10 Questions To Ask Before Getting Hair Extensions

10 Questions To Ask Before Getting Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are rising in popularity to drastically transform your hair overnight which is why many women happily add them. If you plan to buy hair extensions anytime soon or have recently acquired a new set, this blog is a must-read . Check out some of the questions that have been debated since hair extensions have existed. We are here to give you expert answers. So, continue to read below!


How Long Do Hair Extensions Last?

Long and Beautiful Hair Extensions


A good set of human hair extensions lasts for 9-15months. This answer fluctuates depending on your wearability and type of hair extension. If you have temporary human hair extensions like clip-in extensions, drawstring ponytails, or even tape-ins, they last for up to 15 months with occasional wear. Whereas, if you have human hair extensions in the form of braids or weave extensions, they would probably last in good shape for up to 6 months, but it is recommended to remove them after 3 months for your hair health and hygiene.


The synthetic hair extensions, on the contrary, may only last up to 3 months . So if you want the average lifespan of any hair extensions, regardless of whether it is artificial or real human hair, the expected time is around 5 months.

How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost?

What hair extensions you intend to purchase depends on the cost range. We will not leave you hanging and tell you the average cost of each human hair extension if you are looking for quality. Here are the average costs of virgin human hair extensions.

  • Closures- $150-$250
  • Frontal- $200-$350
  • Clip-In Hair Extensions- $120-$200
  • Ponytail Extensions- $120-$200
  • Weft Hair Bundles- $100-$200
  • Tape In Hair Extensions- $120-$200
  • Micro Bond Extensions- $40-$80
  • Braiding Hair- $120-$200

How To Hide Extensions In Very Short Hair?

Hiding the hair extensions in short hair can be tricky, but if you follow the steps below, you can camouflage extensions even in 3 inches of hair.

Here are steps: 

  • Get hair extensions similar to your hair color tone.
  • Go in a 1:2:3 ratio where you put the widest extension in the middle, then medium ones on top and below, and then keep reducing the widths as you go to the extreme top and bottom of your scalp for full coverage.
  • Trim your human hair extensions a little short to avoid questionable length 
  • Put them in different hairstyles to distract people.

Where To Buy High-Quality Hair Extensions?

It would be best to buy high-quality hair extensions from a brand with a wide range of products, customer feedback, a promising return policy, convenient EMI options, social media existence, accountability, and credibility. Indique embraces all the areas mentioned above. 


Indique offers premium hair extensions with a promising policy and verified badge on Instagram. Also, we have clients like Chaka Khan and Oprah wearing Indique quality hair extensions. You can also see our brand listed on big fashion websites as a promising brand to provide quality hair extensions.

Are Hair Extensions Bad For Your Hair?

No, human hair extensions are not bad for your hair. However, if you go for synthetic/artificial hair extensions, they could give you an itch and skin infection. Also, if your semi-permanent hair extensions stay on for too long (like more than 3 months), that could create ventilation problems for your scalp.


So, if you take good care of your extensions with washing and maintaining them, your extension hair will be healthy as your own.

What Are The Best Hair Extensions?

Remy virgin human hair extensions are the best hair extensions available today in the market. They are considered best because they

  • Do not tangle
  • Can be heat styled
  • Can be bleached
  • Have a shelf life of more than a year
  • Are humidity resistant
  • Are the easiest to maintain.

If you want a comfortable premium hair experience, consider them.

Which Hair Extensions Last The Longest?

There are a lot of hair extensions available in the market, and among them, the human hair extensions last the longest, especially the temporary remy human hair extensions. They are easy to maintain and stay in good condition for up to 15 months, even with frequent wear. 

Can You Dye Hair Extensions?

YES you can. The only condition is that your human hair extensions should be virgin. The virgin human hair extensions are non-treated hair; when you apply color to them, the pigmentation reacts well to show the color. Human hair is natural, so the chemicals do not burn or deteriorate the quality of hair, making it completely safe to dye them. But, if you plan to dye non-virgin human or synthetic hair, the extension may fall apart and/or the texture may become distorted and frizzy.

How To Store Hair Extensions?

If you wear extensions, you must store them well in order for them to stay in the best possible condition.Here are some easy ways to store your human hair extensions so that you can extend the shelf life and keep them in good shape for the longest period of time.

  • Put extensions in the original packing
  • Hang your extensions on 2 clip hangers and attach wefts
  • Use plastic airtight packs or boxes
  • Lay out extensions in a soft cloth and then put them in the drawer

Just comb your extensions before storing them and put them in a low-temperature, darker place to keep the pigment intact.

How Long Does Hair Have To Be For Extensions?

Your hair must be at least 3 inches long to install hair extensions hassle-free. Though they can also be installed in lesser lengths, it is an exceptional case and can be done under an expert's supervision.

Hopefully we were able to answer your questions that you have wondered about for a long time. The answers to all your questions here are absolutely positive if you buy premium quality human hair extensions. So, with your questions resolved, buy Indique human hair extensions and enjoy your hair transformation!