Not all Do It Yourself [DIY] beauty tips are made equal. Some, to be frank, are complete BS. There are numerous natural tricks, however, simple enough to incorporate into your busy daily routine and see results instantly. We've laid out some of our favorites for you to try out.

Drink Water Right After Brushing Your Teeth

This tip comes from Cameron Diaz. "Every night before I go to sleep, I fill up a big glass bottle with water and put it on my bathroom counter. First thing in the morning, right after I brush my teeth, I drink it. Because I know that during the night, while I am sleeping, all of that breathing in and out exhales a lot of moisture from my lungs. Imagine how much water you can lose during eight hours of breathing! Because we can’t replenish it while we are sleeping, it’s important to rehydrate once we wake. Once I drink the water in the bottle by my sink, I feel it immediately. I go from being a wilted plant to one that has just been rejuvenated by the rain."

Use Mayonnaise As A Hair Protectant

You may not be a fan of mayonnaise (or are trying to cut it out of your diet) but the stuff works wonders for your hair. Blake Lively recently revealed she puts it on the bottom half of her hair before showering, a trick passed on from her mother. She does this so the mid-lengths and ends are protected when shampooing, and the soap can't strip all the natural moisture and dry it out. Just don't forget to rinse it out!

Make Your Own Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is the silent champion of hair care products. If you're shying away from putting chemicals in your hair (why stop at mayonnaise?) try this natural recipe for dry shampoo: six-10 drops of essential oil, lavender or lemon, two tablespoons of corn starch, two tablespoons of rice flour and two tablespoons of arrowroot powder.

Trade Your Loofah For An Orange

Dry, scaly skin? Never fear. It's time to throw out your old (and probably moldy) loofah and replace it with oranges. The acid in this citrus fruit is what makes it a great exfoliant. Just cut the orange in half and scrub it vigorously over your knees and elbows.

Smell Like Chocolate, Every Day

With your knees and elbows taken care of, it's time to look after the rest of your body. A super easy (and scrumptious) chocolate body scrub is just what the doctor ordered. Mix together sugar, cocoa and coconut oil and get to work.


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