How To Do Ariana Grande's Ponytail Using Remix Ponytail Extensions


How To Do Ariana Grande's Ponytail Using Ponytail Extensions

One of the most popular pop artists, Ariana Grande is not only known for her heart-throbbing music but her trendsetting hairstyles also. One of her hairstyles that most women are a big fan of is her ever-high ponytail. While there are many ponytail hairstyles, but Grande’s ponytail style tops the list just like her music.


Do you want Grande’s gorgeous ponytail hairstyle? Don’t worry if you have short or hair that is not long enough for this hairstyle. Getting an Ariana Grande ponytail is possible with the help of ponytail hair extensions! All you got to do is apply them and style your hair the way you want!


First and foremost, you need to have certain things handy to get the hairstyles. These are as follows:

What You Need

Get Long Hair

The first and the most important thing you need to have to achieve this hairstyle is long hair. If you have medium-length or short hair, you can still go for it. The solution to this is hair extensions! To get the best look, you should go for 100% human hair extensions.


If you are a fan of different hair textures and want this ponytail style in them, it is possible. Here is a list of premium ponytail extensions by Indique hair that you can use for this hairstyle.

Remix Relaxed Straight Ponytail

Remix Relaxed Straight for the silk-pressed hair look

If you want to replicate Ariana Grande’s ponytail, this is your go-to ponytail extension. The Remix Relaxed Straight Ponytail Extension is ready to wear. All you got to do is insert it, comb it, and pull it. This ponytail extension looks like silk-pressed natural hair, giving a medium luster.

Remix Blow-Out Ponytail

Remix Blow-Out ponytail gives your ponytail a voluminous look

If you want to make Ariana Grande’s ponytail style look more voluminous, you can opt for Indique’s Remix Blow-Out Ponytail Extension. Machine drawn, its cuticles are aligned in the same direction and it is ready to wear. All you got to do is insert it, comb it, and pull it.

Remix Wavy Ponytail

Add tousled waves to your ponytail hairstyle with Remix Wavy Ponytail

Give a wavy touch to Ariana Grande’s hairstyle with Indique’s Remix Wavy Ponytail. Made of 100% human hair, it is ready to wear. All you got to do is insert it, comb it, and pull it. Get soft tousled waves with high luster with this ponytail extension.

Remix Organic Curl Ponytail

Add a corkscrew pattern to your ponytail hairstyle

Add defined curls to this ponytail hairstyle with Indique’s Remix Organic Curl Ponytail Extension. Made from machine-drawn hair, this ponytail extension gives a corkscrew pattern and low luster to your hairstyle.

Remix Coil Curl Ponytail

Add spiral curls to your ponytail style with Remix Coil Curl

Add spiral curls to your ponytail hairstyle with Indique’s Remix Coil Curl Ponytail Extension. Get Ariana Grande’s ponytail hairstyle but with a twist. This ponytail extension is ready to wear. All you gotta do is insert it, comb it, and pull it. Get spiral curls with a medium luster with this ponytail extension.

Increase Hair Volume

To achieve Ariana Grande’s sky-high ponytail, you need to have voluminous hair. To achieve the same you can either blow-dry your hair or use Remix Blow-Out Ponytail extension to protect your natural hair from damage caused during the blow-out process.


To increase the hair volume on the top of your head, you can opt for clip-in extensions. These are easy to apply and do not take much time. Indique’s Remix Relaxed Straight Clip-In Extension serves the purpose. Made of 100% human hair, this premium clip-in extension gives a look of natural silk-pressed hair, just what you need for this hairstyle!


If you have wavy or curly hair, you can straighten them using a flat iron to achieve this hairstyle. However, you can also mold the texture if you want.

How To Do Ariana Grande’s Ponytail Hairstyle

Step 1

Comb your hair thoroughly to avoid any tangles. If you have wavy or curly hair, straighten them using a flat iron. If you want this hairstyle in wavy or curly hair, you can opt for the above-mentioned ponytail extensions.

Step 2

Divide your hair into two sections, i.e., take the first section of hair on the top of your head and the second section will be formed lower section. To get Grande’s hairstyle, it is important to take the first section of hair on the top of your head because you want to take the ponytail as high as possible.


Now, comb the first section thoroughly and tie a ponytail out of it. Apply a clip-in extension in the middle of the first and the second section and bend the hair well. Now, make 2 sections out of the first section and apply another clip-in extension between them. Untie all sections and let the extensions blend with your hair naturally.

Step 3

Once the extensions have blended well with your natural hair, tie a high ponytail on the top of your head using an elastic band. Tie the ponytail securely by looping the elastic band 2-3 times around it.

Step 4

Now, securely wear Indique’s above-mentioned Remix Ponytail extension and pull the elastic on it to form a secure grip on the ponytail. Now, comb your ponytail gently so that the ponytail extension blends with your hair perfectly.


To hide the elastic band, you can take a slim section of the hair from the lower section of the ponytail and wrap it around the band.

Step 5

Spritz a hair spray to avoid any flyaways. This will keep the hairstyle intact and give it a sleek look.

Accessorize Your Ponytail

To accessorize the ponytail doesn’t mean you need to add certain accessories to it. You can make the hairstyle fun by adding small braids on the top of your head or crimp the hair to get a different look. Even Ariana Grande jazzes up her infamous ponytail hairstyle in a similar fashion. You can also use clips on either side of the ponytail to give the hairstyle a funky look.


You can also highlight your hair blonde or go for totally blonde hair to give a brighter touch to your hair.

Tips to Keep The Perfect Ariana Grande Ponytail

There are many factors that lead to a perfect ponytail hairstyle. To get the best version of Ariana Grande’s ponytail hairstyle, follow these tips:

Tie The Pony To Align It With Your Cheekbones

To get the perfect pony and highlighted cheekbones tie the pony right in the middle on the top of your head to align it with your cheekbones. This helps enhance your face structure while the ponytail gives you a celebrity kind of look.

Use Two Elastics For A Better Grip

When you are tying the high ponytail after applying clip-in extensions, to ensure that the ponytail remains intact, use 2 elastic bands, looping them around your hair nicely.

Tips To Take Care Of Ariana Grande Style Ponytail

The base of every hairstyle being carried perfectly is hair care. There are many things that you may do that may ruin your hairstyle and ultimately damage your hair. So here are some hair care tips for you to take care of your Ariana Grande ponytail style.

Wash Your Hair Extensions From Time To Time

It is very important to keep the hair extensions clean and healthy to get the best hairstyles out of them. Because you use heat styling tools on them, it becomes important to take proper care of them. The first step is to wash your hair extensions.


If you are styling your hair extensions, then you need to wash them once a week using a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to keep them soft and silky.


Although it is said that the lifespan of human hair extensions goes up to 10 months, but with proper care, they can last up to a year!

Do Not Sleep With Your Extensions On

As much as you may want to have Ariana Grande’s ponytail hairstyle for a longer duration, you should not sleep with the extensions on. If you do so, it may lead to irritation in the scalp and hair damage as these extensions, be it clip-in or ponytail, are weighing on your natural hair.

Proper Care Results In Healthy Hair

Take proper hair care with the right hair products

Your natural hair and scalp are the base of all the gorgeous hairstyles you desire to wear. Even if you are applying hair extensions, your natural hair forms the base for them, so it is essential to take proper care of it. Start with using the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair, read all about taking care of hair when using heat styling products.


It is not at all difficult to pull off hairstyles that celebrities wear nowadays. There are many tips and tricks that you can use to get the perfect desired hairstyle! Now that you know how to do Ariana Grande’s infamous ponytail hairstyle, seize the day with it!


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