5 Accessories That Can Hide Joint Of Drawstring Ponytail Extension

5 Accessories That Can Hide Joint Of Drawstring Ponytail Extension

Ponytails are the new hair bangs. They look clean, but with their beautiful length and volume, they create that look, which imitates feminine beauty at its best.

Thanks to drawstring ponytail extensions that let you have a long ponytail of any texture you wish for in just five minutes. Well with lace hair wigs you can also make ponytails. But with draswtring extensions, literally put your hair in a small bun and then attach your drawstring ponytail to it. And it's done!

However, good brands like us have drawstrings in 1B tones similar to your ponytail, which camouflages so well that the joint between your bun and ponytail is invisible to the naked eye. But still, if you feel cautious, somebody will notice that joining point. We have five adorable, fancy, and elegant accessories here. That will not only elevate the look but hide that joint seamlessly.

So, let's take a look at what these accessories are.


Soft Scrunchies

If you wish to be a modern-day Barbie, scrunchies will be going to aid you in this situation. The beautiful fabric doughnut ties that go circular in motion with their frills add a lot of delicateness to your pony. After you tie your drawstring ponytail extension. Just put your scrunchie on the top, matching your outfit. It gives youthfulness to your get up. Being so big with its round and frilly structure. It covers the joining area so well that no one can guess that there is a drawstring ponytail attached to your head.


Scarf Fashion

Old money vibes are always chic and outshine everything. A simple, soft, silky scarf tied around your drawstring ponytail can easily hide the joint and make your look aesthetic. Even if you feel it's complicated to handle the scarf, big, broad ribbons can also be used as they also help you to give impression of longer pony. These days, K-pop, old money, and vintage fashion rule the world. This accessory fits the trend and solves your purpose.

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Big Bows:

Bow Wow

Bow down to the bows because this accessory brings out the princess's glory. It looks total English with its structure of big bows; your ponytail is going to look more aesthetic. This accessory compliments it, especially if you're planning to wear your extension with structured collared blouses. You can play with bow fabrics, depending on your occasion. The printed soft fabric bows will work very well if you are going on Sunday brunch, where everything is light and fun. Whereas, if you're going in cold evenings for an official dinner. With your suede coat, the velvet bow will look elegant. So, bows should be your must-add because it is a beautiful, elegant baby of scarf and ribbon silhouette.

Beaded Bands:

Royal Bedazzle

If you plan to wear your ponytail on a family dinner, where you need to look fancy, the beaded bands or stones Studded bands will greatly help you. Many rubber bands have lots of bling on them. Because these bands are so extravagant in their looks, all the eyes go on the stone or its bedazzled look rather than on the joint. Also, there are some fancy clips that you can put in the place of beaded bands. The main idea is to distract them with something so extraordinary that the drawstring gets ignored, and the issue gets resolved.

Floral Arrangement:

Garden in Hair

Are you a bride planning to wear a ponytail at their wedding or a bridesmaid who wants that pretty hair? Or, you just want to feel a little Boho on a particular day. If any of the three incidents resonate with you, the floor arrangement is your answer. Very pretty flowers that are delicate yet a little wild to look. Put them near the joint of your drawstring ponytail and make this beautiful floral band. This accessory might be worn infrequently. But the eyes will be on you and your beautiful hair whenever you use it. But, the best part is that no one will notice that drawstring because it will be under those beautiful petals of the flowers you have put in your hair. Try to use either one or two big flowers, or use 6 to 8 small flowers to create that even spread of floral look.

At End:

Ariana Grande does not like her long ponytails for fun. She likes them because they create that softness to the look by adding length to your hair, which creates a sharp, sleek look for her. If you are also planning to create that length for yourself, be it in spiral curls, shiny straight hair, or an Afro bunch, the drawstring ponytails are an easy solution. Well, assuring you again that Indique has designed its drawstring ponytail extension so that it is undetectable even if you don't wear any of these accessories above. But no one is stopping you from elevating your game. So wear your ponytail extensions with these accessories and steal the spotlight.