Lace Frontal Vs. Lace Closure: Which To Choose?

Lace Frontal Vs. Lace Closure: Which To Choose?

Lace frontals are a hot topic in the world of extensions. Their versatility and flawlessness make them appear like hair is growing from your own scalp. One way to differentiate between them is that frontals are used to recreate the hairline from ear to ear while closures are more for recreating the natural parting such as a side or middle part with scalp and a bit of hairline.


Both hair pieces help in completing your look and are a perfect choice for styling your wigs and sew-in install. However, the challenging part is making the best choice for which option is best for you.


So, at Indique we’ve got you covered if you're looking to invest in a great hair piece and have yet to decide which one to go for. We've put together everything you need to know about lace frontals and closures, the pros and cons too.


Why Wear Lace Frontals?

Lace Frontals


If you desire a good length and volume from your hairline then lace frontals should be your choice. It gives a seamless, natural-looking hairline from the front.


As the hairline looks voluminous, it lets you have hairstyles or haircuts that could help you change your face shape with just minor styling.


Pros Of Wearing Lace Frontals

Love Lace Frontal


  • The lace frontals provide coverage from ear to ear, which allows your scalp to breathe and keeps your real hair beneath healthy as well.
  • You have more styling more styling options because you can pull your hair back with ease


Cons of Wearing Lace Frontals

Curly Lace Frontal


  • It is difficult for beginners to blend the lace frontals seamlessly as it requires expert level proficiency to match the lace color with your skin tone.
  • Generally, lace frontals come in premade sizes, and they may not fit your head size properly. You may have to visit the hair salon for installing or customization.


Why Wear Lace Closure?

Lace Closures


If you’re on a budget or want to cover the crown area of your head, then you should consider lace closures. Often acting as a hair topper, the lace closures are best used when you want to make your hair look fuller at the crown area, conceal hair loss or not have to worry about blending leave-out.


Pros of Wearing Lace Closures

Curly Lace Closure


  • They are much more affordable than lace frontals because they are smaller and not as much ventilation is required to create them.
  • Lace closures require little maintenance; they tend to stay in place longer than frontals. Lace closures are the best pick if you’re trying to hide certain small bald spots.


Cons of Wearing Lace Closures

Remix Relaxed Lace Closure


  • As Lace Closure is only a patch covering a part of your head it limits your styling options. When installing closures you are only limited to 3 options which are the three-part, free part, or middle part. You’re unable to pull you hair back
  • With sew-in installation, lace closures tend to grow out with your natural hair. Which means a regular visit to your stylist every 4 weeks and a lot of maintenance.


How to Pick the Perfect Piece

Closure With Sew-in


Both of them may not cover your head completely, but they still have some differences that make them unique in their own way.




The lace closure usually comes in 4x4 size or in case you're buying from Indique it gives you a customized 5x5 size for more coverage. So, if you are looking for a stable hairstyle and just want a closing piece for your sew-in install then a closure should be your go-to.


On the other hand, the lace frontals typically comes in 13x4 size which cover your ear-to-ear hairline. So, if you're looking for more versatile styling with your hair and loves experimenting with cuts and style then a frontal should be your go-to.




The lace closures at Indique varies between a range of $109 - $199, ; whereas a Lace Frontal at indique varies between a range of $259 - $399 depending on the quality of hair you're planning to purchase.


However, you can get an instant discount of 10% when you signup for the indique email newsletter and SMS alert and on top of it you'll contantly be notified of all the promotions indique held online.




The lace frontal goes over your hairline providing you an ear-to-ear coverage so that you can further style your hair to cover your head more completely for a voluminous look.


Whereas the lace closures are specifically designed to cover the crown area of your head, so you can either install them in the center for a middle parting or sideways, based on your preference.



Lace closure and lace frontals act like magic hairpieces to provide the most realistic look without having to leave any of your natural hair out. However, both have different dimensions of styling, length, volume and pricing.


If you're looking for versatile styling and is not constrained by the budget we suggest you go for the frontals; whereas, if you don't like experimenting with your hairstyle much or have a constrained budget we suggest you go for a closure. Whatever choice you make, you are guaranteed to have a seamless protective style!


As you now know what these hairpieces are, which option would you choose for your next install? If you’re confused about where to buy them; you can also explore our options of lace closures and frontals, while you're at it.