Weave Hair Inspiration For 2023 You Should Bookmark Right Away

Weave Hair Inspiration For 2023 You Should Bookmark Right Away

Hurray we are counting the days to the new year with hopes, new resolutions and ofcourse new outlook to life and maybe hair as well…right? Well, if not then you should definitely do it. New hairstyle automatically refreshes your energy aura and that is why we are here with some interesting trendy weave hairstyles that you can try out 2023 which will let you play with your hair without commitments and still manage to look refreshing throughout. So, if you are also making a fashion board for 2023, mark these weave hairstyles listed below.


Best Hair Extensions For Weave Hair





January- Bangs In Beanie

how to style curtain bangs
Bangs in Beanie Are Cute And Feminine


Winters are fun but not when cold waves hit you on the head. So, you can be very strategic with wind protection and being stylish. Have bangs hair with lace front and you really need not to be tidy as you can hide them with the beanie. This look is very cosy and if you want to glam it up, then feathered cut your bangs.


February- Extra Long Ponytail

long ponytail hairstyles
Long Ponytail Slays


Valentine's month is full of love and you need to give love to your hair by making them extra pop. Wear a long length braid that swings all down to your waistline. Make a tightly woven braid till the tips to have a healthy long hair rope vibe. Indique's 30 inches weave hair make it very possible for you to achieve such a pretty glam Rupanzel look.
To make it more peppy, you can add glitter ribbon too.


March- Half Up and down

how to do half up half down hairstyles
A Full Volume Of Glam


If you wear weave kinky hair texture especially in blowout form. This hairstyle will look absolutely cute and adorable. You have to divide your hair in 4 parts. One left, one right and one in the middle. Then the middle partition should be divided in half. First half should be put in a bun. This peppy hairstyle looks extra youthful and for March when the season begins to get blossoming, this look adds more to the mood.


April- Space Buns

how to do space buns
Have Hairstyle Out Of This World


This look is definitely out of the world. Use the blow out weave hair. Divide them in 2 sections, then do the swirls right above the ear to have goat horn effects. You can even try out new age hair color in them in shades of purple or blue to deliver the space kind of look and feel. Wear it with off shoulder tops to highlight your collarbones.


May-Voluminous Waves

beach waves hair
Waves Always Add Up The Volume


The breeze running wavy hair that looks very dense and has a great hair volume effect is a must try experience you should go for the month. The sun is shining and in the evening there is a nice wind that makes your hair look even prettier. You can go to the salon and get your chic haircut and then do loose curls at the bottom. It is safe to cut and heat curl the PURE collection to achieve the appearance as per se.


June- Chandelier Layers

how to style layered hair
Layers Aways Give A Character


A very nice fall curtain bangs that are a mix of soft swept bangs and then the step layer cuts. It is advised to have this cut under the supervision of the hairstyles as they will be able to give your professional light bang cuts. This hairstyle will look extremely pretty in short as well as long length and with Berkin bands it will be a nice touch.


July- Slicked Back Bun

chic bun hairstyles
A Very Empowered Hairstyle


It is the end of summer and things become sweaty and hot. At that time we don't need hair irritating by dangling on necks. So, you can put your weave hair in a sleek tidy bun. If you get weave hair from our PURE or SEA collection. Comb them in the backwards direction. Put an elastic band to tie a ponytail and then swirl it to have a tiny tidy bun. You can further add the loops to bedazzle the look or you can wear small studs at professional events.


August- Colored Micro Blunt

blunt cut long hair
Color The Fashion Wildness

Get the robotic aero look that will be a modern touch in the high hot summers. Color your weave hair in shades of purple or blue and even reds if you want to be adventurous. Give a sharp razor cut. Wear it with smarty pants and you are good to slay!

September- 2 Wavy Bangs

how to cut bangs on wavy hair
Wavy Bangs Can Play With Face Well


Classic Hairstyle of this decade that you can wear to any event be it formal or occasional night outs. Just put your weave hair in a low ponytail with the middle partition Them from each side separate 2 flicks and at low heat temperature loosely curl them. Don't worry about disturbing your texture with heat styling if you are doing it with our PURE, BOUNCE or SEA collection. It accentuates your face features and looks dope with shimmery blush done on cheekbones.


October- Bubble Flicks

flicks hair
Double Bubble!


A cute-sy weave hair look that is perfect for Halloween october because first this hairstyle has the character and secondly this look is unique and has a nice facelift. Do the middle partition of your weave hair and then on each side pull out 2 inches wide flicks. Put the rubbers after a gap of 1 inch to make the bubble effect. You can use the colorful rubber bands to elevate the look.


November- Braided Bun

braided bun hairstyles
A Hairstyle You Can Never Go Wrong

A very classy and pretty hairstyle you can do on your real hair as well. You may not necessarily need the weave hair in this, but can manage with human hair ponytail extension as well. In this you have to put hair into a ponytail then make it turn into braids. Then put these braids in a circular motion to do the bun. You can even put the beads into the braids for a fancier look

December- Shaggy Bob

how to style a shaggy bob
A Beautiful Mess

This hairstyle is very freestyle and looks good with high necks and even chokers too. You have to get the short hair and then with help of a stylist make them have asymmetrical top hair layers to give a short layered hair look. You can also use hair spray and run your fingers in between to create the effect. This look will look superbly cute with a turtle top and high boots and with a christmas cap on, it will be pure instagram pection.


These are only 12 looks but you can change your look every week. Yes, that is the power of weave hair. The weave hair by Indique is easy to manage and experiment with sustainable maintenance. So,let’s have a great and stylish 2023 with Indique!