Worst Mistakes You Can Make With Clip In Human Hair Extensions

Worst Mistakes You Can Make With Clip In Human Hair Extensions

Daily hair styling can be a chore, but clip-in human hair extensions simplify the process. The hair extension offers you the ideal volume anytime you need it and is also very easy and manageable. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to install them effectively, much less make them appear natural and organic.

You must fully comprehend how the clip in human hair functions if you want to style your hair every day in a natural way. The objective is to create hairstyles that are modern, organic, and entirely hassle-free, but thorough study is required.

The quickest and simplest method to instantly add length, volume, and elegance to your hair for a statement-making style is with clip in human hair extensions, but they require the same maintenance as a full head of extensions. When taken care of properly, clip in human hair extensions can last up to two years.

We've compiled the most frequent mistakes you are making so you can start your journey with clip-in human hair extensions by avoiding them going forward.

Mistake # 1: Putting Them On Right Away From The Box

Think Out Of Box

At Indique Hair, we use 100% Indian Virgin Human Hair. While doing so, lay them flat on a clean surface, gently remove them from the box they arrived in, and detangle them with your fingers or an extensions loop brush.

This will prevent the clip in human hair extensions from tangling and spoiling them.

Mistake # 2: Using Too Many Packs

Less is More

In case you require additional hair packs, most clip in human hair extension boxes have more than enough. But don't take this as a license to use everything at once! Given the variety of magnificent hair extensions available, it is important to use them carefully if you want to look as natural as possible.

Don’t make costly errors like bulky and patchy-looking hairstyles when you decide to use everything at once. Typically, volumizing your hair only requires up to four wefts.

However, your hair type still plays a factor, so be sure to pay attention to what your hair requires. The important thing is to create faith in the process as you go and look natural.

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Mistake # 3: Not Cleaning Them Regularly

Set Washing Schedules

Washing your clip-in human hair extensions is important since it helps remove any styling products you may have used and restores the hair's natural texture.

Make sure to wash your clip-in human hair extensions once a week if you wear them every day. You could wash them after 3 to 5 wears if you only wear them to parties and special occasions, though. Additionally, any substance that was used needs to be removed as soon as you remove your extensions.

The nutrients your natural hair need are given to it, but because clip in human hair extensions is not attached to your scalp, they receive nutrients once you give them to them. It is best to use sulfate-free products because they are gentle enough for clip-in human hair extensions.

Mistake #4: Not Attaching Them Correctly

Keep Intact

The difficult part of using clip in human hair extensions is teaching oneself how to clip them in so that they are consistently spaced and, in addition, are subtly disguised. Avoid gaps in your positioning.

Clip them in one at a time until they wrap around your head. Keep in mind that clip in human hair extensions can perform miracles, but you need hair that is the right length and thickness to match your own. You can backcomb your hair just where you are going to attach the clips, but be careful not to harm the cuticles by doing so aggressively.

Mistake #5: Sleeping With Them On

Don't Make It Nightmare

You may come home late at night and simply be too exhausted to remove your clip in hair extensions. However, you must never act in this manner. Even if they are the highest quality clip in human hair extensions, sleeping with extensions can cause tangling and matting of the hair, which shortens the life of the extensions. The hair extensions should be removed, and then you should go to bed.


In the end, one must remember to avoid these mistakes that can shorten the life of your precious clip in human hair extensions. Avoid making these mistakes, and you will have beautiful clip in extensions that will last you for a much longer time.