All You Need To Know About Drawstring Ponytails


All You Need To Know About Drawstring Ponytails

Technology has spread its wings in every field. The hair industry has been highly influenced by technology. While hair extensions give you a look just like your natural hair, they are affordable and improving every day!

Hair extensions have evolved over the years, and so have Human hair ponytail extensions. Drawstring ponytails are the latest product of technology when it comes to hair. These ponytails are hairpieces made of human or synthetic hair. They are easy to wear and give you a natural ponytail hairstyle.

You can use hair extensions to increase your hair volume and tie it into a ponytail, but that would be a messy procedure. You can easily put on drawstring ponytails, and your gorgeous long ponytail will be ready in just minutes. However, there are certain things that you must keep in mind when selecting one.  

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Choose The One That Suits Your Hair

Natural ponytail hair extension
Ponytail Hair That Suits The Hair

You must consider many criteria when choosing a drawstring ponytail, but the most important criterion is similarity. Use the ones that are similar to your natural hair. This helps in blending the human hair drawstring ponytail with your natural hair.

Choosing a drawstring ponytail will help in giving the most natural look to your hair that will eliminate the chances of people noticing the extension. Wear the ponytail extension and achieve the desired look.

How To Wear A Drawstring Ponytail

Drawstring Ponytail Hair Extensions
Drawstring Ponytail Look

It is very easy to put on a drawstring ponytail, thanks to the ever-improving technology. Before you wear a drawstring ponytail, make sure to wash your hair and moisturize it properly. This is important because you are going to attach external hair to your natural ones. Washing your hair helps keep the strands healthy and strong and minimizes any wear and tear of hair when the extensions are worn.

Follow the below mentioned easy steps to wear a drawstring ponytail:


  • Let it dry once you have washed your hair, and make a small tight bun with your natural hair. This will be used to form the base of the ponytail.
  • Put the drawstring ponytail on the bun and secure it using the clips on it.
  • Now, pull the drawstring. Make sure that you have adjusted the ponytail extension well and it is covering the bun properly.
  • Some drawstring ponytails come with a slim hairpiece to wrap around the bun. This helps cover the base and give it a natural look. Once you have wrapped the hairpiece, secure it with bobby pins.
  • You can add a ponytail holder to give it a more natural look.


The best drawstring ponytail is the human hair drawstring ponytail. These ponytail extensions are made of 100% virgin human hair that looks like your natural hair. Check out drawstring ponytails by Indique here. 


Indique Hair offers you types of ponytail extensions. Ranging from straight to coil curly, Indique provides you with premium quality ponytails. If you are planning to style your ponytail, Indique’s ponytail extensions give you the liberty to heat-style them the way you want!


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