Advantages Of A 5X5 Closure You Need To Know

Advantages Of A 5X5 Closure You Need To Know

If you are someone who loves to wear wigs 5X5 closure will be your best friend. Once you use them there is no going back to other closures. Finding a suitable closure that suits your style is also very important to achieve a flawless look.

No matter what your hair problem is, like covering up a patch or getting a new hairline that is natural and beautiful 5X5 closure is your go to hair piece.

So what all you should know about a 5X5 closure? Let us understand why is everyone raving about these 5X5 closure and what are some of the advantages of wearing them.

What Is A 5X5 Closure?

5X5 closure Head Coverage
For complete coverage use a 5X5 closure

A 5X5 closure is a lace closure that covers 5 inches across your forehead and 5 inches going back. A lace closure will provide a natural hairline when made with 100% bb. A 5X5 closure can be sew in with a wig or to cover up a sew in hair extension to give your the most natural looking hairline that can be parted in any which way you like.

Advantages Of Wearing A 5X5 Closure

5X5 Closure Just Benefits
Just benefits!

The 5x5 closure offers the most convenience and styling versatility. As a result, they offer a variety of advantages and that’s why it is most popular among women.

  • They look very natural.

  • They are very easy to maintain.

  • They can be styled in multiple ways.

  • A closure will last longer than frontals.

  • They can also be re used fro multiple uses.

By using a 5x5 closure, you can free your hair from routine maintenance procedures. 100% virgin human hair is exceptionally adaptable and breathable. They may be twisted, colored, or faded.

The necessary style can be planned. It typically lasts a long time if properly maintained with wig. You can experiment with several types. There are a lot of options, whether you want a deep wave closure wig, a water wave closure wig, a body wave closure wig, or a straight closure wig.

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How To Style A 5X5 Closure?

imagination is the key
  • Washing and conditioning your hair should come first. Your 5X5 closure will stay healthy and glossy if you do this.

  • To enhance volume in the closure, blow-dry your hair using a round brush.

  • Make numerous portions in your hair, then secure them up. The closures will be simpler to use as a result.

  • Put a tiny bit of weave hair adhesive on the closures' weft.

  • At the nape of your neck, start fastening the fasteners, making sure to smooth them out as you go.

  • Working your way up to the top of your head, secure the remaining closures.

  • Style your hair as you would do normally. To get the desired look, you can use a straightener, curling iron, or any other style product.

  • Lastly, use hairspray to keep the 5X5 closure in its place.


Hope you have got a clear understanding of why a 5X5 closure is all the rage today and why investing in them is a clear win for you. At Indique we always strive to give you the best you could dream of to make your hair journey smooth and care free. You can always get your hair extensions and other hair pieces customised to fit you perfectly and give the most natural look possible.