural full coverage styles. These pieces mimic the look of hair growing directly from the scalp! Strands of hair are ventilated strand by strand through skin-tone lace. In turn, you can sport a style with little to none of your natural hair exposed. Closures and frontals are ideal for people who have experienced hair loss or desire a protective hairstyle. It is imperative to seek a stylist specializing in this type of application for the best results and maintenance.

12. A Little Bit Goes a Long Way

A little bit goes a long way. Are you heavy-handed on the products? Are you a product junkie? Don’t be a victim of product build-up. All that product you’ve been cocktailing could be the main culprit in stunting your hair growth. Stick to a simple regimen and only use the recommended amount. Try sticking to one product line following their system. Isolating your product use will also allow you to see how effective it is and what’s working.

13. Go to the Salon

Go to Salon for Expert Advice
Go to Salon for Expert Advice


There is a lot of great information online and DIYs on Youtube. There is also a lot of misinformation and myths lurking out there as well. Never downplay the expertise of a professional. If you’re sick, you know it’s probably best to go to a doctor over self-diagnosing with Web MD. Work with your stylist to know what’s best for your hair, specifically. If you can’t commit to bi-weekly or monthly appointments, let them know. Most stylists are happy to suggest products and styles you can do on your own to maintain your hair's health.

14. Got Dandruff

Or psoriasis or bald spots. You need to book an appointment with a dermatologist or trichologist. There are some conditions that only a person who specializes in the study of hair and the skin can accurately determine. They will be able to get skin deep into certain conditions and offer practical solutions. Also, they will determine if hair loss is permanent or if there is a chance for growth.