Quick & Easy Hairstyle Ideas With Indique Hair

Quick & Easy Hairstyle Ideas With Indique Hair

The season of love is gradually descending on us. Some may say this holiday is commercialised on a larger scale, but for some hopeless romantics it is an excuse to express themselves to their loved ones.

Valentine’s day is all about celebrating love. You can't help but feel the passion in the air with love songs playing on the radio and shades of red and pink heart-shaped decorations taking over shops and cafes.

We've assembled some of our best hairstyles you can flaunt this Valentine's Day, whether you have a hot date planned with your significant other, are celebrating with your gal pals, or are planning a night of self-love that includes red wine and a face mask. For tips on how to achieve these lovely, ethereal, yet simple hairstyles, keep scrolling.

Indqiue Hair Products For V-Day Hairstyle

Indique SEA Bali Straight Hair Extensions Virgin Hair
Indique Pure Body Wave Human Virgin Hair
Indique Curly Clip In Hair Extensions Premium Quality Human Hair


Indique SEA Bali Straight Hair Extensions Virgin Hair


Indique Pure Body Wave Human Virgin Hair


Indique Curly Clip In Hair Extensions Premium Quality Human Hair

Flat Twist Updo With Curls

valentine's day hairstyles
Get date-ready with this chic updo valentine’s day hairstyle

A flat twist hairstyle is the one that combines cornrows and two-strand twists. To create a braid that resembles rope, two hair strands are twisted together on top of one another.

Before twisting your hair to achieve a smooth look, fully untangle it and condition it so that you can twist it without having to struggle with knots and tangles. With the help of flexi rods you can section your hair and create curls and then leave them to dry. Once dried, take them out and fluff them up on the roots with a comb. And there you are ready with your valentines day hair.

Additionally, working with Bounce Organic Curl Hair Extensions from Indique Hair will give you the required volume and the liberty of palying around with your hair to achieve the look.

Half Up Half Down

valentines hairstyles
Fun and Flirty

Half up and half down hairstyles with top-knots are one of those hairstyles that you should always have by yourside, but you don't have to tie all of your hair up to wear the look. It is a cute hairstyle for valentine’s day.

To create this look you can section off the hair you want to pull up and secure the remaining hair to keep it out of the way of your face to finish this valentine’s hairstyle. You can also use Studio Perfect 10: Coil Curl from Indique to perfect this look with the desired hair color and immense volume.

Before making your top knot, smooth the hair with a style cream like DESIGN ESSENTIALS® COCONUT & MONOI CURL DEFINING GELÉE: 12 OZ. Pull the hair back into a ponytail after styling it with your styler. Secure your top knot with a second elastic or bobby pins, then style as desired.

Slutry Straight Hairstyle

valentines day hair
Long & straight for valentines day hair

One of the most striking hairstyles for black women with long hair is this Sleek & Straight hair left open. To stop flyaways, spray hairspray on it to secure it and give it a neat look.

These days, more and more African American women enjoy sporting long, straight hairstyles, and they look beautiful doing it! With a high-quality human hair wig like one from Indique - SEA BALI STRAIGHT LACE FRONT WIG, you can easily get this valentine's day hairstyle.

Real Remy human hair is what we advise using for results that last and look natural. It excludes an unmatched sheen that compliments this look.

Messy Bun

valentines day hairstyles
Romantic messy bun

This beautiful low effort messy bun should be your go-to hairstyle this Valentine's Day if you have thick, textured curly hair that gets difficult to manage.

Start by teasing the top of your hair. The next step is to gather your hair into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck and loosely fasten it with a hair tie. After you've secured your ponytail, divide it into two sections, then twist them together to create a rope braid. The ends of this braid should be held in place using bobby pins. To add more volume, tug on pieces of hair towards the crown. Use some flexible-hold hair spray to keep your hairstyle in place.

Alternatively, you can create this look with Indique’s Pure Curly Hair Extensions too once you get them sew in to give you a long lasting natural look. You can also try different sew in hairstyles.

Crown Braids

valentine hair
A crown for the queen that you are!

If you want to impersonate the inner goddess or go for something elegant and romantic hairstyle in one, then what you are looking for is a Crown braid hairstyle. This involves braiding two braids from both the ends of your head and then wrapping them around at the top of your head to form a crown or halo.

It is generally preferred to have long hair for this valentine’s day hairstyle. You can add Kinky Curl Braiding Hair from Indique to add the extra length to your tresses to get those additional length and volume in your hair.

To add your own touch to the style you can add pearls to the braids or add a golden thread when braiding. You can braid the hair and make a crown either at the front, middle or back, depending on your style.

Bouncy Blowout

valentine's day hair
Flirty blowouts for valentine’s day hairstyles

A bouncy blow-out is a perfect valentine's day hairstyle that is flirty and romantic in all the way. You will need freshly cleaned, damp hair for this one to get started. Use a heat protectant spray at the roots to start with the style.

Once you're through, add bounce and volume to your hair with a large barrel round brush. To reduce heat damage to your hair when blow drying, keep your dryer at least 10 to 12 cm away from it. You should also sometimes change the brush's angular position. At the very end, spritz some hairspray, and you're ready!

A bouncy, wavy blowout will elegantly frame your face and give your look a casual-chic feel. Your hair will need more control to get this blowout. Consider using DESIGN ESSENTIALS® NATURAL ALMOND & AVOCADO CURL ENHANCING MOUSSE and DESIGN ESSENTIALS® COCONUT & MONOI CURL DEFINING GELÉE: 12 OZ. to finish things off. Together, these two products will give your hair more hold while also shielding it from the heat and humidity of the dryer and the environment, giving you a bouncy, long-lasting style. For best results use BOUNCE BLOW-OUT HAIR EXTENSIONS from Indique Hair.

Date-Ready Pineapple

cute valentines day hairstyles
Well kept curly hairstyle

The pineapple is a loose, high ponytail you wear on top of your head to keep your hair from becoming frizzy, tangled, or flattened when you lie on a pillow. Your tossing and turning will only affect the sides and back of your hair. Tie a lovely scarf over your head or your hair to secure the curls.

A pineapple is also a hairstyle in and of itself, although it is frequently used at night or after washing the hair! When the front is straightened out, it appears quite suitable for a date and is loved and preferred by many woman.

This hairstyle works best with type 3 or 4 hair. You can therefore use BOUNCE ORGANIC CURL HAIR EXTENSIONS to get the desired look.


So this Valentine’s Day get up, get dressed, make any hairstyle from the above mentioned valentine’s day hairstyles and spread some love. You can gift these hair extensions to yourself as self-love or can gift a gift card to someone who you know would love to go the extra mile for you!

So show some love to the person you care for the most, whoever they are, your special someone, your family, or your closest friend and bring joy to them with Indique Hair extensions and wigs.

Happy Valentine's Day!