Discover your perfect hair match with the help of a dedicated Indique Personal Shopper. Book your virtual consultation today!

Discover your perfect hair match with the help of a dedicated Indique Personal Shopper. Book your virtual consultation today!

Your Virtual Indique Expert
Shopping virtually with Indique is more than a consultation—it’s an experience to help you identify your perfect match within a wide variety of the best extensions.

Meet with an Indique Personal Shopper—It's Simple!
Your Personal Shopper will get to know your hair needs, so you'll get personalized advice and recommendations to create your ultimate hairstyle.

Schedule a session
Select a date and time that’s convenient for you and pay a small, refundable booking fee.

Tell us about yourself
Share your next hairstyle idea, preferred hair texture and your budget preferences.

Meet your Personal Shopper
Check out a variety of bundles, wigs, closures and more in a virtual video session.  

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Personal Shopper FAQs

How much does it cost to book an appointment with a Personal Shopper?
The fee to book a Personal Shopper appointment is $25 which goes towards your next Indique purchase. The $25 credit is valid within 60 days after your Personal Shopper appointment.

What information about myself do I need to give?
Your Personal Shopper will ask you a few questions to get a feel for your likes, dislikes and any specific hair goals and needs. They will also ask about hair texture and product preferences which will be placed in your very own Indique Client file. Any other details you'd like to provide are up to you.

How long will a Personal Shopper appointment take?
Appointments are 20 minutes long. If you find you need additional time during your session, just let your personal shopper know, and they will extend your session an additional 10 minutes at no charge.

What can I expect during my appointment?
To get a feel for your likes, dislikes and specific needs, your Personal Shopper will provide you with a quick questionnaire after you schedule your appointment. When you attend your session, your Personal Shopper will have already pulled options for you to view virtually. Once you find your perfect hair match, you will receive detailed info for each piece needed to create the final look. If you are satisfied with your selections and are ready to purchase, we send you details for your order and ship out the next business day.

Meet Stenisha

“Step out into the world and let your hair do the talking”

– Stenisha Johnson

Stenisha Johnson is our Boutique Manager in Houston, TX and has been an Indique expert since early 2021.

She was born and raised in Southern California where she was introduced to the beauty industry at a very young age. From the age of 3, she entered and won countless beauty pageants and appeared in children’s magazines. Even at an early age Stenisha paid meticulous attention to detail in her wardrobe and make up that drove her mother crazy.

It wasn’t until her early 20’s that she really discovered her love and passion for fashion and beauty. Stenisha’s passion as a certified makeup artist grew intensely working with so many diverse makeup artist or hairstylist. Whether it be on location, on set, or in a store setting, Stenisha thrived to learn, and share her knowledge with anyone who would listen.

Stenisha is known for her professionalism, charming personality, and ability to create artistry personally tailored to your needs. As your personal shopper, her commitment is to giving you the best virtual experience by listening to all of your wants, needs, and suggesting the best options for enhancing a new you.