5 Ways To Sleep Comfortably With Natural Hair Wigs

5 Ways To Sleep Comfortably With Natural Hair Wigs

Everyone loves good sleep and good hair. But the thing is that they don’t go well together. When hair is rubbed against the fabric it creates the static that could make your hair look frizzy, dry and may tangle a lot and even lead to breakage. And this situation gets extremely delicate with natural hair wigs because they just act like natural hair. And with synthetic hair wigs, the situation is even worse.

But what to do if you have installed that gorgeous natural hair wig and don’t want to disturb your sleep cycle. This blog will surely help you out.

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Sleeping with Open Wig Hair Can Be nightmare

Let’s be honest. In ideal world no. But it is quite impossible to have your natural hair wig on for months and not sleep. With certain basic things in mind you can have great sleep and a great natural hair wigs that stays longest in its best shape. See the pointers below to learn them all.

5 Hacks To Sleep With Natural Hair Wigs

Sleeping with your wig can be hectic. But let us make your process easy by sharing 5 convenient hacks:

1. Soft Moisturization and Massage

Soft Moisturization and Massage For Hair Wigs
Intuitive moisturization Goes Long Way

As your natural hair wig can be in shape if sew ins or adhesive hair wig patches that also come in contact with your real hair. Try to moisture your real hair roots (if exposed) and cuticles if the natural hair wig with soft moisturizers. Like argan oil or olive oil. Jut dab some on your fingers and massage in circular motions. It will make your hair roots strong and all the hair of your natural hair wigs will be healthy and shiny. If you feel applying oil everyday will make your wig look greasy. You can just slowly brush them and massage with fingertips. It will relax you and also the hair.

2. Loose Knot

The hair should not be left open while sleeping. Put your natural hair wig in a loose knot. You can plait them loosely or put them in the low bun. Loose hair will let the movement of your hair be more open which increases more chances of hair static and could lead to hair falling from the wig.

3. Silk Bonnet

Before sleeping, put your hair under a silk bonnet. The silk bonnet is like a shower cap that is made of the silver fabric and will help your hair to stay away from rough hair movements and keep the strands of your hair intact. Also keeping them in silk smooth bonet will avoid split ends. If you don't have silk bone, you can make it by taking a square of velvet or silk fabric. Fold in a triangle and tie ends to form a knot. Insert head inside and have your bonnet!

4. Silk Covers

Silky Covers For Smooth Hairs
For silky Hair and Smooth Sleep

Having the silk pillow covers work as good as a silk bonnet. Your head will rest on the soft fabric that will avoid any friction that can lead to hair breakage or rough splits. Silk is also a great fabric to sleep on for healthy body.

5. Length Adjusting

Don't freak out, we are not saying to give your natural hair wig a chop. You have to put your long hair wig in braids or put in a ponytail that shortens the length. Because this will restrict the movement on the bed of your hair that will save them from breakage. You can put them in bun, braids or pigtails however you feel comfortable in loose scrunchie.

So just adhere to these 5 tips and you can have a comfortable sleep with your natural hair wig. It keeps their life long, sustain the texture to be smooth and avoids all sorts of breakage from the weft. So buy from Indique for pretty natural hair wigs and follow these steps for great sleep!