Easy to Follow Installation Guide for Sew-in Hair Extensions

Easy to Follow Installation Guide for Sew-in Hair Extensions

Getting hair extensions is an exciting and fun experience. In one moment it makes you thrilled for a new transformation but in another moment, it makes you nervous when you think of the installation, especially semi-permanent hair extensions.


If you are searching for the semi-permanent hair look, sew-in hair extensions are one of the easiest and safest methods to get hair installed.


Let's see what you need to do to get the installations in the most convenient way possible.


Steps to get the Sew-in Installation

Here are the steps below for installation of sew-in hair extensions.


Step 1: Decide Weave Type

Weave hair


Semi permanent hair extensions means, they will stay in for a longer time (at least a month!). As this hair look will be with you for a while you need to make sure what kind of style you want to create. A decision to keep your hair short, long, wavy, curly or kinky should impact your choice.


Tip- Decide the texture that goes with your personality and will also match your lifestyle and maintenance routine.


Step 2: Purchase Suitable Sew-in Hair Bundles

Sew-in Weave Hair


Sew-in human hair extensions are with you for a longer amount of time. That is why it is very important for you to decide and purchase bundles that look similar to your expectations in terms of texture and hair pattern.


You also have to make sure that you buy a quality hair that is easily wearable, manageable and versatile.


Characteristics of Good Sew-in Hair Bundle

The characteristics of good extensions is that they are made of:


Human Hair

The good quality sew-in hair extensions are made of human hair. They look natural and do not look shiny like synthetic threads. When you wear them, others do not see the extensions as they blend in with your own hair.


Virgin Hair

You should buy sew-in weft hair extensions that are untreated which means virgin hair. When you buy virgin hair extensions, it makes it easy for you to style or dye them to get the desired result.


Remy Hair

The Remy hair is the one where all the cuticles and roots are aligned in the same direction so that when you wear your sew-in hair extensions, they fall in the same direction, prevententing tangles.


Strong Weft Composition

The wefting should be strong and triple reinforced with short beards.This way when you get your sew-in hair extensions installed, the strands do not shed off after installation.


Step 3: Wash And Condition Your Real Hair

Wash And Condition


Once you have chosen which kind of sew-in hair extensions you want, it is time to buy your piece and go for installation. It is recommended that you thoroughly wash and condition your real hair and extensions before installing the extensions.


Step 4: Do Hair Partitions

Hair Partitioning


Making hair partitions on the head serves as the base of your sew-in hair extensions. If you have done your partitions in a uniformed and clean manner, the chances are when the installation is done, your hair will look very structured.


So after you have washed and conditioned your real hair, detangled and blow dried, make small partitions on your head for the cornrows. You can do the partition with the help of a rat tail comb.


Step 5: Braid Cornrows

Cornrow Braids


Now from each partition, take hair and divide it into three portions. Start plaiting the three portions to form clean, tidy and secured braids.


Step 6: Sew Hair

Weave Hair


Once your cornrows are done and intact, it is time for you to get your sew-in hair extensions installed. To sew your extensions with your cornrow braids you have to sew through your weft with the help of a needle and thread.


Make the first knot to secure the nook. Once done keep following the same process of stitching your weft with your cornrows so that the extensions get installed on your head.


Step 7: Alterations

Alter Your Extensions


Once you have installed your sew-in hair extensions. You can make some necessary trims to give the complete look a tidy finish.


Why Sew-in Hair Extensions are Best?

Sew-in hair extensions are definitely one of the best hair extension styles you can get when wanting semi-permanent change. When you have sew-in hair extensions, the benefits are:


Easy To Maintain

Sew-in hair extensions are easy to clean and maintain as they just act like your real hair. You can wash them and keep your scalp and extensions clean.


Easy To Style

Added to your own hair the plus is in length and/or volume. You also have the option to style them the way you want with any kind of partition.



These hair extensions could be with you day and night. They can stay with you ranging from 8 to 12 weeks giving you the freedom from getting hair extensions installed or uninstalled every single day.


Pain-Free Installation

Sew-in hair extensions get installed by sewing or weaving. It keeps your hair protected, your scalp healthy and the installation process does not involve any rigorous hair pulling or heat glueing methods.


Weaving Hair extensions are one of the convenient ways to transform your looks. As easy as it is to get your hair transformed, the most difficult is deciding what kind of hair installation is best for you.


Sew-in hair extensions provide you with a very comfortable installation experience. But at the same time, you must buy quality sew-in hair extensions like Indique’s for a good experience post-installation. So purchase your Indique hair today.